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Broad Ripple High School is still growing by leaps 
and bounds! In 1886, when five high school courses 
were first offered at Ripple, one principal-teacher 
taught seven students. Now, in 1959, 103 faculty 
members are needed to teach 149 courses to 2,000 
pupils. With Ripple experiencing constant growing 
pains, steps to alleviate crowded conditions started 
with ground-breaking this spring for a new million- 
dollar addition. Ripple is growing not only in size, 
but in academic achievement, A member of the 
North Central Association of Colleges and Second- 
ary Schools, Ripple has earned a place among the 
country's top 44 schools in scientific preparation. 

Growing along with the school is the surrounding 
community. When the high school was founded, the 
Ripple area boasted only 487 inhabitants. This popu- 
lation increased to 1,459 by 1923 when the Ripple 
area was annexed to theclty. Now, Ripple's 
community has swelled to nearly 25,000 people. 



Outlining future building plans, 
Ripple's Principal J. Fred Murphy 
talks to seniors on school lawn. 

Church life helps Ripplites grow spiritually— top. New homes fill Broad Ripple area— bottom. 

Newly constructed boule- 
vards connect the ex- 
panding community. 

Nearby White River provides Broad Ripple with its colorful name and scenic setting. 


Achievements .... 








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•VM/i ';,.A->';\'v.A!' 'V'-i/'.\*vS ■!■■'•' ^ 

Ripplites work, shop, 

Growing business districts serve the rapidly ex- 
panding Broad Ripple area. Modern architecture 
and newly widened streets add convenience and 
attractiveness to the community. 

In addition to shopping for up-to-date merchan- 
dise in the modern stores, Ripplites assume respon- 
sibility in community life by finding employment. 

Recreation needs of the community are satisfied 
as young and old find enjoyment and relaxation 
in Broad Ripple Park. 

Building their futures, Ripplites save first, spend later. Window shopping, Ripple students look for better buys. 

Deserted at night, the wet streets of Broad Ripple reflect the business lights. 



'fP m^^ 

Street blockades are common as a nev/, im- 
proved sewer system is installed in Ripple area. 

play, and save in growing community 

Broad Ripple Park creates winter fun. Donn 
Boird laces Susie McCullough's skates 
as Katy Raasch and Gary Herder look on. 

Glendale's Mall joins community's new stores 

\ ^ * 

Teacher and dads chatting are Mr. Robert Eisenbarth, Mr. Wally Scott, and Mr. Harold Meeker. 

Community and school plan joint projects 

Parents, as well as pupils, take an active part in 
school projects. Ripple dads opened the year with 
their annual fish fry, initiating a record hop on the 
tennis courts as an added feature. A banquet hon- 
oring BRHS faculty was another Fathers' Associa- 
tion activity. 

Later, the Association of Parents and Teachers 
sponsored the colorful "Harvest Festival" carnival. 
An APT open house evening of miniature summit 
talks between parents, teachers, and pupils helped 
promote better understanding. 

Parents not only take part in school projects, but 
also attend Ripple classes. This year, 235 parents 
and other members of the community, wielding 
pencils, paintbrushes, and scissors invaded Ripple's 
classrooms to take night school courses ranging 
from advanced French to upholstering. 

Mmm boy! exclaim Steve Overbeck, Ken Hurst, and Jay 
Keghley, sampling food at Fathers' Association Fish Fry. 

At College Night, pupils and parents listen to Sterling 
L. Show, Purdue's Associate Director of Admissions. 

"Try a shot!" cry the lettermen at their carnival booth. 

Carnival confusion is apparent in this over-all scene of 
the "Harvest Festival," an annual parent-teacher project. 



Ripplites jam the halls; 

Rockin' on the Rockets' tennis courts, Ripplites listen as Dick Summers spins platters. 

Lots of Olsens mean more eager minds to educate. 

future shows more to come 

Ripple's overflowing halls attest the record- 
breaking enrollment of 2000 students. The fresh- 
man classes of the last two years have been the 
largest in the school's history. 

A new addition, costing nearly a million dollars, 
will partially relieve the crowded conditions. Con- 
struction of the new wing, started early in '59, will 
be followed by the tearing down of the oldest sec- 
tion of the building for replacement by a modern 
classroom structure. 

i' mi ■ ~" 

Future Ripplites play in the yard of a nearby grade school. 

Crowded classrooms become more of a problem at Ripple. Hungry Ripplites line up for long wait in cafeteria. 


Wolfgang enjoys quiet evening at home with the Nelsons. 

American Field Service Committee members make 
plans to sponsor another foreign exchange student. 

Ripple grows in world understanding 

Austria and Holland meet as exchange students Evy Stone 
and Harry Dawson compare costumes of summers abroad. 

Rolling out the welcome mat to its second Ameri- 
can Field Service student. Ripple greeted Wolfgang 
Pfeifer, a tall, blond, blue-eyed German youth. Shy 
at first and shaky about his English, "Wolf" soon 
fell into the swing of things. Quickly catching en- 
thusiasm for sports, he became student manager 
of the Rockets' football team. He seemed aston- 
ished at the number of American cars and liked the 
bright colors of American clothes. Wolfgang lived 
with the A. W. Nelsons during his American stay. 
By talking to Wolf and learning his views. Ripple 
pupils gained more world understanding. 

In exchange, two Ripplites went abroad. The 
task of choosing Ripple's exchange students started 
with the school's AFS committee members, who 
composed a list of four applicants. The final selec- 
tion came when the New York AFS office notified 
Harry Dawson and Evelyn Stone of their accept- 
ance as AFS students. 

Harry sailed for the Netherlands early in the 
summer. Holland, he remarks, was as he hoped it 
would be— "an unassuming, unhurried land, hav- 
ing a pleasant soothing effect on the spirit." Flying 
to Austria, Evy stayed with families in Vienna and 
Steyr. Good food, lasting friendships, and a week 
on the Mediterranean made her summer's trip a 
wonderful one. 

Furthering world understanding here in the 
United States, the Social Studies Department sent 
Dolli Jegen on a three-day tour of the United Na- 
tions' Headquarters. 


^^^:— L"! 


Packing is the first step 
for Senior Dolli Jegen's 
trip as Ripple's official 
visitor to United Nations. 

through AFS and UN 

Sampling an American dish of fried chicken in the Nelson home is Wolfgang Pfeifer (center). 


Homecoming sparks spirit and enthusiasm 

Homecoming Queen Patty Gates flashes a winning smile. 

Lovely queens, clever floats, traditional mums, 
and an exciting football game marked Ripple's 
1 958 Homecoming as a memorable one in the eyes 
of the school and community. As the longest parade 
ever traveled through the Ripple business district, 
the sidewalks were lined with parents, relatives, 
and busy shoppers. 

Half-time ceremonies of the football game with 
the Howe Hornets brought the crowd's roar of 
approval at the announcement of the Homecom- 
ing Queen and the winning floats. The Queen was 
chosen by Alumni Association judges from five 
finalists elected by the student body. 

Although planning for the eighth annual Home- 
coming started weeks before October 3, everyone 
felt the last-minute scurry the night before. This an- 
nual event co-sponsored by the Broad Ripple Stu- 
dent Council and Alumni Association was climaxed 
by an after-game dance, the "Autumble Jumble." 

"Congratulations!" exclaims 1 957 Homecoming Queen Suzi Lesh, who crowned Patty for 1 958. 


"More napkins over here," calls a 
GAA float worker. Long hours and 
lots of fun went into float making. 
Alumni judges chose the Future Busi- 
ness Leaders float as second place 
and gave third to Orange Aid. 

-1 JK-. *y^ 

Kill them dead! cheer the happy riders on the first place Booster Club float. 


_ . ,._ _, ■ '■airing? s-.irr^^ 

T."^:- ~-^^:<:-.-" 

Successful scientist Bob Calkins shows ofF winning project. 

Top Spanish honors in state are awarded to Donna Bush. French medalist, Nancy Becker, proudly displays her prize. 

Ripplites gain recognition for achievement 

Any parent who worries that academics are not 
receiving enough emphasis in modern high schools 
should be comforted by the performances of aca- 
demically-minded Ripplites whose scholarship 
awards total $100,000 annually. This year, for 
instance, a record eleven seniors qualified as Na- 
tional Merit Scholarship finalists. Ripple had the 
city's highest percentage of students in the top 90th 

Always taking an active part in Indiana Univer- 
sity's High School Achievement Program, Ripple re- 
ceived 20 per cent of the gold medals in 1958 by 
winning in English, Math, and Spanish. 

As a school Ripple ranks high educationally, 
having received its eighth Freedoms Foundation 
Award and its third Principal School Award. 


DAR winner, Linda Bender, admires symbols of America. 

— •.■ tjiLj ■nyuNO »JM1 tmm 

National English contest winners are Elizabeth Kraft, Mary Ann Ryrholm, Harry Dawson. 

Advertising essayist, Susan McCord (left), accepts award. Military academy appointees: Mike McKown, Larry Spear. 


Sputniks and Explorers emphasize the need 
for an advanced and extended high school 
curriculum. Indianapolis Public Schools meet 
this educational challenge by installing the 
new Differentiated Diploma Program de- 
signed to stimulate interest in learning. Initiat- 
ing this plan. Ripple freshmen select four year 
schedules complying with requirements for 
the Academic, Fine and Practical Arts, or Gen- 
eral diplomas. With about 15 per cent of its 
students college- bound. Ripple encourages 
students to work for Academic diplomas. 

Right: College choice is the topic of conversation as Mr. 
B. L. Stonecipher counsels Seniors Bob Nelson, into Argals. 

Right bottom: Competing for Math Awards, Ripplites take 
tests to qualify for Indiana University Achievement award. 

Bottom: Studying in Ripple's well-equipped library helps 
pupils earn better grades, grow in literary understanding. 


Broad Ripple introduces 

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ffie four diploma plan for improved curriculum 

^<rx i 

A critical class in Advanced Composition listens as Margaret Durham reads a theme aloud. 

Languages stress composition, literature 

by Connie Corson 

Language ranks high in importance on Ripple's 
ladder of learning. Pupils are ofFered many oppor- 
tunities in advanced study of literature, composi- 
tion, grammar, and four foreign languages. 

Pupils are required to take English I through 
English VI courses for graduation, and a student 
may be placed in "g," regular, or "s" classes. Eng- 
lish lllg and VIg courses include added instruction 
in journalism while other "g" courses cover more 
material than regular classes. 

A Ripple senior may choose from a variety of 
courses. English VII and VIII cover English history 
and literature. For drill and review, a pupil may 
elect Senior Composition or Advanced Composition 
and Grammar. Creative Writing is offered for the 
talented writer who wants to develop his skills. 

Outstanding works by students enrolled in Eng- 
lish classes are recognized annually at the Ripple 
Arts Salon by the awarding of ribbons for the best 
literary works in each division. 

Improving her reading rate, Nancy Henry, supervised 
by Mrs. Ruth Herin, uses a pacer in Ripple's modern lab. 


Library Science acquaints students with Ripple's 
well-stocked library and teaches them funda- 
mentals of library service. Speech therapy helps 
those who have trouble pronouncing words. 

Actors and debaters may also elect courses from 
the English Department. Dramatics I and II appeal 
to those interested in the stage while many stu- 
dents find Speech interesting and helpful. 

Etymology or the study of words links the English 
and Language departments. Pupils study word 
prefixes, suffixes, and stems and increase their 
speaking and writing vocabularies. 

With the world shrinking more and more every 
day, language understanding is becoming increas- 
ingly important for world unity. Latin, French, 
Spanish, and German are available at Ripple. 

Pupils enrolled in these classes not only learn 
fundamental grammar rules and vocabulary, but 
gain practice speaking the modern languages in 
the classroom. Culture and customs are stressed for 
added understanding of foreign nations. In ad- 
vanced classes, students read national literature 
and study the country's history. Latin students in- 
crease their comprehension of Roman life and gov- 
ernment by making projects illustrating phases of 
this ancient empire. 

Vocabulary detectives Doug Atkins, Paula Barbour, and 
Jim Atlas read articles using words taught in Etymology. 

Source theme success is sought by Linda Medley, Mary 
Lou Newburn, and George King as they sort note cards. 

Provincias, or Spanish provinces are pointed out on a 
map by Miss Margaret Coombs to Freshman Bill Stone. 


Modern progress! Dr. Lowell Hicks proudly conducts 
Julia Beaman through Broad Ripple's new miniature 
chemistry laboratory opened during the spring semester. 

A modern school answers a timely question! 
Broad Ripple's ability to meet the challenge of 
education for tomorrow has come to the fore- 
ground this year according to the latest statistics on 
science and mathematics enrollments. This trend of 
enrollments has placed Ripple in front of all other 
city schools in this aspect. 

"With the addition of calculus as an accredited 
course the number of subjects in our curriculum has 
reached its maximum," explains Dr. Glen Van- 
natta, head of the Mathematics Department. He 
stated that Ripple is now one of the few schools in 
the state to offer twelve semesters of mathematics 
including Analytic Geometry and Calculus. A 
double major of twelve credits in one branch of 
learning is the limit for high schools according to 
the laws of Indiana. 

Mr. John E. Williams, head of the Science De- 
partment, says, "The new chemistry laboratory 
will help to relieve the congested situation caused 
by the students' trend toward science courses." The 
cost of the laboratory is estimated at $18,000. 
Among the modern facilities of the laboratory is a 
"fume hood," an instrument which is used to re- 
move unpleasant or poisonous gases from the air. 

"Stop the clock!" exclaims Dave Epstein to Jim Young 
and Eddie Reeve as they time a pendulum cycle. The boys 

need to watch carefully, take accurate notes, and count 
arcs to complete successfully this Physics experiment. 


Science, math answer education challenge 

b/ Da /fe Epstein 

The present laboratory space is insufficient for 
the number of pupils enrolled in science courses. 
The crowded situation in the biology classes caused 
by the new graduation requirement of two years of 
science has been somewhat relieved with the con- 
version of two more classrooms to biology labs. 
This brings the total of completely equipped sci- 
ence laboratories in Broad Ripple to eight, and the 
number of biology laboratories to four. 

"Are we teaching enough mathematics and 
science?" is the big question confronting the 
schools. Satisfying the demands of students, teach- 
ers, and Mr. John Q. Public is the problem facing 
the Mathematics and Science Departments this 
year. Broad Ripple is meeting this challenge with 
added facilities and courses. 

An analytical diagram is constructed and labeled for clar- 
ity by Kenny Carr for Jim Bush and Bill Bogigian in their 
Analytical Geometry Class, an advanced Math course. 

Graph plotter Susan McCord points out charted elliptical 
curves to Dr. Glen Vannatta, Dave Larson, and Ray Ward. 

College Algebra formula is explained by Bruce Goodrich. 


Discussing European History, Wolf Pfeifer, exchange student, talks to a World History class. 

World problems need added understanding 

by Linda Bender 

Economic principles are pointed out by Mr. Curtis Weigel. 

Citizenship, the Social Science Department's 
main aim, is emphasized in each of its varied sub- 
jects ranging from World History I to Psychology. 
These courses help bring about an understanding 
of social laws and practices that underlie good ef- 
fective living in today's v/orld. Nine different 
courses are offered in this department at Ripple. 

Freshmen learn the history of mankind from the 
beginning of recorded time to the present in World 
History. America's colorful history is recalled in 
U. S. History, while Government and Economics 
stress the functions and problems faced by the 
government and businesses today. 

Everything from wind currents to the location of 
the tiny country of Liechtenstein is covered in the 
Geography course of study. Interested students can 
study vital world situations in Contemporary His- 
tory and International Relations. 

Appreciating heritage, Mike Lamm looks at the Free- 
doms Foundation poster illustrating constitutional rights. 

Ku Klux Klanner, Steve Smalley, models a replica of 
the secret society's costume for his class in U. S. History. 

Pan American History concerns the Latin coun- 
tries—their European backgrounds and their pend- 
ing problems. 

Ripplites enrolled in this department correlate 
their studies with extra activities and projects. For 
a week before elections, Social Studies pupils and 
teachers present to the school a series explaining 
voting procedure. Returning a verdict is a problem 
confronted by some as they experience jury duty 
at the mock trials conducted by Indiana University 
law students. Pupils interested in current topics in 
national and world news broadcast group dis- 
cussions on Junior Town Meeting. 

This year, essays on "Our American Heritage" 
were written by 1200 students in the department 
in connection with the Freedoms Foundation. Note- 
books were compiled by a government class and 
a display in the school library depicted the various 
facets of the freedoms enjoyed by United States 
citizens. To culminate the Freedoms Foundation 
activities, a television program was presented in 
November discussing the Foundation and Broad 
Ripple's contribution. 

South American momentos are admired by Bob Nelson, 
Sorajone Terry, John Clark, Pan American History pupils. 


Pupils learn practical application of skills 

by Laurie Tether 

A buzz of band saws, an appetizing aroma of 
spice cake and cookies, a clack-clack of busy type- 
writers . . . these are characteristics of Broad 
Ripple's practical arts departments, training stu- 
dents to be better businessmen, secretaries, archi- 
tects, and homemakers. 

The Business Education Department offers 
courses in junior business training, business arith- 
matic, typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, retail sell- 
ing, office practice, and business law. Acquainting 
students with modern office equipment, the de- 
partment prepares them for business occupations. 

The Industrial Arts Department offers courses in 
mechanical drawing and advanced drawing. 
These courses are necessary for architects and for 
those who plan to enter skilled trades. Modern ma- 
chinery helps students in shop classes gain valu- 
able experience needed for careers in engineering 
and industry. 

Setting an attractive table. Penny Oshier and Lois 
Knight demonstrate proper form to their Foods class. 

Mr. Nelson Cooksey helps Bill Stoelting draw to scale. Cabinet crafts ore practiced by Bill Hoverly and Bill Hazel. 



oooooooooow^ <7 

tFACI l*^ 



-, 1, 

Typing techniques are taught to Kathy Davis and Rich Boesinger by Miss Winifred West. 

Whirring sewing machines, clanking pots and 
pans, and boys' voices in the cottage are heard as 
the Home Economics Department educates Ripple's 
lasses and lads in clothing, cooking, and partici- 
pating in future family living. 

Clothing is the study of the construction and care 
of simple garments, during which students make 
clothes to enter in the annual Arts Salon Style 
Show. Foods, teaching the fundamentals of food 
preparation and nutrition, allows the students to 
enjoy the products of their efforts. 

Featuring the study of child care, family rela- 
tions, and discussions of the effects of alcohol and 
narcotics, is Family Living, a one-semester course 
to aid students in preparing for a well-adjusted 
family life. 

Looking for a job? Mr. Albert Mahin interviews Donna 
Polley as a service of Ripple's job placement bureau. 

Alcoholic hazards are brought out as a speaker talks Reaction times are clocked by John Hobson, Pat Har- 

to a Boys' Health Class about the increasing problem. rower, and Bill Fattic as a project in Driver Education Class. 

ROTC, health, and gym build bodies, minds 

by Web Wright 

A pyramid production is 

staged in a girls' Physi- 
cal Education Class. 


Shiny shoes, brilliant brass, and alert officers 
identify Ripple's ROTC. The Corps took first place 
in the city by winning the marching contest in the 
Armed Forces Day Parade. 

The rifle team placed first in the city with Web- 
ster Wright capturing the individual city champion- 
ship. Helmut Riddle and Gerald Bego placed in the 
top ten. The Battalion also won its eleventh honor 
unit rating at the annual Federal Inspection held 
in the spring of 1958. 

Physical and mental fitness play an important 
part in the Physical Education Department, also. 
Basic skills and body conditioning are stressed 
through inter-squad competition in gym classes. 

Driver Education classes burst their seams as 
seven instructors and three automatic transmission 
Chevrolets worked to prepare fifteen year olds for 
their newly acquired driving duties. 

Health classes instruct pupils in basic body func- 
tions, mental hygiene, and community living. A 
special Red Cross Home Nursing unit is covered in 
the Girls' Health course. 

Admiring ROTC Ball decorations are sponsors Nancy Nolle, 
Kathy Bowen, Connie Corson, Marilyn Meeker, and 
Pom Krobbenhoft, honorary inspection officers. 

ROTC Rifle Team -BACK ROW: Robert Von Nuise, Gory 
Smith, Gerald Bego, Norm Van Tilberg, David Miller, Kenny 

DeHart. FRONT ROW: Larry Spear, Web Wright, M Sgt. J. 
E. Barnett, Comndnt.; David Hutchinson, Dennis Summers. 

Pretty pastels are employed as Dick Exiey and Darlene 
Streich touch up their still-life drawings in Art III. 


music encourage 

The artistic skill which is found in abundance 
around Broad Ripple is given the chance to develop 
in the Art and Music departments. These depart- 
ments, provided for students with ability in these 
fields, develop talent and appreciation for fine arts 
and music. 

Ripple's Art Department now offers General Art 
l-IV, Jewelry, Ceramics, and Craft Art. General Art 
VII and VIII are offered to students wishing to con- 
tinue in the art field. 

The projects undertaken by the art classes have 
helped to make Ripple festive during the holiday 
seasons. Cornucopias, made by Mr. Ferd Brum- 
blay's classes, decorated the tables at the all-city 
principals' meeting shortly before Thanksgiving. 

Mr. Virgel Clark sponsored the decorating of 
windows for the Christmas season. The ceramics 
class made a scene portraying the Nativity scene, 
while another, displaying Santa Clous in a jet 
plane, was built by the Craft Art class. Eight 
stained glass windows, designed and painted by 
Miss Doris Brinkman's Advanced Art VII and VIII 
class, were displayed in the library. 

Ripple's instrumental and vocal music groups 
spread Broad Ripple's fame through the many per- 
formances they present during the year. The en- 
thusiasm of the marching band, under the direction 
of Mr. Wallace Decker, livens up the half time at 
football games. Advanced students perform in the 
A Band, while students enrolled in the beginning 
classes compose the B Band. 

The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Paul 
Brown, ploys an important part in many school 
activities. The beginning instrumental courses pre- 
pare students for the later advancements and ac- 
tivities in the A Orchestra. 

The Golden Singers, directed by Mr. Gene 
Poston, present many programs for church and 
community groups throughout the city. The sixteen 
members of the Madrigal Singers, selected from 

Sculpturing from clay, Miss Doris Brinkman shows skills to 
Connie BorshofT, Sondrea Brackett, and Patty Fetter. 

Melting copper for a jewelry project, James Miller and 
Jerry Bice work under the watchful eye of Connie Groce. 

talent and appreciation through participation 

by Margo Roggie 

"Practice makes perfect" learn Edyth Comfort, Charlene 
Peterson, and Glee Messmore in Beginning String Class. 

Using digitoriums, or paper keyboards, the Harmony class 
practices chord formations and composing techniques. 

Golden Singers for their exceptional voices, present 
programs of contemporary selections, folk tunes, 
and traditional madrigals. Music-minded Ripplites 
may accumulate enough points to earn a minor 
or major music award by participating in musical 
activities throughout the year. 

Over 100 voices in Golden Singers and A Ca- 
pella Choir participate in such programs as a 
Christmas broadcast on the circle and the All-City 
Choir Festival in the spring. Girls' Concert Choir, 
led by Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann, also presents public 
programs for the community. 

Music Appreciation and Harmony are offered to 
any students wishing to develop a better under- 
standing and appreciation of music. 

Rearranging a score, Concert Mistresses Susan Drybread 
and Cindy Cunningham discuss the music for their section. 

Madrigal Singers— BACK ROW: N. Campbell, S. Brownlee, 
D. Jegen, W. Meyers, L. Lewis, B. Johnson, S. Hooten, S. 

Forbes. FRONT ROW: D. Chapman, L. Dorntge, P. Fisher, 
S. McCullough, S. Isaac, B. Batt, G. Poor, D. Heaton. 

Ripple faculty grows in size, achievement 

by Betsey Ewbank 

Ripple's growing faculty combines education 
and enthusiasm in the classroom and community. 
Providing this interest is the teaching staff of 100 
and the administrative staff of three, boasting two 
doctors and 60 masters degrees. 

Besides classroom duties. Ripple teachers have 
found time to write and serve in administrative 
positions. Miss Melba Schumacher, Mrs. Ruth 
Marie Griggs, Dr. Glen Vannatta, and Mr. John 
Williams are textbook authors in their respective 
fields. Mrs. Ruth Woods has helped write a booklet. 

Holding offices in professional organizations is 
a common faculty activity. Mr. Paul Rutenkroger 

and Mr. Robert Eisenbarth serve as treasurers of 
the Indianapolis Educational Association and the 
History Teachers Association, respectively. 

Mrs. Ruth Herin serves as a Director-at-large of 
the National Council of Teachers of English. Mr. 
Wallace Decker has assumed the duties of Chair- 
man of Class A schools for the Indiana School of 
Music Association. 

Always growing in size and achievement. Rip- 
ple acquired three teachers the spring semester. 
Mrs. Norma Perry and Miss Jean Hoilman joined 
the Business Education Department and Mrs. Mary 
K. Jensen, the Foreign Language Department. 

Administrative authorities viewing plans for Ripple's 
new wing are, STANDING: Mr. Roger Riley, Mr. Harold K. 

Harding, and Mr. Warren K. Jackson. SEATED: Mr. J. Fred 
Murphy, Miss Ruth B. Carter, and Mr. B. L. Stonecipher. 


"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow," recites Dean 
Carter from one of her favorites, Shakespeare's Macbeth. 

Fond memories of hard work as publications sponsor are 
recalled by Miss Carter as she reads an old Riparian. 

Word of the retirement of Miss Ruth B. Carter, 
dean of girls for 31 years, brought a note of nostal- 
gia into the school life of both faculty and students. 
It will be difficult to replace such a devoted teacher 
and advisor. Dean Carter has v/atched Ripple grow 
from 250 to 2,050 in what she describes as "very 
enjoyable work." 

Besides teaching English and Latin, Miss Carter 

has done much in pioneering at Ripple. She started 
the Orange Aid; and after organizing the Riparian 
Newspaper, she was publications sponsor for ten 
years. The founding of Ripple Art's Salon and 
Golden Singers can also be attributed to her. In ad- 
dition. Miss Carter has sponsored cheerleaders. 

Miss Carter's work at Broad Ripple will long be 
appreciated and remembered. 

Mr. J. Fred Murphy— BA, University of Illinois; 
MA, Ohio State University; Principal; Chair- 
man, Commission on Research and Service 
NC Assn. of Secondary Schools and Colleges. 

Mr. Harold K. Harding— AB, Franklin College; 
MS, Butler University; Vice-principal; Teacher 
Delegate for the APT; School Treasurer; 
Home Economics Department Cooidinotor. 

Mr. Roger Riley — BM, MM, Jordan College of 
Music, Butler University; MS, Butler Univer- 
sity; Vice-principal; Productions Director; 
Secretary, BRHS Fathers' Association. 


Roman relics are made from cloy, cardboard, and wood 
by students in Mrs. Virginia Lovelond's Latin IV classes. 

Ripple's faculty enjoys 


Mr. Frank Baird — BS, MS, Butler University; Business Education; 
Senior Class Sponsor; Intramural Director; Varsity Baseball Coach. 

Miss Leanna K. Barker — BA, Earlham College; MA, Indiana Uni- 
versity; English; Debate Club Sponsor. 

M/Sgt. James E. Barnett — ROTC. 

Mr. Edgar E. Beaman — BA, Wabash College; MS, Indiana Univer- 
sity; Social Studies; Varsity Basketball, Asst. Football Coach; 
Senior Class Sponsor. 

Miss Ruth E. Bertsch — BA, Western College for Women; MA, Ball 
State Teachers College; English, Language; Operetta Asst.; Senior 
Class Sponsor. 

Miss Elaine BeVard — BA, Earlham College; Language. 


Mr. A. Atwood Bliss -- BA, MA, Indiana University; Social Studies. 

Mrs. Janet Blocker — BS, Indiana University; English; Tri-Hi-Y 

Mrs. Rebecca M. Bodine — BS, Purdue University; Physical Edu- 
cation; Girls' Athletic Association, Cheerleader Sponsor. 

Miss Doris J. Brinkman — BAE, MAE, John Herron Art School; Art; 
Art Club Sponsor. 

Mr. Clarence A. Brown — BS, Indiana State College; Business Edu- 
cation; Reserve Football, Asst. Freshman Basketball, Asst. Track 

Mr. J. Robert Brown — BS, MS, Indiana State Teachers College; 
Mathematics; Head Football, Asst. Basketball Coach. 


Mr. Paul A. Brown — BM, Jordan College of Music, Butler Univer- 
sity; Music; Radio-Hi-Fi Club, Clarinet Quartet, String Ensemble, 
Flute Quartet Sponsor; Dance Band, A-Orchestra. 

Mr. Ferd Brumblay — BAE, MAE, John Herron Art School; Art; 
Stage Crev/ Asst. Manager. 

Mr. Robert J. Bryant — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler Univer- 
sity; Mathematics. 

Miss Ruth B. Carter — BA, Butler University; MA, Columbia Uni- 
versity; Dean of Girls; English; Orange Aid Sponsor. 

Mr. Virgel L. Clark — BAE, John Herron Art School, B'jtier Univer- 
sity; MA, Columbia University; Art Chrmn.; Light Crew, Stage 

Mrs. Harriet R. Clester — BS, Indiana University; English; Speech 
and Hearing Therapy. 


varied outside interests 


Mrs. Donna Leigh Collins ~ BA, BM, Tarkio College; English; Na- 
tional Thespian Troupe 1 170 Sponsor. 

Mr. R. Nelson Cooksey — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; MA, 
Butler University; Industrial Arts Chrmn. 

Miss Margaret Coombs — BA, Indiana University; MA, Columbia 
University; Foreign Language Dept. Head; National Honor Society 
Asst. Sponsor. 

Miss Grace Cunningham — BA, Indiana State Teachers College; 
MA, Ball State Teachers College; Business Education; Business 
Leaders Sponsor. 

Mrs. Marilyn Dearing — AB, MA, Eastern Kentucky State College; 


Mr. Wallace A. Decker — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler 

University; Music; Bond, Instrumental Ensembles Director. 

Mastering math fundamentals, pupils find Mrs. Suzanne 
McFall's review class helpful for brushing up on facts. 


Mrs. Jane DeVoe — AB, Indiana University; English. 

Mrs. Phoebe C. Diederich — BA, DePauw University; MA in LS, In- 
diana University; Asst. Librarian; Library Club Sponsor. 

Miss Dorothy J. Dipple — BA, Butler University; BS, Indiana Uni- 
versity; Business Education. 

Mr. Earl A. Dose — BS, Purdue University; Science; Physical Edu- 
cation; Freshman Basketball; Asst. Track Coach. 

Mrs. Marcia Duke — BS, Butler University; Business Education; 
Business Leaders Asst. Sponsor. 

Mr. Robert K. Eisenbarth — BA, MA, Butler University; Social 
Studies; Language; Hi-Y Sponsor. 


Mrs. Mary Ann Elliott — BA, DePauw University; English; Senior 
Class Sponsor. 

Mr. Sidney R. Esten — BS, St. Lawrence University; MA, Indiana 
University; Science; Stamp Club Sponsor. 

Mrs. Rosalind Ewing — AB, MS, Butler University; Social Studies. 

Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs — BS, Butler University; MA, University of 
Wyoming; English; Director of Publications; Quill and Scroll, 
News Bureau, Yearbook, and Newspaper Staff Sponsor. 

Mr. William H. Groves — BA, North Central of Naperville, Illinois; 
MS, Indiana University; Mathematics. 

Mr. J. Raymond Hall — BA, Wabash College; Social Studies; Sen- 
ior Class, Junior Historical Society Sponsor. 


Experimenting with modern methods, Dr. Glen Vannatta 
teaches from his Algebra I text before it is published. 

Staff teaches facts 


Mrs. Mary Hammel — BS, MS, Purdue University; Home Economics. 

Mr. Dale Hamner — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler Uni- 
versity; Mothematics. 

Mr. C. L. Harvey — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; MS, Indi- 
ana University; Business Education; Co-curricular Activities Busi- 
ness Manager. 

Mrs. Ruth B. Herin — BA, Manchester College; MA, University of 
Michigan; English Dept. Head. 

Mr. Milton Hiatt — BS, MA, Ball State Teachers College; Physical 
Education Dept. Head. 

Dr. R. Lowell Hicks — BE, Southern Illinois University; MS, PhD, 
University of Illinois; Science. 


Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann — BA, Butler University; Vocal Music; Girls' 
Concert Choir, Ensemble, Clef Club Sponsor. 

Mr. Robert Hougham — BA, Franklin College; MS, Indiana Uni- 
versity; Mathematics; Science; Tennis Coach; Athletic Equipment 

Mr. Warren K. Jackson — BS, Eastern Illinois University; MS, But- 
ler University; Dean of Boys; Key Club Sponsor, Stage Crew 
Asst. Mgr. 

Mr. William H. Jessee — BS, Butler University; Physical Education; 
Reserve Wrestling Coach; Football Backfield Coach. 

Miss Elizabeth Johnson — BA, Indiana University; MS, Butler Uni- 
versity; Home Economics; Senior Class Sponsor. 

Mr. James Alfred Johnson — BS, Ohio State University; MS, Indi- 
ana University; Mathematics; Senior Class Sponsor. 


Mrs. Ruth Johnson — AB, University of California; Language. 

Mr. Edward J. Kassig — AB, Hope College; MS, Butler University; 
Science; Sophomore Homeroom Chairman. 

Mrs. Lunette Keesling — AB, Miami University; MA, University of 
Illinois; Language; Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. 

Miss Nancy Lamkin — AB, DePauw University; Social Studies; 
Fresh Aids Sponsor. 

Mr. Turrell S. Lavering — BS, MA, Indiana University; Language; 
Foreigneers, Operetta, Freshman-Sophomore Talent Show Spon- 

Mr. Charles A. Leamon — BS, MS, Butler University; Physical Edu- 
cation; Reserve Basketball, Freshman Football Coach. 






and figures for future 


Mr. Mordie B. Lee — BS, MS, Butler University; Physical Education; 
Cross Country Coach. 

Mr. Harold D. Lloyd — BS, Boll State Teachers College; Science. 

SFC Robert D. Longardner — ROTC. 

Mrs. Virginio Loveland — BA, Western College for Women; Lan- 

Mrs. Suzanne J. McFall — BA, Hanover College; Mathematics; 
Math Reviev^ Class. 

Mr. Albert R. Mahin — AB, Indiana Central College; MS, Purdue 
University; Mathematics; Placement, Evening School Director; 
Senior Homeroom Chairman; National Honor Society Sponsor. 

Victims of crowded conditions, Mrs. Mary Weld and Mrs. 
Janet Blocker share the yearbook office with its staff. 


Mr. Joel B. Marsh — BS, Butler University; English; Announcer for 
Marching Band. 

Mr. Darrel Marshall — BS, Ball State Teachers College; Social 
Studies; Purdue Legislative Assembly Sponsor. 

Mr. David C. Martin — BS, Indiana University; Physical Educa- 
tion; Varsity Track Coach. 

Miss K. Max Moreillon — BPE, AGU, Normal College; BS, Univer- 
sity of Louisville; MS, Indiana University; Health & Safety; Physi- 
cal Education; Archery Sponsor. 

Mr. John L. Morris — BA, DePauw University; MA, University of 
Pennsylvania; Social Studies; Student Council Co-sponsor; Ameri- 
can Field Service Coordinator. 

Mrs. Truth Nees — BS, Purdue University; Home Economics. 


Mrs. Moenell H. Newsome — AB, MS, Butler University; Language. 

Mr. Noble Newsum — BA, Valparaiso University; Science. 

Mrs. Anne Obenchain — BA, Indiana University; English; Under- 
studies Sponsor. 

Mr. Edward H. O'Nan — BS, MS, Butler University; Mathematics. 

Mr. Arnold Pahmeier — BS, Purdue University; MS, Butler Univer- 
sity; Science; Junior Homeroom Chairman; Booster Club Sponsor. 

Mr. John B. Perry — BS, MS, Indiana University; Industrial Arts. 





Keeping up with science changes, Mr. John Williams 
revises Modern Chemistry, a text which he helped write. 

Faculty members also 


Mr. Kyle F. Peters — BS, MS, Indiana University; Athletic Director; 
Social Studies. 

Mrs. Thelma H. Phillips — BA, MA, Indiana University; English. 

Mr. Gene R. Poston — BME, Indiana University; Vocal Music; 
Golden Singers, Choir, Operetta, Freshman-Sophomore Talent 
Show Sponsor. 

Mrs. Julia Jean Rhodes — BA, Drake University; MSJ, Northwest- 
ern University; English; Asst. Director of Publications; Photo Club 

Miss Louise Rice — RN, BS, Indiana University; School Nurse; Jun- 
ior Red Cross, Future Nurses Club Sponsor. 

Miss Betty Rosenberry — BS, Butler University; Home Economics. 


Mrs. Edna Mae Ross — BA, MA, Butler University; English; Rip- 
plings Advisor; Senior Class Sponsor. 

Mr. Edward Runge — BS, MS, University of Illinois; Science. 

Mr. Paul Rutenkroger — BS, MS, Butler University; Mathematics. 

Miss Elizabeth Schnaiter — BS, Indiana University; Social Studies. 

Miss Melba Schumacher — PhB, University of Chicago; MA, Ohio 
State University; English; Senior Class Sponsor. 

Mr. William Sirka — BS, MS, Indiana University; Physical Educa- 
tion; Health & Safety; Freshman and Reserve Baseball, Head 
Wrestling Coach. 


Mr. Eugene M. Smith — BA, Butler University; English. 

Mr. Marvin D. Smith — BS, MS, Indiana State Teachers College; 
Science; Mathematics. 

Mr. B. L. Stonecipher — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana Univer- 
sity; Audio-Visual Education Director; Director of Counseling. 

Miss Marie Sullivan — BA, MS, Indiana University; Business Edu- 
cation; Freshman Homeroom Chairman. 

Mr. Morris D. Taylor — BS, MS, Purdue University; Science. 

Dr. Glen D. Vannatta — BS, MS, EdD, Indiana University; Mathe- 
matics Dept. Head. 


sponsor, guide, advise 


Mrs. Kate Varcoe — AB, Mississippi State College for Women; MA, 
University of Michigan; Mathematics. 

Mr. Silvin D. Weaver — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; MS, 
Indiana University; Industrial Arts. 

Mrs. Mary E. Weld — AB, Simpson College, Iowa; English. 

Mr. J. Curtis Weigel — BA, Wabash College; MA, Indiana Univer- 
sity; Social Studies Dept. Head; Quiz 'Em Team Coach. 

Miss Winifred West — BA, Ball State Teachers College; MA, Indi- 
ana University; Business Education Dept. Head. 

Mrs. Edna R. Whetsell — BS, Northwestern University; BS in LS, 
Columbia University; Librarian. 

Lost your shirt? Everything turns up at the bookstore 
according to Mrs. Maxine Smith and Mrs. Sandra Albright. 


Mr. Hubert Williams — BA, MA, Butler University; English. 

Mr. John E. Williams — BS, Central Normal College; MA, Indiana 
University; Science Dept. Head; Golf Coach. 

Mrs. Ruth A. Woods — BS, University of Illinois; MS, Butler Univer- 
sity; Social Studies; Freedoms Foundation Activities Coordinator. 

Mrs. Bess Wright — AB, DePauw University; Junior Town Meeting, 
Forensic Contest, Senior Play Director. 

Mr. Horace Bicknell — - Head Custodian. 

Mrs. Rosemary Clouser — Bookkeeper. 


Mrs. Julia Cunningham — Cafeteria Manager. 

Mrs. Eileen Hall — Secretary. 

Mrs. Alice Marsh — Attendance Clerk. 

Mrs. Sara Powell — Clerk-Stenographer. 

Mrs. Maxine Smith — Bookstore-Clerk. 

Mrs. Josephine E. Wolf — Clerk-Stenographer. 

Mrs. Sandra Albright — Clerk-Stenographer, pictured in book- 
store scene. 


Co-curricular activities round out Ripple's 
busy life by combining education, service, and 
recreation. Homecoming, the Ripples, and the 
Prom highlight the social calendar. Working 
to earn money and have fun, clubs sponsor 
dances and picnics and listen to speakers. 
Service organizations and honoraries clothe 
children, sponsor clean-up campaigns, and 
send money to CARE. Students broaden their 
knowledge in the Math-Science Club, For- 
eigneers, and Ripple's other academic clubs. 

Right: Music groups combine in the Spring Music Fes- 
tival to present an impressive concert for the community. 

Right bottom: Surveying Library Christmas tree Ornament 
Contest entrants are Library Club officers Elaine Augus- 
tine, Beth Gotshall, Karen Anderson, and Mary Ryrholm. 

Bottom: Flying cheerleaders lead yells at one of the nu- 
merous pep sessions held during the basketball season. 


Ripple's busy schedule 

-.1 , L 




r. r .- 


I^^^^KiL ■ JO^^HB 


iV i^' 






V' i 




^ tfiil 

includes clean-up campaign^ speakers^ dances 


Ripples star spies, harems, clowns, Naptown 

by Harry Dawson 

Studying, sleeping, and socializing, students take time 
out from a busy Ripples rehearsal to relax off stage. 

Peeking into hidden corners of old toyshops, Sul- 
tan's harems, scientific laboratories, and the 500 
Speedway, the writer-directors of the Ripples of 
1959 discovered new and colorful entertainment 
ideas which made this year's Ripples fun for both 
audience and cast. 

In "Space Satire" by Jane Jackson and Rosemary 
Garrigus, four distraught scientists outwitted re- 
porters, Russian spies, and girl "Cuteniks" to suc- 
cessfully launch a rocket from Ripple's stage. 

Judy Johnston and Georgia Lupear guided the 
audience on a gay and fanciful tour of Indianapolis 
in their act "All Around the Town." 

The walls of Jeritol tumbled and King Kufu left 
his harem and jewels to flee the Brute's invasion of 
Egypt in "Great Day" written by Pam Chowning, 
Linda Kitzmiller, and Marianne Grove. 

The tale of a night in a fantastic toyshop where 
all the toys are alive was told by Markianne Co- 
field, Diane Kipfer, and Carol Wrennick, whose act, 
"La Boutique Fantastique," rounded out the four 
acts of the biggest, brightest Ripples ever. 

Raggedy Andy, Lyie Mannweiler, grins crookedly as he 
and Raggedy Ann, Connie Corson, cut capers for "four- 
year-old" Alan Stanford and Grandfather Clock, Jim Bush. 

Satyrical scientists Wally Orr, Bill Johnson, and Lorry 
Morrison consider a weighty matter — whether or not 
to launch "Cutenik" Barb Larson into the audience. 


Interviewing other leads of "Great Day," Ray Bowman 
as Ambrose Bouillon talks to Judie Baskwell and 
Judy Church, jewels, and Pharoah Buddy Krause. 

On a tour of the town, Ail-American Boy Steve Von 
Meter and Cat Mike Kelley observe the antics of Patty 
Dickinson, street cleaner, and Charley Deck, hula girl. 

Ripples Directors— Marianne Grove, Pam Chowning, Judy 
Johnston, Georgia Lupear, Rosemary Garrigus, Diane 
Kipfer, Markianne Cofield, Carol Wrennick. Not pic- 

tured are Linda Kitzmiller and Jane Jackson. Worries 
about costumes, choreography, and combos keep direc- 
tors hopping until the curtain rises on opening night. 


Before ... in old slacks and sweat shirts, Nancy Camp- 
bell and the boys' chorus look like typical Ripplites. 

After ... on the Operetta's opening night, it's a smooth, 
sophisticated cast performing in front of the footlights. 

'Widow' caught in web of comedy, romance 

"With dancers swaying, music playing," the cur- 
tain rises on the Golden Singers' operetta. The 
Merry Widow, o romantic comedy by Franz Lehar. 
Six weeks of memorization and rehearsal, staging 
and costuming, hard work and late hours culmi- 
nate in two evenings of mirthful entertainment for 
the 1,300 people packing the school auditorium. 

Commands such as "Enunciate your words,- 
I have to hear them back here!" and "It's funny; 
can't you react to what he's saying?" had rung out 
as rehearsals progressed under the direction of 
Miss Ruth Bertsch, Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann, and Mr, 
Gene Poston. Then the long hours of practice paid 
off; the words and music became a living story. 

As the plot develops, Mrs. Adele Talbot, a lovely 
young widow played by Nancy Campbell, meets 
the dashing Prince Nikolas of Altruria, who is 
played by Floyd Edwards, at a wealthy seaside 
resort in America. It is "love at first sight," but there 
are many complications. Miss Beatrice Killgarden, 
a snoopy gossip-columnist played by Judy Smay, 
does more than her part to confuse the picture for 
the prince and the widow. More problems are pre- 
sented by the arrival of Princess Stephanie, Prince 
Nikolas' affianced bride, and the constant attempts 
of Montgomery Nelson, Adele's American lover, 
to woo her. All these problems are settled in music 
and merriment. 

Adding color and a touch of sophistication to the 
performance is a group of wealthy American so- 


by Evelyn Stone 

cialites consisting of Mrs. Van Orden, Barbara Batt; 
Mrs. Vera Randolph, Dolli Jegen; Clarissa Preston, 
Carol Galbraith; Berton Preston, Alan Stanford; 
Ethel Van Orden, Joyce Peace; and Hartley Lang- 
don, Steve Brownlee. 

A boys' chorus line, five can-can dancers from 
Paris, and a lilting waltz number give the produc- 
tion humor and spice. 

By the way, the prince marries the widow, and 
they live happily ever after. 

With ears perked, gossip columnist Judy Smay (far 
right) listens for stray bits of news as Dolli Jegen 
and Barb Batt (seated) talk to Princess Diane Heaton 
and socialites Carol Galbraith and Sylvia Trumbull. 

Preparing a costume to be worn in the "Ladies" number 
are Mr. Gene Poston and Miss Ruth Bertsch, directors. 

Love triumphs! Nancy Campbell and Floyd Edwards sing 
joyously as the Operetta reaches a happy conclusion. 

"Lovely ladies, lovely ladies, an enigma through and of Montgomery Nelson, Jefferson Randolph, Bertie Pres- 

through" sing Wendy Myers, George Poor, Alan Stanford, ton, and Prince Nikolas of Altruria in the Golden Singers 

and Floyd Edwards, as they humorously fill the roles annual operetta, The Merry Widow, by Franz Lehar. 


kV ' 

Golden Singers— BACK ROW: Dave Dunn, Gary Martin, 
Steve Brownlee, Wendy Myers, Jim Willard, Bill John- 
son, Floyd Edv^ards, Mike Kelley, Alan Stanford, Paul 
Fisher. THIRD ROW: George Poor, Don Bighorn, Stan Isaac, 
Ron Hutson, Steve Forbes, Dave Richey, Wally Scott, Craig 
Way, Dave Chapman. SECOND ROW: Diane Heaton, 

Judy Smay, Jane Gibbs, Sara Hooten, Linda Lewis, Carol J. 
Baker, Nancylee Cambridge, Mary Lee Lampe, Sylvia 
Turnbull, Linda Dresbach. FRONT ROW: Judy Hutson, 
Donna Bush, Joyce Peace, Evelyn Stone, Barbara Batt, Dolli 
Jegen, Susan McCullough, Linda Dorntge, JoLene Kubik. 
The Golden Singers are directed by Mr. Gene Poston. 

Girls' Concert Choir-BACK ROW: D. Argols, J. Smith, 
J. Ross, M. Nev/burn, C. Crane, C. Borshoff, L. Henzie, 
H. Wright, A. Hobson, B. Rodgers, J. Topmiller, P. Her- 
ring. THIRD ROW: C. Terfler, B. Brooks, D. Menke, C. 
Wilson, G. Winegardner, N. Hancock, D. Davis, S. Hut- 
sell, B. Sechrist, K. Bennett, P. Chowning, P. Bradley, P. 
Couts. SECOND ROW: G. Stahl, J. Hair, S. Donnelly, P. 

Krabbenhoft, J. Vance, J. Callahan, C. Closterhouse, J. 
Church, F. Foster, A. Watson, J. Nelson, C. Grimes, S. 
Kercheval. FRONT ROW: K. Smith, C. Stebbing, M. Dollens, 
S. Kuoppala, N. Munger, S. K. Stanton, C. Golling, S. 
Winchel, A. Baker, A. Evans, S. Pitts, S. Austin. The Girls' 
Concert Choir often combines with the Boys' Con- 
cert Choir to perform at school-sponsored functions. 


<1 O' nf\ 


Clef Club-BACK ROW: Barbara Beckley, Carl Smith, 
Sallie Sherwood, Jim Kelley, Bill Walters, Dave 
Ressler, Richard Nay, Linda Lewis, Kenneth Lawless, 
Sandy Terrell. THIRD ROW: Barbara Batt, Nancy Camp- 
bell, Mary Lee Lampe, William Neal, Ronny Hutson, 
Steve Olin, Paul Fisher, Paula Barbour, Carolyn 

Crane, Kathy Bowen. SECOND ROW: Joyce Peace, Laurie 
Tether, Diane Heoton, Jane Gibbs, Susie Fortune, 
Rosanne Linville, Pot Leonhardt, Sharon Messmore, 
Martha Susan Johnson. FRONT ROW: Amy Rose Baker, 
Donna Bush, Suzanne Drybread, Jim Shutt, Evelyn Stone, 
Sandy Browner, Cindy Cunningham, Karen Guion. 

A Cappella-BACK ROW: M. Otto, M. Cofield, S. Maley, M. 
Mueller, T. Johnson, E. Alexander, S. Roggie, D. Phillips, 
J. Kertis, T. Woody, V. Perry, M. Jupin, M. Roggie, H. 
Theilig, L. Kraft. THIRD ROW: J. Baskwell, J. Smith, 
P. Bowen, P. Gates, R. Harkness, B. Nichols, D. Ressler, 
B. Taylor, T. Withrow, B. Rinne, D. Ranard, J. Beaman, 
S. Saville, J. Vance, S. Fultz. SECOND ROW: J. Hargitt, 

K. Bowen, J. Schnackel, C. Love, S. Crockett, N. Dunham, 
J. Keller, S. Podget, J. Herald, C. Anderson, P. Miller, 
M. Whitelock, M. Yount, C. Cunningham. FRONT ROW: S. 
Browner, C. Thompson, D. Teegarden, M. Meeker, H. 
Shipley, J. Loeper, S. Smith, D. Nay, J. Shutt, T. Hutson, 
A. Miller, L. Tether, J. Novak, P. Gates, S. Pressler. 
A Cappella Choir is directed by Mr. Gene Poston. 


Orchestra-BACK ROW: Jack Irby, Paul Fisher, Pot Couts, 
Mr. Paul Brown, Charlene Peterson, Sue Fortune, Jane 
Eggelhof, Jane Carmony, Carolyn Crane, Sue Hartman, 
John Furlow. FOURTH ROW: Pat Dettman, Sharon How- 
lett, Margie Alexander, Steve Brownlee, Paula Barbour, 
Sharon Thomas, Jack Lawless, Mike Lockman, Joe Sims, 
Steve Confer. THIRD ROW: Debbie Bernd, Steve Crockett, 
Sally Schaefer, Cheryle Love, David Jenkins, Mary Lee 
Lampe, Pat Klausmeier, Susie K. Stanton, Jackie Johnston, 
Barbara Beckley, Gene Gjesvold, Sylvia Turnbull, Tom 

Mueller, Jim Shutt, William Neal, Jim Kelley, Edith 
Comfort, Jan Homburg, Penny Weber. SECOND ROW: 
Richard Nay, Martha Susan Johnson, Jeannie Moore, 
Janet Norman, Barbara Larson, Lynn Pfersick, Jan Clarke, 
George Callahan, Susie Ham, Elizabeth Rodgers, Karen 
Anne Smith, Genevieve Johnson, Linda Derry, Linda Wolf, 
Kathy Bloem. FRONT ROW: Suzanne Drybread, Diane 
Hackler, Amy Rose Baker, Karen Guion, Connie Blackweli, 
Margie Power, Angeni Watson, Cindy Cunningham. 
Mr. Paul Brown conducts the 66 member orchestra. 

Instrumentalists keep Ripple at high pitch 

Practice, fun, and programs fill the schedules of 
the 66 music-minded students who are members 
of Broad Ripple's Orchestra. 

Rehearsals for such events as the Operetta, the 
annual Christmas program, state contests, the Or- 
chestra Auditorium, and the Ripple Round-up keep 
Orchestra members busy every day, but not too 
busy to enjoy a spring tour of several nearby grade 
schools. Entertaining the young audiences encour- 
ages future Ripplites to enroll in music groups. 

by Cindy Cunningham 

Eighteen members of the Broad Ripple Orchestra 
participate in the All-City High School Orchestra, 
a group of top musicians from all eight of the city's 
public high schools. These students v/ork approxi- 
mately three hours every Saturday morning during 
the fall semester preparing for extra programs and 
a television show in January. This year, Ripplite 
Cindy Cunningham was selected as representative 
to the All-City Orchestra Council, the group's gov- 
erning body. The All-City Orchestra has 69 
participating members. 

The Dance Band, placing first as an all-school 
band in the Dance Band Contest under the direction 
of Mr. Paul Brown, is composed of 28 members, 
each a member of Ripple's Band or Orchestra. The 
Dance Band plays for many school and community 
dances, including the Military Ball and "after 
game" dances. The Ripples, pep sessions, and Fa- 
thers' Association and Association of Parents and 
Teachers meetings are also included in their busy 
entertainment schedule. 

Pep Band-BACK ROW: J. Confer, B. Neal, C. Smith, 
J. Shutt. SECOND ROW: S. Confer, G. Miller, G. Gjes- 
vold, B. Calkins. FRONT ROW: J. Kelley, J. Sims, B. 
Gallegos, S. Brownlee, E. Horton, D. Jenkins, P. Fisher. 


Students who like music and like to experiment 
with hi-fi and radio equipment are members of the 
Radio Hi-Fi Club. With the assistance of Mr. Brown 
as sponsor, these students have constructed a stere- 
ophonic record player valued at approximately 
$500. This is used by the club's 30 members to 
listen to stereo records which they bring from home 
and by music appreciation classes to receive the 
full musical value of the classical compositions that 
they enjoy and evaluate. 

Playing platters on a record player built by members of 
the Hi-Fi Club ore officers Gene Gjesvold, Paul Fisher, 
Jim Kelley, and Margie Power. This record player 
is valued at approximately five hundred dollars. 

Dance Band-BACK ROW: Mr. Paul Brown, Jim Kelley, Bill 
Neal, James Shutt, Dick Peterson. THIRD ROW: John Fur- 
low, Paul Fisher, Joe Sims, Michael Lockmon, Steve Con- 
fer. SECOND ROW: Joyce Peace, Diane Heoton, David 

Jenkins, David Dovisson, Gene Gjesvold, Edward Horton, 
Bob Calkins. FRONT ROW: Susan Hartmon, Diane Hack- 
ler, Dick Nay, Steve Crockett, Amy Rose Baker. The 
Dance Band is under the direction of Mr. Paul A. Bro\sn. 


Ripple's high-steppers 

Winning the Kiwanis Award for the "Most Im- 
proved Bond in the City," the Broad Ripple Rocket 
Band brings additional honor to Ripple this year. 
The 80 members of the Band under the direction of 
Mr. Wallace Decker practice many hours to prepare 
interesting intermission shows for football games, 
to perfect music and marching for parades, and to 
put together a variety of programs for presentation 
to the school and community during the year. 

In addition to appearing at football games and 
parades, the high-stepping group displays its 
marching and playing abilities on a day set aside 
especially for that purpose. Band Recognition Day. 
This year's tribute to the bands of Indianapolis, 
held October 1 8 on the World War Memorial Plaza 
and directed by Meredith "Music Man" Wilson, will 
become an annual event to show the city's pride in 

Drum major Bob Calkins leads the Rocket Marching Band. 

Band-BACK ROW: Jack Irby, Jerry league, Dick Con- 
gress, Fred SteinhofF, Paul Fisher, Pat Couts, Mr. Wallace 
Decker, Jim Confer, Judy Kitchin, Judy Pounds, Judy Mar- 
tin, Sue Zollinger, Barb Chambers, Judy Jupin, Charlotte 
Roeder, Marilyn Henzie. FOURTH ROW: Jim Kelley, Bill 
Neal, Jim Shutt, Carl Smith, Brian Ruark, Charlene 
Grimes, Paul Arnett, Don Hollenback, Jim Loeper, Bob 

Harmon, David Alderson, Ken Kincaid, Karen BorufF, 
Mike Lockman, Joe Sims, Steve Confer. THIRD ROW: 
Bob Langston, Ken Mullen, Lynne Genders, Carol McCord, 
Sally Moeslein, Dick Hays, John Sexton, Steve Brown- 
lee, Sharon Thomas, Jack Lawless, Jim Stoner, Paul 
Martin, Ed Horton, Bob Calkins, Kay Rader, Gene 
Gjesvold, David Davisson. SECOND ROW: David Chap- 



win Kiwanis award 

by Pat Klausmeier 

its eight high school marching bonds. Each Bond 
will be given o plaque for its port in the program. 
Another fall activity is Band Tag Day, with mem- 
bers of the Band selling tags to students and local 
merchants to raise money for band equipment. The 
Band's 1958 earnings of $500 are being used to 
buy white spats and gloves. 

Aiding the Band in marching performances are 
the majorettes and flag twirlers who also bring 
honors to Ripple by winning awards in district and 
state baton and flag-twirling contests. The high- 
stepping strutting of these girls marching at the 
head of the band in their bright orange and white 
uniforms adds pep and color to the groups grid- 
iron performances. 

After each November the Band changes from a 
marching band to a concert band. Among the pro- 
grams the Concert Band presents are the the Christ- 
mas auditorium and the annual Bond auditorium 
in the spring. Preparing for the State High School 
Band Contest in April rounds out the 1958-59 
schedule for the Rocket Band. 

man, Jody Kubik, Dave Nay, Donna Lew Daubenspeck, 
Sue Brewer, Sharon Ferguson, Ruth Richards, Cheryl 
Gruber, Lee Woold ridge, Ron Ferris, Dave Ressler, 
Tom Mueller, Deanna Deckard, Sylvia Turnbull, Barbara 
Beckley. FIRST ROW: Pat Klausmeier, Mary Lee Lampe, 
Dave Jenkins, Peg Colvin, Judy Orr, Barb Miller, 
Carolyn Nines ley, Susie Stanton, Jackie Johnston. 

Majorettes Judy Jupin, Charlotte Roeder, and Marilyn 
Henzie demonstrate their award-winning style which has 
won many medals in both district and state contests. 

Twirl girls are Ripple flag twirlers Judy Kitchin, Judy 
Pounds, Judy Martin, Sue Zollinger, and Barb Cham- 
bers. These girls march with the band at football games. 

1^ L 

X' *•- * > -^ pl| 

Go, Rockets, go! chants the Booster Block under the di- 
rection of the cheerleaders and President Nancy Henry. 

The girls in black add pep and enthusiasm to basketball 
games with their unusual yells and hand formations. 

Ripple Boosters cheer Rockets into orbit 

by Karen West 

GAA-BACK ROW: Sharon Simon, Jane Uhl, Carol Reyn- 
olds, Charlotte Roeder, Pat Leonhardt, Kathy Oth. FRONT 
ROW: Jeannie Moore, Harriet Elam, Sandy Hill, Pat 
Whaley, Phyllis Inman. To attain membership, girls earn 
qualifying points by participating in athletic activities. 

Arousing enthusiasm and faithfully backing the 
Ripple Rockets is the Booster Club sponsored by Mr. 
Arnold Pahmeier. 

The special section, an organized group of 180 
girls dressed in black skirts and sweaters, leads the 
Booster yells. Surrounding the special section is a 
regular Booster section. This year, new orange and 
black mittens add color to the white blouses and 
black skirts of the 1 35 girls in this section. 

The Lettermen's Club presents a traditional 
spring dance as the highlight of their social activ- 
ities. Under the supervision of Mr. Charles Leamon, 
the club is comprised of boys who participate in at 
least sixty percent of all varsity activity in one 
sport. This year's officers are John Strickland, Frank 
Cromis, and Elliott Gold. 

Eleven sports are made available to Ripple girls 
by the Girls' Athletic Association, sponsored by 
Mrs. Becky Bodine. Tennis, archery, and bowling 
are offered during the fall; winter sports include 
volley ball, basketball, badminton, tumbling, and 
table tennis. During the spring, girls participate in 
tennis, archery, Softball, golf, and track events. 

Additional GAA activities include the Mother- 
Daughter Banquet, a spring track meet, and two 
scholarships for girls to State Leadership Camp. 


Pep and spirit run high at Ripple's Reserve football and 
basketball games thanks to the unfailing enthusiasm 
of Judie Smith, Norlin Hartley, Pam Chowning, and Janet 
Bradford, reserve cheerleaders, poised here for action. 

Leading yells and backing the team at oil football and 
basketball games are Varsity Cheerleaders Dove Chap- 
man, Kothy Zimlich, Nancy Holle, Georgia Lupeor, 
Phyllis Inman, Patty Dickinson, and Charlie Deck. 

Lettermen's Club-BACK ROW: Tom Clay, Art Campbell, 
John Hobson, John Woody, Floyd Edwards, Bob Shorter, 
Donn Baird, David Meek, Joe Kertis, Norman Van Til- 
burg, Tom Johnson, John Strickland. THIRD ROW: Bill 
Stoelting, Frank Cromis, Bernie Stein, Don Poland, 
Bob Nelson, Dave Ingmire, Elliott Gold, Ronny Frantz, 

Leroy Blocher, Dick Kohn, Jock Keller. SECOND ROW: 
Hal Shipley, Nelson Quick, Wolly Scott, Jon Merritt, 
Tom Withrow, Fred Schlegel, Bob Donlon, Jerry Barlo\s-, 
Frank Binford. FRONT ROW: Darryl Stevens, Dick 
Crowe!!, Dave Way, Don Atkinson, Mickey Mathews, 
Mike McKown, John LaFollette, Dick Herald. 





"The Paper Caper," the annual Riparian Dance, climaxes the 1958 subscription campaign. 

Headaches, hard work produce newspaper 

Riparian royalty who reigned over the 1958 Riparian 
Dance in October are Nancy Holle and Fred Schlegel. 

by Wally Orr 

Scurrying reporters, bustling editors, and busy 
advisors may be seen working far into dusk at fhe 
Riparian Newspaper Office on deadline night. 

Each of the 97 staff members from name-checker 
to editor-in-chief has a definite job essential to the 
production of the newspaper which has won Quill 
and Scroll's top honor rating for ten years. The 
stories which compose the paper are begun by 
reporters who write up information they gather by 
covering weekly beats. Reporters submit their 
stories to the copy desk for copyreading and cor- 
rection; then the copy desk puts headlines on the 
stories and sends them on to the page editors. 
Making out tentative page layouts and being sure 
that stories fit the space allotted them is the job of 
the page editors. 

Next, stories and headlines are printed on galley 
proofs and pinned on the layouts. The galleys are 
proofread, definite page layouts are determined, 
and the galleys are pasted on the layouts. Then the 
paper goes to press. The finished product, the 
Riparian weekly is distributed in homerooms on 
Thursday mornings. 

Organizing the Riparian subscription campaign 
is the job of the circulation staff. With a humorous 
auditorium and myriads of posters, they boosted 
1959 subscription sales to a record of 1,800 in a 
school of 2,000. The campaign climaxes annually 
with the crowning of Miss and Mr. Riparian at the 
Riparian Dance. 

Pondering proofs are Riparian Newspaper editors 
Steve Olin, Karen West, Tom Clay, Liz Kraft, Fred 
Schlegel, Dave Epstein, Kathy Raasch, and John Lance. 

News Bureau members Webster Wright, Mike Lamm, Mar- 
garet Durham, Dave Mannv^eiler, Barbara Bott, and Tom 
Ewbank keep city newspapers aware of Ripple doings. 

Newspaper Editorial Staff-BACK ROW: M. Roggie, 
B. Milburn, G. King, S. Zimmerman, B. Nelson, T. Stone, 
R. Bowman, B. Sanders, W. Orr, H. Dawson, M. Ryrholm. 
THIRD ROW: P. Mason, B. Wells, D. Parish, T. Woody, 
B. Engel, H. Theilig, B. Jones, I. Argals, M. Hynes, 

R. Linville. SECOND ROW: K. Bennett, P. Colvin, 
M. Otto, L. Bochicchio, S. Jacobs, P. Klausmeier, 
C. Terfler, K. Oth. FRONT ROW: C. Stebbing, D. Stan- 
ton, N. Becker, L. Tether, S. Kercheval, C. Cunningham, 
A. Castle. Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs is editorial advisor. 


Pasting panels for the album section and working late 
to meet their engraving deadline are Bill Ferree, Bon- 

nie Boyd, Susie Lancet, Linda Medley, Dave Gilliom, 
and Dave Larson, members of the yearbook staff. 

Yearbook receives tenth Ail-American rating 

by Judy Gilliom 

The clack of typewriters, the scratch of copy pen- 
cils, and the laughter of 44 enthusiastic staff mem- 
bers are equally familiar in the Riparian Yearbook 
Office. Sometimes open from 8:00 in the morning 
to 6:00 at night, the Yearbook Office is the scene 
of unceasing activity. Here, surrounded by signs 
reading "Thimk" and "Beware the Editor," Riparian 
staflFers work hard to create in the yearbook a 
memorable account of Ripple's school year. Endless 
hours of taking pictures, cropping, typing, copy- 
reading, composing, and proofreading are com- 
bined with aspirin and midnight oil to produce the 
award-winning Riparian yearbook. 

The work of the staff and its sponsors, Mrs. Ruth 
Marie Griggs and Mrs. Julia Jean Rhodes, pays 
dividends in honors for Broad Ripple High School. 
In 1 958, for the tenth consecutive year, the Riparian 
Yearbook was awarded the National Scholastic 
Press Association's All-American Rating. Also, three 
of the 37 staffers who attended summer press in- 
stitutes won journalism scholarships; eight others 
won awards for outstanding work in fields ranging 
from yearbook editing and photography to news- 
writing and layout. Ripplites from both the year- 
book and newspaper staffs attend summer 
institutes at Florida State University, Indiana Uni- 
versity, Northwestern University, the University 
of Michigan, and the University of Missouri for 
periods of five days to five weeks. 

Forty-nine signs! Freshman Sarah Buchanan examines 
part of the signs in the Riparian office collection. 


Associate yearbook editors Karen 
Kime, Linda Bender, and Connie 
Corson discuss page layout with 
Alan Stanford, editor-in-chief. 

Planning pictures for the yearbook are Judy Gilliom, Dave Phillips, 
staflF photographer Mike Loudermilk, Betsey Ewbank, Nancy Henry, 
Patty Gates, and Gretchen Stahl (seated), yearbook section editors. 

Riparian Yearbook Ad StafF-STANDING: Barbara Ran- 
dolph, Bonnie Boyd, Linda Hall, Mary Jane Randolph, 
Angeni Watson, Judi Leslie, Mary Lou Newburn, Janie 

Garten, GifFord Cast, Sam Ryan, Pete Borrick. SEATED: 
Marilyn Meeker, Grace Winegordner, Barbara Lar- 
son, Susan Fortune. Staffers sold pictorial yearbook ads. 

Business StafF-BACK ROW: Marty Cook, Ken Decker, 
Donna Daubenspeck, Margie Power, Karen Aikman, Sue 

Scott, Fritz Krieg. FRONT ROW: Norm Oestrike, Sharon 
Fries, Betty Sechrist, Linda Dorntge, Penny Bowen. 

Quill and Scroll honors "best" journalists 

by Gretchen Stahl 

Photo StaflF— BACK ROW: Steve Roggie, Dick Rosonova, 
Web Wright, Howard Maxwell. SECOND ROW: Mike Lou- 
dermilk, Dave Secor, Lorry Morrison. FRONT ROW: Tom 
Loudermilk, Mike Lamm, Tom Fries. Photo Staffers take 
sixty percent of all the yearbook and newspaper pictures. 

Broad Ripple journalists who do outstanding 
work on school publications are honored by elec- 
tion to Quill and Scroll, international honorary 
group for journalists, photographers, and business 
managers. Eligibility for membership to this 
group, sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs, 
comes from outstanding work on the Riparian 
Yearbook, Newspaper, News Bureau, or Photog- 
raphy Staff. 

Cries such as "Smile!", "Hold that pose!" and 
"Got it!" are heard coming from Photo Staff mem- 
bers. Sponsored by Mrs. Julia Jean Rhodes, these 
shutter snappers are kept busy taking pictures for 
the News Bureau, the Riparian Newspaper, and 
the Riparian Yearbook. 

The selling of ads by the ad staff to local mer- 
chants provides one of the chief sources of income 
for the Riparian Newspaper and Yearbook. 

Riparian Staffers look forward to the Journalism 
Awards Dinner in May, At this dinner students are 
honored for the work they have done during the 
year. Sponsored by the Association of Parents and 
Teachers and the Fathers' Association, the banquet 
is a highlight of the Riparian year. 


Newspaper Ad Staff— JoAnne Pruyn and Cynthia Sexson, 
managers. BACK ROW: Martha Powell, Joan Ross, 

Gloria Tobler, and Pat Whaley. FRONT ROW: Lynn 
Pfersick, Sally Rohr, Chris Broberg, and Kathy Sconce. 

Quill and Scroll-BACK ROW: Mike Loudermilk, Harry 
Dawson, Steve Olin, Alan Stanford, John Lance, 
Webster Wright, David Epstein, Fred Schlegel, Margo 
Roggie. THIRD ROW: Karen West, Margaret Durham, 
Lynn Pfersick, Peggy Mason, Barbara Jones, Kathy 

Raasch, Linda Bender. SECOND ROW: Connie Corson 
Gretchen Stahl, Elizabeth Kraft, Barbara Randolph, 
Cynthia Sexon, Laurie Tether. FRONT ROW: Patty Gates, 
Sharri Pressler, Evelyn Stone, Cindv Cunr-iingham, 
Judy Gilliom. The club elects members bionnually. 


Key Club— BACK ROW: Dick Kahn, Steve Zimmerman, 
Jim Kelley, Tim Stone, Gunar Grubaums, John Lance, Bob 
Nelson, Alan Stanford, Wolfgang Pfeifer, Ray Bowman, 
David Phillips. THIRD ROW: David Larson, Steve Olin, Lyie 
Mannweiler, David Foster, Bill Canup, John Lee, Buddy 

Krause, Webster Wright, Fred Schlegel. SECOND ROW: 
Wally Orr, Gordon Lev/is, Wally Scott, Stan Isaac, Steve 
Van Meter, Bill Hawley, Tom Ewbank, John Raeburn. 
FRONT ROW: Jim Richter, Mike McKown, David Smith, 
Harry Dawson, Bill Ferree, David Parish, Joseph Sims. 

Programs, popcorn, AFS occupy honoraries 

by Liz Kraft 

At Broad Ripple High School, honor and service 
go hand in hand. 

The 36 members of Key Club, boys' honorary 
organization affiliated with the Kiv\/anis Club and 
sponsored by Mr. Warren K. Jackson, sell programs 
at home football and basketball games, clothe a 
child at Christmas, and organize the Freshman- 
Sophomore Career Day. This year, together with 
the Shortridge chapter, they also worked to pro- 
mote good sportsmanship at the Ripple-Shortridge 
football game. 

Working with the American Field Service to 
bring a foreign exchange student to Ripple, plan- 
ning Homecoming, and sponsoring the Clean-Up 
Campaign are major services of Ripple's Student 
Council. Composed of annually elected delegates 
from each class and sponsored by Dr. R. Lowell 
Hicks and Mr. John Morris, the council serves as a 
link between the student body and the administra- 
tion in discussing problems as well as activities. 

Outstanding character, scholarship, leadership, 
and service are standards for membership in the 
National Honor Society. This highly selective group. 


sponsored by Miss Margaret Coombs and Mr. Al- 
bert Mahin, gives a Christmas party for needy chil- 
dren, tutors other students, and sells popcorn and 
ice cream at home basketball games. Electing 
members annually, the Honor Society consists of 
approximately five percent of the student body. 

Peddling programs are Key Club Officers Steve Van 
Meter, Harry Dawson, Fred Schlegel, and Ray Bowman. 



^^^^^^^^H^^I^^^HHII^^^^^^ ^H 



^^Hl a^*>^l^lWH 


HI .jE' ~^ ^m ^v^^^^^l^l 







National Honor Society-BACK ROW: Steve Olin, Dave Fos- 
ter, Steve Zimmerman, Ray Bowman, Gunar Grubaums, 
Donn Baird, Tim Stone, Dave Phillips, Tom Clay, Web 
Wright. THIRD ROW: Barb Jones, Jeannie Moore, Chet 
Wood, Fred Schlegel, Steve VanMeter, Bob Milburn, Mary 

Ryrholm, Paula Barbour, Harry Dawson. SECOND ROW: 
Kathy Bowen, Barb Batt, Mike McKown, Liz Kraft, Julio 
Beaman, Linda Bender, Kathy Oth, Laurie Tether. FRONT 
ROW: Carole Kunze, Cindy Cunningham, Nancy Becker, 
Connie Corson, Evy Stone, Donna Bush, Judy Gilliom. 

Student Council-BACK ROW: Bill Hawley, John Rae- 
burn, Jim Boggs, Wolfgang Pfeifer, John Woody, Donn 
Baird, Alan Stanford, Dave Phillips, Stephen Zimmerman, 
Dick Kahn, Ray Bowman. THIRD ROW: Mike McKown, 
Harry Dawson, Fred Schlegel, Wally Orr, Wally Scott, 
John Lee, Bill Johnson, Stan Isaac, Bill Ferree, Jim 

Richter, Nancy Holle. SECOND ROW: Carole Closter- 
house, Nancy Overman, Chris Broberg, Karen West, Dove 
Smith, Linda Bender, Susie Fortune, Connie Corson, 
Jenny Hair, Marsha King. FRONT ROW: Vicky Kaufman, 
Pam Hatfield, Kathy Davis, Donna Bush, Jan Bradford, 
Julie Vance, Jay Douthit, Dove Denton, Morci Fox. 


Tea party hostesses are Orange Aid officers, Julie Vance, 
Mary Sue Burkhart, Evy Stone, and Patty Gates who wel- 
come Linda Brumblay to the freshman orientation tea. 

Planning projects and discussing ideas for future meet- 
ings are Tri-Hi-Y officers Sue McCord, Sylvia Turnbull, 
Susie Stanton, Pom Krabbenhoft, and Kathy Williamson. 

Ripple service clubs v/ork to better v/orld 

by John Lance 

Endeavoring to maintain high ideals in the 
school and community. Broad Ripple's service 
clubs push constantly ahead tov/ard their goal of 
"broader, richer, human service." All of Ripple's 
co-curricular clubs are service-minded, but several 
were formed vs^ith this specific purpose in mind. 

To maintain a high standard of Christian living 
in the school and community is the main purpose 
of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. Hi-Y is sponsored 
by Mr. Robert Eisenbarth and Tri-Hi-Y by Mrs. Lu- 
nette Keesling and Mrs. Janet Blocker. In accord- 
ance v/ith their purpose these two clubs partici- 
pated in the Muscular Dystrophy Teen March, sent 
delegates to the Model United Nations, and fed 
families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, the 
clubs sponsored booths at Ripple's carnival and a 
Christmas dance. The Mistletoe Madness. Pam 
Krabbenhoft reigned over the dance as Ripple's 
first Miss Mistletoe. 

The Orange Aid, an organization composed of 
all Ripple girls, is the largest service group at Rip- 
ple. The main objective of this organization is to 
welcome incoming freshman girls, which it does by 
sponsoring the Freshman Orientation Tea, and 

providing freshmen with "big sisters" to help them 
with their problems during their first weeks at Rip- 
ple. Being service-minded, the club adopted a Ko- 
rean orphan named Choo Jung to whom the mem- 
bers write letters and send clothing and money. 
Also, the Orange Aid sponsors Fresh-Aids, a fresh- 
man subdivision of Orange Aid which, among 
other projects, holds panel discussions with upper- 
classmen on the problems confronting high school 
girls. Orange Aid is sponsored by Miss Ruth Carter, 
and Fresh-Aids is sponsored by Miss Nancy Lamkin. 

Now in its third year at Ripple, the Future Nurses 
Club, sponsored by Miss Louise Rice, strives to in- 
form Ripplites of opportunity in the field of nursing. 
To do this, the club has various types of nurses 
speak to its members and makes field trips to the 
Indiana University Medical Center and Methodist 
Hospital. Also, the club sponsors a flower booth at 
the carnival. 

Fund-raising during the fall is the main activity 
of the Junior Red Cross. Its motto, like that of the 
national organization, is "Your Heritage, Hope, 
and Opportunity." Miss Rice also sponsors the Jun- 
ior Red Cross. 


Cash counters Patty Allen, John 
Hobson, and Bob Nelson, members 
of the Junior Red Cross Club, add 
up money from the annual drive. 

Future "Florences" Sylvia Turnbull, 
Mary Jane Randolph, Karen Fry, 
and Barb Randolph, Future Nurses 
Club officers, discuss the eye chart. 

Delegates to the Model UN ore Tri-Hi-Y members JoLene 
Kubik and Dolli Jegen and Hi-Y officers Dove Larson 

and Steve Zimmerman. Other Hi-Y officers not pic- 
tured are Stan Isaac, John Lance, and Don Ellis. 


Studying speeches are Linda Sexton, Bill Walters and 
Joyce Cooper who prepare for Forensic League contest. 

Rehearsing are Chris Broberg, Kathy Sconce, Karen 
Bennett, and Linda Dorntge, Understudies officers. 

Dramatists prove that "the show must go on" 

by Peg Mason 

Debaters conversing on plans and arguments for future 
contests are Dolli Jegen, JoLene Kubik, and Susie Espy. 

To give students speaking poise and to develop 
their dramatic skills is the purpose of the speech 
and dramatics clubs sponsored at Ripple. 

Budding young actors and actresses begin their 
careers by presenting short plays and skits in the 
Understudies Club, sponsored by Mrs. Anne Oben- 
chain. Membership in National Thespians Troupe 
1 170, a higher dramatic group is gained by com- 
piling points earned by work in dramatics. Each 
year, the Thespians, sponsored by Mrs. Donna 
Leigh Collins, have charge of the Varsity Varieties 
and an auditorium during the second semester. 

Working closely v^ith the dramatic groups are 
the Sound and Stage Crews sponsored by Mr. John 
Williams and Mr. Ferd Brumblay. These groups 
build scenery, handle lighting, and operate the 
"mikes" for school productions. 

Arguments are the delight of the Debate Team 
sponsored by Miss Leanna Barker. Projects for the 
year include the Purdue Debators' Conference and 
several Junior Town Meetings. 

Sponsored by Mrs. Bess Wright, the Forensic 
League competes for honors in state and district 
contests in five categories: dramatic declamation, 
committed oratory, original oratory, poetry read- 
ing, and radio speaking. 


National Thespians— BACK ROW: Jenny Ausherman, Sal- 
lie Sherwood, Bill Walters, Peg Mason, Nancy Campbell. 

FRONT ROW: Patty Dickinson, Joyce Cooper, Georgia 
Lupear, Phyllis Inman, Diane Heaton, Pauletto Walker. 

Stage Crew-BACK ROW: J. Strietelmeier, G. Orban, D. 
Exiey (at top of ladder), B. Nichols, D. Miller. FRONT 
ROW: R. Linville, S. Chandler, L. Henzie, C. Borshoff. 

Sound Crew — Ron Horkness, John Lowe, Dick Young, 
Bruce Eastmond, (bockl; Wayne Sauls, and Roy Pike, 
(front), Sound Crew members examine equipment. 


Co-curricular clubs complement curriculum 

by Kathy Raasch 

Complementing Ripple's academic program are 
its co-curricular clubs. 

Inducted in a ceremony led by members of the 
Shortridge chapter. Ripple's Business Leaders Club, 
sponsored by Miss Grace Cunningham, takes its 
place as a chapter of the national organization of 
the Future Business Leaders of America. At various 
meetings during the year, the group improves its 
knowledge of opportunity in the business world by 
hearing talks given by officers and personnel direc- 
tors of the National Office Secretaries Association. 

Experiments, films, field trips, and demonstra- 
tions fill the year for members of the Math-Science 
Club. Sponsored by Mr. Morris Taylor, the club 
offers Ripple students the opportunity to become 
more familiar with the particular areas of math 
and science which interest them. Each year, the 
club displays several of its projects at the Indiana 
Science Fair. Qualifying at the Ripple Science Fair, 
winning displays are entered in State Contests. 

Members of the Foreigneers Club study the traits 
and customs of the peoples who speak languages 
studied at Broad Ripple. The club's program for the 
year includes correspondence with non-English- 
speaking pen-pals and talks from foreign ex- 
change students on their native lands. Leading the 
club are Miss Elaine Bevard and Mr. Turrell Laver- 
ing, language teachers. 

Watching the complete pottery-making process 
and hearing a lecture on fiower arrangement are 
activities of the Art Club this year. Sponsored by 
Miss Doris Brinkman, the club strives to interest 
Ripplites in art and art appreciation. 

A trip to the Chicago museums tops this year's 
list of Junior Historical Society activities. Sponsored 
by Mr. J. Raymond Hall, this honorary organization 
is for outstanding history students, and is limited to 
a membership of sixty. The club emphasizes indi- 
vidual projects which are carried out in members' 
spare time and may be continued after graduation. 

Inspecting flags as they rearrange the display of UN 
flags in the library are Junior Historical Society Offi- 
cers Mike Brennan, Donn Baird, and Paula Barbour. 

Distilling "water" in the still in one of the chemistry 
laboratories are Bob Calkins and Randy Brown, president 
and vice-president of Broad Ripple's Math-Science Club. 


Scanning the globe in search of new topics for one of 
their next meetings, officers of the Foreigneers Club 

Vicki Vetter, Gordon Lewis, ^n^ ^^cmic /. ,^^,11^^.1 
discuss the problems of making meetings interesting. 

Connoisseurs Into Argols, Wayne Sauls, and Steve Brownlee, Art Club officers, discuss the 
balance and design of a modernistic composition done by an intermediate art student. 

FBLA induction ceremony was led 
by members of the Shortridge 
chapter. Serving are Future Busi- 
ness Leaders officers Judy Davis, 
Nancy Henry, Judy Melle, Carole 
Ahr, Janet Vance, Edith Wilmot. 

Highlights of the entire sports year include the 
Rockets defeating Attucks in basketball, 
wrestlers winning the city, the football team 
tying arch-rival Shortridge, and the diamond- 
men capturing second in the city. Athletics 
gained in support as well as in participants 
as more Ripplites boosted their teams at 
both home and away sports events. Pep 
sessions revealed a renewed school spirit 
as sports-minded Ripplites faithfully prac- 
ticed, trained, and dieted to keep in shape. 

Right: Straining to clear the bar. Bob Shorter jumps 
high in the annual Broad Ripple Invitational Track Meet. 

Right bottom: Added school spirit resulting in greater 
enjoyment is illustrated by the boys' enthusiastic cheer. 

Bottom: Firing up the basketball boys in a huddle, Coach 
Gene Beaman gives the team valuable last minute advice. 


Ripple downs Attucks 

for the first time in 11 years; wrestlers take city 

Speeding up as he rounds first and heads for second, Joe 
Aufderheide attempts to squeeze an extra base from a hit 
which helped maintain his .340 average for the season. 

Rocket Diamondmen 

Battling through the 1958 season, the baseball 
team won 1 1 of their 1 5 games and placed second 
in the City Championship competition. During the 
season, the Bairdmen extended their winning 
streak to twenty-four straight victories over a 
period of two years by winning the first ten games 
of this year's schedule to tie the record set by the 
1949-50 Ripple teams. 

The Rockets began the season minus ailing 
pitcher Chuck Holle. The team started off in a win- 
ning way, though, whipping Zionsville and Ander- 
son 10-3 and 10-7, respectively, on the strong arm 
of southpaw Dave Alexander. 

With Holle out the pitching duties fell squarely 
on the shoulders of Alexander and Jerry Barlow, 
sophomore. Barlow handled his chore capably, 
whipping Lawrence Central, 1 1-2, in his first start. 
The following day the diamondmen bested Crispus 
Attucks, 1 2-5, in the first city game. 

Varsity Baseball - BACK ROW: Coach Frank Baird, Al 
Stokely, Joe Kertis, Floyd Edwards, John Woody, Joe Auf- 
derheide, Donn Baird, Jim Lowry, Earl Schopp, Student 
Managers Ed Wilkinson, John Hulen. FRONT ROW: Bill 

Stoelting, Jerry Barlow, Fred Schlegel, Larry Deck, Tom 
Withrow, Dave Alexander, Jan Merritt, Jim Young, Jack 
Keller. Baird, Barlow, Edwards, Keller, Kertis, Schlegel, 
Stoelting, Woody were the returning lettermen for 1959. 


take strong second in hectic city competition 

by Fred Schlegel 

The Bairdmen then upped their season winning 
streak to six with wins over Scecina and Howe. 
Decatur Central and Winamac fell to Broad Ripple. 
The Winamac team provided the first shutout of 
the season for the Rockets as Alexander blanked 
the visitors on three hits, 8-0. 

The following week saw the end to the fabulous 
winning streak. The week started out innocently 
enough as the Bairdmen defeated Warren Central 
and Shortridge by 6-2 and 4-1 scores, respectively. 
The Shortridge game marked the peak of the 
season for the Rockets as they hit well, fielded 
well, and received excellent pitching by "Alex." 

Then came the pitfall. Washington's Continen- 
tals came to Broad Ripple Park determined to whip 
the undefeated Rockets. The visitors scored eight 
times in the first inning, which was high-lighted by 
Dave Sanders' grand slam homerun. Nothing went 
right for the Rockets, and Washington could do no 
wrong. The Continentals went on to win 10-4. The 
following day, all three Indianapolis newspapers 
praised Broad Ripple's baseball record and singled 
out Coach Frank Baird for special recognition in 
salute to his outstanding record. 



10 Zionsville 3 

10 Anderson 7 

1 1 Lawrence Central 2 

12 Crispus Attucks 5 

6 Scecina 3 

6 Howe 1 

6 Decatur Central 4 

8 Winamac 

6 Warren Central 2 

4 Shortridge 1 

4 Washington 10 

1 Tech 2 

Cathedral 5 

5 Manual 3 

North Central 5 

Third-sacker Fred Schlegel readies himself to put the tag on an over-eager Manual runner. 


Reserve Baseball -BACK ROW: Richard Boesinger, Wally 
Scott, Dave Meek, John Hobson, Don Fledderjohn, John 

Crawford. FRONT ROW: Steve Zimmerman, Mike Lewis, 
Charles Kladden, Phil Hedrick, Larry Deck, Ken Young. 

The Tech game was billed as the City Champion- 
ship game; and it proved to be just that. The Green- 
dads behind pitcher Don Erman edged Ripple 2-1, 
in a closely contested game. The following day, 
the diamondmen hit their low point of the season. 
Pitcher John Hiatt and company of Cathedral 
bested the Rockets, 5-0. 

Ripple broke their three game losing streak in 
the next game by nipping Manual, 5-3, in nine 
innings. The Rockets won the game by scoring two 
runs in the top of the ninth. The next day saw the 
season end as Ripple bowed to Jim South of North 
Central to finish with an 11-4 record. 

Donn Baird led in hitting averages with a .380 
average although he came to bat only 29 times 
because of a mid-season sickness and operation, 
which put him out of action for the remainder of 
the year. Dave Alexander, Joe Aufderheide, and 
Fred Schlegei followed with averages of .362, 
.340, and .333, respectively. Earl Schopp was the 
fifth leading hitter with a .327 average, 

Alexander led the pitchers, winning seven and 
losing only one. Jerry Barlow followed with a 4-2 
record, and Bill Stoelting lost his only start. 

The Reserve Team, under the guidance of Coach 
Bill Sirka, won five of eight games. Pitchers A! 
Stokely and Tom Withrow shared the honors in 
victories over Tech, Howe, Scecina, Washington 

and Warren Central. Cathedral and North Central 
edged the Reserves by a one run difference and 
the Giants of Ben Davis upset them with two un- 
suspected tallies. Pitcher Bill Stoelting moved to 
Varsity during the season in time to take the 
mound for Ripple against North Central. 

Coach Sirka's freshmen played only two games, 
winning one. They bested Shortridge, while losing 
to Westlane Junior High. 

Biting hard into a low, outside curve ball, catcher 
Jack Keller sets up a hit-and-run play for a sure base. 





5 Ben Davis 7 

5 Howe 4 

12 Warren Central 6 

13 Washington 7 

19 Tech 3 

2 Cathedral 7 

9 Manual 

2 North Central 3 




1 1 Shortridge 4 

7 Westlane 13 

"Got it" says Jan Merritt to himself as he clutches a 
long, hard-hit ball off the bat of a Winamac player. 


Freshman Baseball — BACK ROW: Gary Hafner, Emerson 
Moore, Dave Boots, John Simmons, Ronnie Bland, Kenny 

Kincaid. FRONT ROW: Walt Grills, Marvin Melton, Jim 
Herald, Richard Stevens, Dick Edwards, Jim Simpson. 


New coach spurs cindermen to 6-2 record 

by Ray Bowman 

Kicking high into the air, Don Atkinson successfully clears 
the bar at 11 feet, his best jump of the 1 958 spring season. 

Varsity Track- BACK ROW: Bob Friedline, Gunar Gru- 
baums, Don Poland, Bob Shorter, Art Haan, Tim Stone, Ray 
Bowman, Doug Atkinson, Coach Dave Martin. SECOND 
ROW: John Strickland, Bob Donlon, Art Campbell, Dave 
Ingmire, Steve BIy, John Kingdon, Ron Hoover. FRONT 
ROW: Leroy Blocher, Mick Mathev^s, Ken Eaton, Bill 
Douthit, Dick Frame, Steve Frame, Don Atkinson. Letter- 
men returning for '59 were Don Atkinson, Blocher, Camp- 
bell, Grubaums, Ingmire, Mathews, Poland, and Shorter. 

Under the firm hand of new Coach Dave Martin, 
the 1958 edition of Rocket Cindermen made a suc- 
cessful showing. In Martin's first year as a high 
school track coach, he led Ripple to one of the most 
successful seasons achieved in recent years. 

The season was initially spurred by the Hoosier 
Relay triumph on the Indiana University indoor 
track. Although official team standings are not 
recognized at this event. Ripple placed better than 
any other Indianapolis team and unofficially tied 
for first place with Fort Wayne North Side. It was 
mere coincidence that Ripple's wins at Bloomington 
were both in hurdle events and that Coach Martin 
was a former Big Ten hurdle champion. The two 
wins were those of Bob Shorter in the highs and the 
team of Dick Frame, Mick Mathews, Ray Bowman, 
and Shorter in the 60 yard low hurdle shuttle relay. 

The inspired Rockets continued their dual meet 
competition and succeeded in compiling a 6-2 
record. The Ben Davis thinclads were the first com- 
petition of the season. The Giants proved to be a 
tune up for the Hoosier Relays as the Martinmen 
went through their paces in a convincing victory at 
the lU Fieldhouse. 

Scoring their initial firsts for the regular season 
were Bob Shorter in the highs, Dick Frame in the 
60 yard dash, John Kingdon placing first in the 440 
yard run, and Steve Frame outdistancing the entire 
field in the half-mile run. 

Rockets took all the relays easily, including the 
240 yard shuttle hurdle, mile relay, two mile relay. 

L^izh J ■ 


^\3 s/j>J i^rtf i 

h<m^me!' '" -**• 

Reserve Track-BACK ROW: Sandy Padget, Buddy Krause, 
Bob Cravens, Bill Fattic, Alan Klepinger, Phil Salamander, 
George Quinn, Coach Earl Dose. FRONT ROW: Paul Jones, 

Jim Watkins, Mike Cooney, Dove Eoglesfield, Nelson 
Quick, Stan Isaac. The Reserves gained practice and skill 
and supplied extra help for several varsity practice meets. 

and distance medley. Steve Frame anchored the 
latter teams by running two successive half-miles. 

In the cindermen's first outdoor meet during 
spring vacation. Manual v/as the victim of a 77-39 
drubbing. Ripple svs^ept both the 1 00 and 220 yard 
sprints plus an outstanding performance by Gunar 
Grubaums. Gunar missed the school record in the 
broad jump by tv/o inches, winning with a 21 -foot 
3-inch leap. Then, as if Ripple hadn't made the 
Redskins suffer enough, they posted the fastest 
time in the city for the 880 relay, 1 :35:1 . 

After losing at home against Howe to the tune 
of 62-46, Coach Martin lead his squad to North 
Central where Ripple ran over the Panthers with a 
smashing 77-31 victory. 

Thus inspired, the thinclads worked themselves 
up for the meet with powerful Tech. At first, it 
looked as though the Rockets might keep pace with 
Tech; but, although the running events were evenly 
split, the field events favored the Greenclads as 
they pulled through with a 67-42 victory over the 
Rockets. Again taking revenge, the cindermen 
walked over a weak Cathedral team, 83-25. As 
a highlight to this meet. Bob Shorter succeeded 
in edging City Champ Dave Shoemaker from 
Cathedral in both the high and low hurdles plus 
taking the high jump title on the side. 

Clearing the hurdle in good form, Bob Shorter outdistances 
the field on his way to second place in the Sectional. 




Ben Davis 


. 27'. 
. 67 

. 45': 
. 23 

. 39 
. 62 
. 31 
. 25 
. 40 

. 53'; 

Tech .... 

City Meet (2nd) 
Broad Ripple invitational 

Ben Davis 

Washington . 

Manual .... 


North Central 





Ripple's best dash man, Don Poland, strides out to place 
second to City Champ Ray Carter. Poland, a sophomore, 
along with Bill Douthit, Mick Mathews, and Dick Frame 
composed the fastest 880-yard relay team in the city. 

The annual Broad Ripple Invitational proved to 
be a runaway as the Rocket Cindermen rolled up 
a whopping 83/^ points to Shortridge's 45/4/ Ben 
Davis' 23, and Washington's ll]^. The Rockets 
scored 9 out of 13 possible firsts, scoring in every 
event except the mile run, where Shortridge's 
Keenan broke the Invitational record. Ripple cap- 
tured all three trophies by winning both relays in 
addition to the meet. The mile-relay team came 
from behind to nip Shortridge, and the 880-relay 
team finished nearly 50 yards in front only .2 
seconds from the record. 

Previous to the Sectional Meet, the Rockets broke 
a Richmond dual-meet winning streak by downing 
the Red Devils, 55^ to 53/^. Richmond led, going 
into the last event; but the winning margin came as 
the Rocket 880-relay team came home first. Then, 
to complete the dual meet competition, the track- 
men took o trip to Columbus to down the Sectional- 
winning Bulldogs, 69-40. 

In the City Meet, Tech came out on top as ex- 
pected, but the Martinmen placed an honorable 
second. At the Sectional, they managed to grab a 
fourth place title, qualifying eight boys plus the 
880-relay team, and later a fifth place in the Re- 
gional. Two boys were left after facing the stiff 
competition at these two meets. Shorter and 
Poland. However, these two record breakers were 
unable to place in the State Meet. 

Freshman Track-BACK ROW: Niles Daggy, Frank Smith, 
Don Dahn, Henry Fechtman, Mike Farkas, Tom Carter, 
Bruce Compton. SECOND ROW: Steve George, Jim Loeper, 

Jim Snyder, Lee Clifford, Lance Perrine, Dave Keown, 
Coach Jack Brown. FRONT ROW: Dick Crowell, Bill Garvey, 
Steve Smith, Doug Nesbit, Mike Kelly, Bud Pfau, Phil Ward. 


Slamming a fast backhand, Bernie Stein 
demonstrates his match-winning style. 

Varsity Tennis — BACK ROW: Bernie Stein, Dave Larson, Pete VonHuysen, 
David Epstein. FRONT ROW: Bruce Gale, Stephen Morgan, Robert Swan. 

Tennis squad finishes with three victories 

by Tom Clay 

Ripple's '58 Varsity Tennis Team won three 
matches and lost six, winning three of the last four 
matches. The racket men, coached by Robert Houg- 
ham, were led by Bernie Stein, junior, and Bob 
Swan and Steve Morgan, seniors, posting records 
of 6-2, 6-3, and 5-4 respectively. 

Getting off to a poor start, the squad lost the first 
five matches. After being tripped by Anderson, 5-2, 
the team was edged by both Park and Shortridge, 
4-3. Tech, 6-1, and Howe, 5-2, also conquered the 
Rockets during the season's low point. 

The Ripple squad finished the season by smother- 
ing Crispus Attucks, 7-0, defeating North Central, 
4-3, and upending Ben Davis, 6-1. Ripple fell to 
Cathedral 4-3, in the final match. 

In doubles competition. Swan and Morgan won 
six of eight matches while Bill Brandt, senior, and 
Dave Larson, sophomore, triumphed in their only 
two matches. 

Returning for the 1959 season are letterman 
Bernie Stein, and promising Dave Larson, Bruce 
Gale, and Dave Epstein. 

In intramural action, Bernie Stein won the singles 
championship from Andris Rozite, 6-0, 6-0. The 
doubles title went to Stein and Epstein. They de- 
feated Larson and Ray Ward, 6-4, 6-1 , in the cham- 
pionship game. 



2 Anderson 5 

3 Park 4 

3 Shortridge 4 

1 Tech 6 

2 Howe 5 

7 Crispus Attucks 

4 North Central 3 

6 Ben Davis 1 

3 Cathedral 4 


Golfers break even 

by Dave Phillips 

Playing a tough schedule, the 1958 Ripple Golf 
Squad finished with a 6-6-1 record. The divotmen 
started slowly by losing to Shortridge and North 
Central. Placing third in the Bloomington Invita- 
tional, the golfers then registered a 1 3^-J4 victory 
over Ben Davis, which later qualified for the State 
Final Meet. 

A dismal defeat in the County followed a 13-5 
win over Howe. After tying Tech, the golfers lost to 
Crawfordsville and West Lafayette. Then losing by 
only one point to Washington, the linksters 
bounced back with a stunning three meet winning 
streak. Starting with a 1 1-4 victory over Southport, 
the squad continued with wins over Warren Cen- 
tral and Manual. In the Manual meet the team 
posted its best season total of 31 7. 

In the final contest before the Sectional, the 
golfers traveled to the Purdue South Course where 
they defeated County and Sectional Champ, Wash- 
ington, 8-7, while losing again to West Lafayette. 
In the Sectional the linksmen posted a 319 total 
which was good for the ninth place in the 26 team 
meet. The Sectional score was composed by Bill 
Richter and Tom Clay with 11 , Cliff Marks with 79, 
and Ronnie Frantz, freshman, with 86. 

Displaying winning form, Tom Clay demonstrates the tee 
shot that made him a leading member of the varsity 
team. Tom practices constantly during the golf season 
but works to maintain his skill during the off season. 

Varsity Golf- BACK ROW: Ronnie Frantz, Tom Cloy, Bill 
Richter, Cliff Marks. FRONT ROW: Coach John Williams, 
Mike McKown, Ted Cohen. Clay, Cohen, Frantz, and 

McKown returned to lead the golf squad for the 1959 
season. Coach Williams awarded letters to Clay, Richter, 
Cohen, Frantz, and Marks for the 1958 spring golf season. 


Campbell cops sixth in state for harriers 

by Tim Stone 

Led by Junior sensation Art Campbell, Broad 
Ripple's Cross Country Team posted a one won, 
seven lost record in dual meets. However, Coach 
Mordie Lee's harriers turned in a better showing in 
the large invitationals with Campbell copping the 
Sectional title and placing sixth in the State. Fresh- 
man Dave Snapp captured the freshman division 
of the Shortridge Invitational. Campbell, Bob Fried- 
line, Dick Crowell, and Snapp return for '59. 

Varsity Cross Country-BACK ROW: D. Crowell, D. Stevens, 
S. BIy, D. Way, B. Friedline, D. Snapp, Coach Lee. FRONT 
ROW: T. Cohen, S. Smith, A. Campbell, N. Oestrike. 

Reserve and Freshman Cross Country — BACK ROW: D. 
Hays, B. Compton, B. Wiese, E. Lamb, D. Keown, D. Eagles- 
field, S. Wenrick. SECOND ROW: J. Richter, L. Moline, J. 
Babb, M.Cronin,T. Bruhn, Coach Mordie Lee. FRONT ROW: 
D. Heath, H. Ropp, D. Nesbit, J. McCullough, D. Comrie. 

Cromis goes All-City; Rockets win two 

by Lyie Mannweiler 

Accumulating a long list of injuries during the 
season, the Rocket gridsters compiled a record of 
two wins, five losses, and two ties. With the 
toughest schedule of any team in the city, the 
Ripple grid squad met mostly high ranking teams. 
The number one team in the state, Manual of In- 
dianapolis, 4th ranked Richmond, 18th ranked 
Cathedral, and 23rd ranked Kokomo were on the 
list of opponents. 

Frank Cromis was honored for his outstanding 
play by receiving an All-City berth. He was one of 
the team's leading linemen this year, his second as 
starting guard. John Strickland and Bob Cravens 
also received honorable mention. 

The Rockets were at full strength only in the first 
and last games. Jack Keller, junior halfback, sepa- 
rated his left wrist in the season's opener against 
Kokomo. Upon his return in the game with Short- 
ridge, Keller gained over two-thirds of the team's 

rushing yardage with a 5.3 average per carry. 
Other losses during the year were Steve Woehler, 
tackle, with a chipped hip bone, two quarterbacks. 
Bob Donlon and Tom Withrow, and guard Sandy 
Padget. Fullback John Strickland was consistently 
plagued by a bad shoulder that kept slipping out 
of position during play. 

In the first game. Ripple fought hard to a 1 3-1 3 
tie with the first of three tough North Central Con- 
ference teams on the schedule, Kokomo. This con- 
test showed that the team of Strickland and Keller 
could move the ball up the field with ease. 

The Tech Greenclads traveled to Ripple's Died- 
rich Field to put a mark in the Rocket's losing col- 
umn. Sophomore Bob Stewart scored the team's 
only touchdown as the Rockets went down in de- 
feat with a score of 28-6. 

Scecina met with Ripple for the first time in his- 
tory and left the field as Ripple's first victim. Quar- 

Varsity Football- BACK ROW: Walt Grills, John Hobson, 
Dick Exiey, Dick Curtis, Steve Woehler, Doug Miller, Art 
Haan, Bob Nelson, Bob Cravens, Norm Van Tilburg, Coach 
Bob Brov/n, Nelson Quick, Dave Meek, Coach Gene 
Beaman, Assistant Coaches Jack Brov/n, Bill Jessee. 
SECOND ROW: Art Meng, Bob Donlon, John Strickland, 
Leroy Blocher, Phil Hedrick, Jim Baldwin, Sandy Padget, 

Frank Cromis, Frank Binford, Buddy Krause, Ed Kollins, 
Dave Hiott, Bob Stewart. FRONT ROW: Paul Jones, Steve 
McCuen, Don Poland, Tom Withrow, Don Atkinson, Bill 
Hawley, Dave Richey, Terry Gernstein, Jock Keller, John 
Crawford, Niles Daggy, Wally Scott, Mgr. Dave Hadley, 
Bruce De Baun, John Hulen. The Rockets maintained a 
season record of two wins, five losses, and two ties. 


terback Wally Scott called the signals the entire 
game and finally went over for the tally late in the 
game. The final score was Scecina-0, Ripple-6. 

Although the Richmond squad did defeat the 
Rockets, 20-1 3, the game showed that the Orange 
and Black had the potential power to be a tough 
team. The big gun of the night, as in others, was 
John Strickland, who scored all the team's points. 
Howe brought defeat to Ripple in the Rocket's 
Homecoming, 19-14. Don Poland ran the opening 
kickoff back 75 yards for the first of his two tallies. 

Poland went "wild" in the encounter with Wash- 
ington by scoring four touchdowns and two extra 
points to lead the team to its second victory of the 
'58 season. 

City Champ Manual clobbered Ripple as they 
revealed their great power by running up and 
down the field with the Rockets, 54-7. The Redskins 
scored twice before Ripple ever touched the pig- 
skin. Rain made the field in the Cathedral game 
very muddy. The Rockets couldn't gather the neces- 
sary speed to score as Cathedral won, 6-0. 

All-City guard Frank Cromis clears the way, but Tom With- 
row never makes it as he is tackled from behind.— Top 

Digging out around left end in a wide sweep, halfback 
Don Poland completes a hard fought first down.— Middle 

Fullback John Strickland drives around end for needed 
yardage as he again gets the Rockets out of trouble. 

Reserve Football-BACK ROW: Coach Jack Brown, Dick 
Curtis, Doug Miller, Steve Waltz, Richard Exiey, Kurt 
Rodholm, Walt Grills, Steve Milam, Don DeMars, Robert 
Hillman, Gordon Smith, Dave Hiott, Jack Bernstein, 
Edward Koliins, Steve Dickson, Brian Thomas. SECOND 
ROW: Bill Gorvey, Kenny Young, Walt Minnick, Lance 

Perrine, Bela Jozsi, Jim Baldwin, Mike Kelly, Bill Harrison, 
Dave Smith, Bill Settles, Bruce Gale, Niles Daggy, Calvin 
Hall, Tom Opre. FRONT ROW: Student Manager Dave 
Hadley, Dick Edwards, Donald Bodenberg, Charles Klad- 
den, Howard Maxwell, Steve McCuen, Marty Cook, Joe 
Milner, Doug Atkinson, Terry Gernstein, Marvin Melton. 



1 3 Kokomo 13 

6 Tech 28 

6 Scecina 

13 Richmond 20 

14 Howe 19 

35 Washington 19 

7 Manual 54 

Cathedral 6 

13 Shortridge 13 

Giving it all that he has. Sophomore Bob Stewart plunges 
through the line dragging several tacklers with him. 


B^ iJri^ 


^^ ^^ mm/ ^HCPi 


K^ ■/ ^'v^ ft 


Hi ^? 'a fe. 



The last game, with Ripple's near northside rival, 
ended in a tie. Both Shortridge and Broad Ripple 
couldn't get their defenses to tighten, and each 
allowed the other to score twice. Jack Keller scored 
in the second quarter for Ripple's first touchdown. 
John Strickland then dashed across for the second 
tally to put the Rockets ahead. The Satans fought 
back to tie the score, 13-13. John Crawford, sopho- 
more, who handled the punting during most of the 
season, averaged 39 yards a boot against the Blue 
Devils of Shortridge. 

Broad Ripple finished the season placing seventh 
in the City Standing. Manual had its first unde- 
feated season in 51 years to be the first place team. 
John Strickland led Ripple's team in scoring with 
44 points. Junior halfback Don Poland was second 
with 39 points. 



Anderson . 

6 Tech 19 

Scecina 12 

6 Washington 19 

19 Howe 12 

Manual 12 

Cathedral 25 

14 Shortridge 14 

Coach Bob Brown lost six important seniors, John 
Strickland, Frank Cromis, Bob Donlon, Leroy Blo- 
cher. Norm Van Tilburg, and Bob Nelson. Returning 
lettermen for 1959 are Phil Hedrick, John Hobson, 
Buddy Krause, Nelson Quick, and Bill Stoelting. 
Others are Keller, Crawford, Padget, Scott, With- 
row, and Woehler. 

The Freshman Team this year showed prospects 
of filling these vacancies by having a very success- 
ful season. They won five and lost just two. Jay 
Douthit, Danny White, Rodney Young, and Randy 
Minniear all proved that the promise of a good 
backfield was near. 

The Frosh opened the season by beating Scecino. 
They then proceeded to win the next four straight 
games. Washington was trounced by the eager 
Freshmen, 34-6. Howe's Hornets were overcome 
by the Little Rockets, 20-12, as was Shortridge on 
Frosh Football Night, 20-0. 

The "greenies" tripped Manual by coming from 
behind twice to post a 28-21 victory. The squad 
finished by losing the last two games to Cathedral 
and Tech. Freshman Coach Charles Leamon was 
pleased with the 5-2 record. 

The Reserves, comprised mainly of sophomores, 
ended the season with a record of one win, five 
losses, and two ties. The lone victory was over 
Howe, 19-12. Like the Varsity, the Reserves tied 
with arch-rival Shortridge, 14-14. Don and Doug 
Atkinson split the scoring evenly, each getting a 
touchdown and an extra point. 

Junior signal-cailer for the Rockets, Wally Scott slips 
and goes down as he completes a run through the line. 



1 8 Scecina 8 

34 Washington 6 

20 Howe 12 

20 Shortridge 

28 Manual 21 

13 Cathedral 21 

7 Tech 13 

Freshman Football-BACK ROW: Ron Eskew, Mike O'Shea, 
Don Williams, Ted Novicki, Calvin Grimme, Ted Fisher, 
Jim Wade, Coach Charles Leamon. SECOND ROW: Mike 

Nealon, Denny White, John Pontius, Bill Collins, John 
Riley, Bill Hazel. FRONT ROW: Steve Farror, Dick Orbon, 
Chuck Guedelhoefer, Andy McCuen, Ricky Gossett. 

Grapplers take city, tie for Sectional title 

by Mike McKown 

Winning 1 3 of 14 matches in dual-meet compe- 
tition and losing only to Shortridge's State Cham- 
pions, Broad Ripple's wrestling team compiled its 
most outstanding season record. Because of bad 
luck in the individual draws and the loss of injured 
Hal Shipley, last year's state champion. Ripple's 
team strength was hampered in the State Finals. 

However, the team gave its second year varsity 
coach. Bill Sirka, his first City Meet title and Sec- 
tional victory. Coach Sirka's greatest moral vic- 
tories were wins over last year's State Co-Cham- 
pions, Richmond, 32-10; and Ripple's first dual- 
meet victory over Southport, 28-1 6. 

Senior Frank Binford and Sophomore Jim Herald 
represented the school at the State Finals, Frank 
capturing a second place and Jim a fourth place 
ribbon. Both placed second in the Regionals at 
Southport High School. 

Boys having excellent records this year were: 
City-Champ Dick Herald, 18-2; Mike McKown, 19- 
3-1; Frank Binford, 19-4-2; Hal Shipley, 15-2-1; 
Dave Way, 15-3-1; Terry Gernstein, 15-5-1; Tom 
Johnson, 14-7; Jim Herald, 14-9-2; Bob Nelson, 
13-8. Dick Herald led the squad. 

Team balance gave Ripple its first City Meet title 


Grappler Mike McKown springs a quick pancake hold on 
surprised Richmond opponent as a match gets under way. 

Varsity Wrestling-BACK ROW: Coach Bill Sirka, Frank Bin- 
ford, Hal Shipley, Don Atkinson, Bub Anderson, Tom John- 

son, Bob Nelson. FRONT ROW: Dave Morris, Dick Stevens, 
Jim Herald, Dave Way, Mike McKown, Terry Gernstein. 

State Champ Hal Shipley pins one of his last opponents 
before a knee injury removed him from final playoffs. 

After breaking his opponent to the mat. Senior Dove Way 
accumulates valuable riding time in a practice match. 

with Dick Herald taking first in the 103 lb. class. 
Seven second places were copped by Dave Way, 
Terry Gernstein, Frank Binford, Hal Shipley, Tom 
Johnson, Bob Nelson, and Mike McKown. Third 
place winners were Dick Stevens, Bub Anderson 
and Niles Daggy. 

During the season Ripple defeated Crispus At- 
tucks, 52-0; Tech, 37-7; Scecina, 48-5; Washington, 
37-11; Wood, 34-14; Howe, 46-0; Manual, 28-20; 
Southport, 28-1 6; New Albany, 36-6; Bloomington, 
30-13; North Central, 41-3; Richmond, 32-10; and 

Kokomo, 29-18. The only team loss was to Short- 
ridge, 23-1 6. 

"Best Reserve Team yet," said Coach Bill Jessee, 
referring to this year's Reserve wrestling team. 
The Reserves compiled a 9-1 record, losing only to 
Shortridge. Many outstanding wrestlers on the 
Reserve Team show great promise for next year. 

Don Averitt, Jim Loeper, Nelson Quick, Rusty 
Sutton, and Don and Doug Atkinson led the team 
with consistent wins. Next year's grunt and 
groaners will consist of several former Reserves. 

Reserve Wrestling-BACK ROW: Mike Kelley, Nelson Quick, 
Sam Ryan, Coach Bill Jessee, Rusty Sutton, Dick Orban, 

Jack Bernstein. FRONT ROW: Doug Atkinson, Don Averitt, 
Steve Smith, Bill Danner, Steve Farrar, Henry Oestrike. 







L i 

Beamen edge Attucks; 

Sinking the ten foot hook shot that cinched the 39-38 
victory over Attucks is Bob Moon, big junior center. 

by Alan Stanford 

Headlines in the next day's newspapers read, 
"Attucks Flashes Old Sectional Power." What had 
happened? Nothing more could be said than what 
forward John Woody mumbled as he headed for 
the parking lot, "We just didn't get enough points." 

Ripple's high spirited basketball squad had 
bowed out in its first sectional encounter to the 
team that later won the State Championship, 
Crispus Attucks. In spite of Woody's 19 point per- 
formance. Jack Keller's 15, and Don Fledderjohn's 
1 0, the loss of 6'4" Donn Baird was felt in the crucial 
rebounding situation. As the fourth quarter buzzer 
sounded, the Tigers had bested Broad Ripple 
79-65, a margin of only seven field goals. 

Although they lost the first game in the Sectional, 
the Rockets posted an impressive season record of 
eleven wins and seven losses. The year was high- 
lighted by the one point upset of Attucks during the 
season which proved to be Ripple's best game. Rip- 
ple out-rebounded, out-scored, and out-maneu- 
vered the Tigers until, with the help of Keller's 22 
points, Attucks left the floor defeated and knocked 
from their high state ranking. Amid the cheering 
of the Booster Section, the hastily organized boys' 
cheering section carried Coach Gene Beaman off 
the floor, climaxing Ripple's first victory over Cris- 
pus Attucks in eleven years. 

Varsity Basketball-BACK ROW: Bob Cravens, Bob Moon, 
Donn Baird, Bob Shorter, John Hedberg, Head Coach Gene 

Beaman. FRONT ROW: Jack Keller, Don Fledderjohn, 
Jan Merritt, Floyd Edwards, Joe Kertis, John Woody. 

end winning season by posting 11-7 record 

Driving hard toward the goal is Jon Merritt as Donn 
Baird successfully screens out his Cathedral opponent. 

The Rockets started the season with five straight 
victories over Lawrence Central, Decatur Central, 
Attucks, Sacred Heart, and Howe; then they lost 
their first game to Ben Davis by ten points. 

After being eliminated in the first round of the 
City Tourney by Attucks, the Rockets were victim- 
ized by a hot Manual team. Taking to the road. 
Ripple faced what seemed to be a six man Rich- 
mond team (the other official was neutral) and lost, 
55-54, after a highly contested last-second play by 
the heavily supported home team. 

Cathedral, Scecina, and Warren Central fell in 
order as the Rockets got back in the winning column 
only to lose Keller with a wrist injury. The Wash- 
ington Continentals capitalized on the weakened 
Beaman team and emerged victorious. After de- 
feating Greenfield, Ripple fell to Tech. Shortridge, 
highly-ranked in the state, defeated Ripple, 73-55, 
before the Rockets finshed the season with wins 
over Noblesville and Greencastle. 

Faking out his close Ben Davis pursuer, Jack Keller 
makes a lay-up on the scoring end of a fast break. 






Plop! goes the ball as Manual's Roger Wood fouls John 
Woody, senior forward, in an under-the-basket action. 



Lawrence Central 43 

Decatur Central 52 

Crispus Attucks 38 

Sacred Heart 49 

Howe 61 

Ben Davis 69 

City Tourney 

Crispus Attucks 59 

Manual 73 

Richmond 55 

Cathedral 36 

Scecina 53 

Warren Central 60 

Washington 61 

Greenfield 31 

Tech 88 

Shortridge 73 

Noblesviile 48 

Greencastle 64 


Crispus Attucks 79 





Lawrence Central 



Decatur Central . 



Crispus Attucks . 



Sacred Heart . . . 






Ben Davis .... 









Crispus Attucks . 







43 Richmond 30 

35 Cathedral 33 

53 Scecina 45 

55 Warren Central . . 33 

21 Washington .... 28 

33 Greenfield 18 

37 Tech 59 

50 Shortridge 51 

55 Noblesviile .... 23 

56 Greencastle .... 54 

Reserve Basketball-BACK ROW: Phil Salamander, John 
Hobson, Dave Meek, Jan Babb, Dave Boots, John Sim- 
mons, Tom Withrow, Coach Charles Leamon. FRONT ROW: 

John Crawford, Ron Frantz, Wally Scott, Jerry Barlow, 
Mark Booth, Kenny Kincaid, Emerson Moore. The Leamen 
were runners-up to Attucks in the Reserve City Tourney. 

Setting up the opening play, Donn Baird leaps high to 
take the tip away from Jim Saylor, Washington center. 

Putting on the brakes as he nears Washington's Ed Wil- 
liams, city scoring champ, is Senior Floyd Edwords. 

The tough Crispus Attucks team, improving as 
the State Tourney progressed, brushed aside every 
obstacle in its path. The championship, according 
to some experts, was decided in the Indianapolis 
Sectional when Attucks edged Shortridge. Al- 
though being extended to defeat Muncie Central 
and Madison, luck proved to be with the extremely 
tall Tigers. Ripple's one-point decision over the 
State Champs serves as an inspiration for future 
Ripple basketball teams. 

Coach Charles Leamon's Reserve squad showed 

much promise for next year as they were runners- 
up in the City Tourney with Attucks. During the sea- 
son they lost to only six teams out of twenty en- 
counters. Victories were posted over Lawrence 
Central, Decatur Central, Sacred Heart, Howe, Ben 
Davis, Manual, Washington, Richmond, Cathedral, 
Scecina, Warren, Greenfield, Noblesville, and 
Greencastle high schools. 

The frosh, under Coach Earl Dose, posted a final 
season record of six wins and ten losses. Top scorers 
were Jay Douthit and Steve Schubert. 

Freshman Basketball-BACK ROW: Foster Young, Dave 
Snapp, Don Sharlow, Ron Eskew, Tim Hogan, Tom Woody, 
Coach Earl Dose. FRONT ROW: Randy Minniear, Jay Dou- 

thit, Rick Sexson, Dove Minney, Ted Fisher, Col Grimme, 
Jim Wade. Playing on the freshman squad provides val- 
uable experience for boys interested in varsity sports. 

Intramurals provide action for sportsminded 

by Steve Zimmerman 

Displaying fine form, Fritz Haverstick shows how he 
chalked up high scores on the intramural bowling scene. 

Intramurals this year saw many exciting games 
and a few upsets. The fall Intramural scene began 
with football. After many close games, the Apple 
Jacks, captained by John Woody, walked off with 
the loop crown. 

Beginning the winter schedule, bowling drew 
many boys as the popularity of this competitive 
sport increased. The individual leaders were Fritz 
Haverstick, Charlie Deck, and Tom Hedberg, who 
also led their teams to the top three places in the 
closely contested league. 

As Christmas drew near, basketball, the high- 
light of the season, began with intense enthusiasm. 
Basketball is often the most furiously played and 
the roughest of any sport. Mob I emerged as cham- 
pions, edging Beacons in the fiercely contested 
playoff game. Tied for third were the Schizo- 
phrenias and Half-and-halfs. 

Also included to round out the Intramural pro- 
gram, which was again under the supervision of 
Mr. Frank Baird, are table-tennis, horseshoes, soft- 
ball, and tennis. 

Schizophrenia Mike Kelley fires the ball out of the key 
hole as Jim Herald, Mike McKown, Ronnie Bland, Butch 
Coyle, Jim Pontius, Art Campbell, Fritz Haverstick, and 

Alan Stanford fight for position in the Schizophrenia- 
Hot Shot game. Weekly intramural contests kept male 
Ripplites in hot competition for the championship game. 


Sports staff works hours to improve teams 

by Dave Parish 

Residents bordering the football practice field 
don't need to set their clocks at seven o'clock in the 
morning on August 1 5. At this time, they are awak- 
ened as the "herd" rushes out onto the football 
field, loaded down with equipment; and Coach Bob 
Brown yells "Wind sprints," signaling the start of 
calisthenics. Ripple's athletic season has begun. 

As the November winds approach, the lights in 
the gym shine until five o'clock. Gene Beaman, bas- 
ketball coach, directs the strenuous practice ses- 
sions as does Bill Sirka, wrestling mentor. 

In February, the tracksters, under the guidance 
of Coach Dave Martin, can be seen sprinting 
through the remaining snow. Later in the Spring, 
Frank Baird's diamondmen practice on their home 
field. Broad Ripple Park. 

These major sports plus the minor sports make 
up the athletic year at Ripple. Athletic Director Kyle 
Peters arranges all meets and games, scheduling 
top competition whenever possible. 

Keeping a constant check on the equipment used by all 
of the Rocket teams are student managers John LaFol- 
lette, Elliott Gold, John Hulen, and John Nelson. 

Coaches-BACK ROW: Mr. John Williams, Mr. Kyle Peters, 
Mr. Charles Leamon, Mr. Frank Baird, Mr. Gene Beaman, 
Mr. Robert Houghom, Mr. Dave Martin. FRONT ROW: Mr. 

Bill Sirka, Mr. Earl Dose, Mr. Jack Brown, Mr. Robert 
Brown, Mr. William Jessee, Mr. Mordie Lee. Mr. Milt 
Hiatt serves as Physical Education Department head. 


Growing by leaps and bounds. Ripple's stu- 
dent body reached a record high of 2000 this 
year. Interests expanded also as Ripplites 
hummed "Tom Dooley" and learned to cha- 
cha to such old standards as "Tea for Two" 
and "I Want To Be Happy." Boys laughed at 
white tennis shoes, and girls countered by 
wearing even more shocking leotites and 
adopting page boys and long curls once 
again. Skating parties and hockey became the 
rage as Indianapolis faced a long, cold winter. 

Right: Alive with Rocket pep and spirit. Ripple boosters 
cheer enthusiastically. Photo—The Indianapolis News. 

Right bottom: Posing for their annual yearbook photos, 
underclassmen line up on the stage to wait their turn. 

Bottom: Re-entering school after a fire drill, Ripplites 
cooperate in preparation for unexpected emergencies. 


Broad Ripple's expanding 

( ^ 




^ » 





►>• * . >-v.».' 



Jr "'.^v^' 

student body initiates fads, bops to "fop'' fen 

Seniors, Seniors, S-E-N-1-O-R-S...the Class of 1959! 

by Patty Gates and Nancy Henry 

Looking ahead to a year packed 
with activities and excitement, the 
Class of '59 plunged energetically into 
its Senior year. First on the year's 
agenda came nominations for class of- 
fice. The frenzy of campaigns and elec- 
tions soon became intermingled with 
Homecoming excitement. 

Represented by Queen Patty Gates, 
seniors led the school in the Homecom- 
ing festivities. Floats took shape and 
dance and parade plans were com- 
pleted as seniors realized work was 
part of being an upperclassman. 

Soon Mr. and Miss Riparian candi- 
dates waited with fingers crossed until 
Fred Schlegel and Nancy Holle were 
announced winners. 

Senior enthusiasm set a pattern for 
a new display of school spirit as the 
boys joined the girls in organized 
cheer. This support backed the Rocket 
basketball team in its first victory over 
Crispus Attucks in eleven years. 

Decorating the cafeteria for Christ- 
mas with snowflakes and a huge tree 
was another traditional senior activity. 

Class of 1959's curriculum also in- 
cluded the Senior Mothers' Tea, Prom, 
and Grad Dance. Four years of high 
school experiences were brought to a 
reverent close with Baccalaureate serv- 
ices and Commencement exercises. 

Meeting informally down by White River are 
Senior Class officers John Raeburn, president; 
Steve VanMeter, treasurer; Nancy Henry, 
secretary; and Evy Stone, vice president. 

Penny Ann Adair — Booster Club 1-3; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Debate Club 4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 
1; Jr. Prom Programs Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 2; 
Legion of Merit 2-3; Archery 1; Basketball 1; Un- 
derstudies 1-2; Sr. Election Com. 
Carole Ann Ahr — Booster Club 2-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4, Vice Pres. 4; Tri-Hi-Y Dance Com. 4; 
Jr. Prom Chaperon Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3; 
Orange Aid Council 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; Sr. Cap and 
Gown Com.; Shortridge High School 1. 
Howard Ahrend — Legion of Merit 2; Intramural 
Sports 2; Shortridge High School 1. 
David J. Allan — Jr. Prom Queen Com.; Legion of 
Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; Football Res. 3; 
Track Res. 3; Notional Honor Society 4. 

Charles A. Anderson Jr. — Legion of Honor 1; 

Legion of Merit 2-3; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Boys' 

Glee Club 1; Sr. Cap and Gown Com.; Intramural 

Sports 1-2, 4; V/restling Res. 2, Vor. 4. 

Inta Argals — Art Club 3-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Jr. 

Prom Invitations Com.; Jr. Historical Society 2-4; 

Legion of Merit 2-3; National Honor Society 4. 

Donald Warren Ash — Hi-Y 4; Wrestling Fr., Var. 

2-3; Sr. Class Ploy Usher. 

Vern A. Atkins — Stomp Club 1-2; Grad Dance 

Clean-up Com. 


whirl of tests, activities, and fun began the last year... 

James Atlas ~ Sr. Mothers' Tea Invitations Com. 
Janelyn Sue Babbitt — Booster Club 1-4; Cheer 
Leader 3; Business Leaders 1; Jr. Red Cross Club 
1; Legion of Merit 2-3; Riparian Newspaper 3-4. 

Donn A. Baird — Jr. Historical Society 3-4, Pres. 4; 
Lettermen's Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Ripples 1 , 3; Student Council 2-4; Baseball Res. 2, 
Var. 3-4; Basketball Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4. 

Carol Virginia Baker — Booster Club 4; GAA 1; 
Jr. Prom Table Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; 
A Cappella Choir 3; Girls' Concert Club 2, 4. 

Paula Barbour — Clef Club 2-4, Pres. 4; Legion of 
Honor 3; Legion of Merit 2; Band 3-4; Horn Quar- 
tet 2-4; Orchestra 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4. 

Stephen Barnard — Math-Science Club 1-2; Foot- 
ball Fr.; Wrestling Fr. 

George W. Barton — Hi-Y 4; Projection Crew 2; 
Railroad Club 1 . 

Barbara L. Batt — Clef Club 2-4; Jr. Prom Chap- 
eron Com.; Legion of Honor 1 -3; A Cappella Choir 
2; Girls' Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 3-4; Mad- 
rigal Singers 3-4; National Honor Society 2-4. 

Nancy Becker — Booster Club 2-4; Foreigneers 3; 
Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Historical Society 
3-4; Legion of Honor 2-3; National Honor Society 
3-4, Vice Pres. 4; Riparian Copy Desk 3-4. 
Nelson Behar — Intramural Sports 4; Jr. Achieve- 
ment 3. 

Linda Jane Bender — Jr. Class Vice Pres.; Legion 
of Honor 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and 
Scroll 4; Riparian Yearbook Picture Editor 4; Rip- 
ples 3; Student Council 2-4, Sec. 4; D.A.R. Award 
4; Altrusa Award 3; Booster Club 1 -4. 
Anita Kay Bennett — Art Club 4; Booster Club 1; 
Jr. Prom Dance Com.; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Red 
Cross Club 4; Band 1 ; Orchestra 1 ; Bowling 2. 

Sara Grace Bennett — Booster Club 1-2; Business 

Leaders 3-4; Foreigneers 2; Fresh Aids 1; GAA 

2-3; National Honor Society 4; Ripples 2. 

Frank Binford — Lettermen's Club 3-4; Football 

Var. 3-4; Wrestling Var. 2-4. 

Connie I. Blackwell — Booster Club 1-4; Business 

Leaders 3-4; Legion of Merit 1-2; Legion of Honor 

3; Orange Aid Council 3; National Honor Soc. 4. 

Larry Blake — Jr. Dues Com.; Boys' Glee Club 1-2. 

Vernon Leroy Blocher — Business Leaders 3; Jr. 
Prom. Dec. Com.; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Cross 
Country Res. 2; Football Var. 4; Track Res. 2, Var. 
3-4; Hist. Ass't. 4. 

William Bogigian — Legion of Merit 1 -3; Riparian 
Reporter 2; National Honor Society 4; Football Fr.; 
Tennis Res. 3; Jr. Dues Com. 
Dave Nelson Bolinger — Boys' Concert Choir 4. 
David Bongfeldt — Ripples 1; Grad Dance Trans- 
portation Com. 

Steven Paul Borders — Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.-, 
Shortridge High School 1. 

Constance Lorraine Borshoff — Art Club 1-2, 4; 
Booster Club 1-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Light Crew 
3-4; Girls' Concert Club 4; Girls' Glee Club 1 . 
Barbara Bowman — Booster Club 2-3; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Debate Club 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Legion of Merit 1-3; Girls' Glee Club 1; Tennis 1. 
Martha Ann Brankle — Booster Club 2-4; Business 
Leaders 4; Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Bowling 1; 
Clothing Ass't. 2; Ripple Arts Salon 1-3. 

Sandra Browner — Booster Club 1-4; Clef Club 
2-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; A Cappella Choir 4; Con- 
cert Choir 3; Girls' Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensemble 3. 
Peggy Brecht — Sr. Mothers' Invitations Tea Com.; 
New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois 3. 
Donna Briggs— Booster Club 2-4; Business Leaders 
4; Homecoming Dance Dec. Com. 4; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

Chris Broberg — Booster Club 1-4; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Chr. Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion 
of Merit 3; Riparian Columnist 4; Ripples 2-3; Stu- 
dent Council 4; Understudies 2-4, Sec. 3, Treas. 4; 
Track Queen 2-3; Lettermen's Queen 4. 



^ ''!'!l i 




After clever posters, sincere speeches, and thoughtful balloting. 

Linda Lee Brooks — Booster Club 1-2, 4; Business 
Leaders 1-2; Foreigneers 1; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 
2; Library Club 1 . 

Frederic Browder — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Cross 
Country Res. 2; Football Fr.; Wrestling Fr. 
James Randall Brown — Drill Team 2; Jr. Dues 
Com.; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; 
Math-Science Club 2-4, Vice Pres. 4; National 
Honor Society 4; ROTC Lt. Col.; Wrestling Fr. 
Joseph L. Bucek — Jr. Dues Com.; Math-Science 
Club 2, 4; Intramural Sports 2. 

James R. Bush — Jr. Dues Com.; Legion of Merit 
1-3; Math-Science Club 3-4; Baseball Fr., Res. 2-3; 
Football Fr., Res. 2; Intramural Sports 1. 
Gary James Bufler — Jr. Dues Com.; Radio-Hi-Fi 
Club 4; Grad Dance Com.; Intramural Sports 2-4; 
Wrestling Res. 3; Shortridge High School 1. 
Robert C. Calkins — Drum Major 4; Legion of 
Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; Math-Science Club 
2-4, Pres. 4; Band 1-4; Brass Choir 3; Dance Band 
3-4; Pep Band 2-4; Radio-Hi-Fi Club 2-4; Track Fr. 
Nancylee Cambridge — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Op- 
eretta 4; Orange Aid Council 4. 

Linda Carol Campbell — Legion of Merit 2-3; Bowl- 
ing 3; Shortridge High School 1. 
Nancy Campbell — Clef Club 1-4; Homecoming 
Queen Cond. 4; Legion of Honor 3;Golden Singers 
2-4; Madrigal Singers 2-4; National Thespians 
3-4; Operetta 2-4; Ripples Act Director 3; National 
Honor Society 4. 

Shirley Mae Campbell — Business Leaders 3; GAA 
1; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Legion of Merit 1-3; Badmin- 
ton 1; Volley Ball 1. 

Ann Canellis — Booster Club 1; Business Leaders 
1-3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 4; Le- 
gion of Merit 3; Girls' Glee Club 1-3; Girls' Ensem- 
ble 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1-3; Dean's Asst. 1. 

William D. Canup — Hi-Y 3; Jr. Dues Com.; Key 

Club 4; Legion of Merit 1-3; Ripples 3; Baseball 

Fr., Res. 2; Intramural Sports 1-4. 

Mary Jane Carmony — Baton Club 1; Orchestra 

1-4; Orange Aid Council 2; Sr. Christmas Dec. 

Com.; Bowling 1; Library Ass't. 2; English Ass't. 4. 

Kenneth Rex Carr — Jr. Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 

1-3; Ripples 3; Intramural Sports 1-4; Sr. Ways 

and Means Com. 

Patrick D. Carroll — Basketball Res. 2; Golf Res. 3; 

Intramural Sports 1-2; Hi-Y 4. 

Evelyn Carte — Business Leaders 3; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Legion of Merit 3; Bowl- 
ing 3; Dean's Ass't. 2-3. 

Terri Dee Caudell — Jr. Red Cross 4; Girls' Glee 
Club 4; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 
Susan Elaine Chandler — Art Club 1-3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; Orange Aid Coun- 
cil 2; Stage Crew 1, 3; Archery 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 
Virginia Lee Clark — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Sr. Elec- 
tion Com.; St. Agnes Academy 1-2. 

Keith M. Clarke - Sr. Class Play Com.; Football Fr. 
Tom Clay - Hi-Y 2-3; Golf Var. 3-4; Legion of 
Honor 2-3; Lettermen's Club 4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Riparian Newspaper Sports Editor 4. 
David CofFman — Grad Dance Com. 
Markianne Cofield — Baton Club 1; Booster Club 
2-3; Business Leaders 2; Foreigneers 2; Legion of 
Merit 1-2; A Cappella Choir 4; Girls' Concert Club 
3; Girls' Glee Club 2; Orange Aid Council 2-3. 

Theodor Jacob Cohen — Legion of Merit 1-3; Let- 
termen's Club 3-4; Cross Country Fr., Res. 2-4; 
Golf Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Intramural Sports 1 ; Track Fr. 
Nancy Joan Commons — Baton Club 1-2; Future 
Nurses 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4; Nurse's Ass't. 4. 

Marylee Ann Compton — Jr. Prom. Dec. Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3; Girls' Concert Club 2; Orange 
Aid Council 2; Riparian Newspaper Business Staff 
2-3; Jr. Historical Society 3-4. 

Stephen H. Confer — Band 1-4; Brass Choir 3; 
Dance Band 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; 
Operetta 4; Radio-Hi-Fi Club 2-4; Ripples 3; Legion 
of Merit 2-3. 


the new officers took their places at the head of the class 

Lea Contreras — Sr. Mothers' Tea Invitation Com.; 
Horlingen Texas High School, Harlingen Texas 1. 
Joan Conneley — ^ Booster Club 3; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Orange Aid Council 1; Tennis 4. 
Doris LaVonne Conrad — Foreigneers 1; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-2; Bowling 1. 
Sharon Constable — Girls' Ensemble 4; Home Eco- 
nomics Ass't. 4; Shortridge High School 1-3. 

Stephen Owen Cook — Boys' Glee Club 1; Photo 
Club 1; Radio-Hi-Fi Club 3-4; Stomp Club 1; Li- 
brary Ass't. 3-4. 

Joyce Ann Cooper — Baton Club 3; Booster Club 
2-3; Business Leaders 2-4; National Thespians 2-4; 
Scribe 4; Operetta Make-up Com. 2; Varsity Ve- 
rities 4; Forensic League 4; Ripples 3. 
Dorothy Jean Cope — Business Leaders 3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Girls' Glee Club 1; Sr. Announcements 
Com.; Understudies 1 -2; Sr. V^'ays and Means Com. 
Connie Corson — Booster Club 1-4; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 3; National Honor Society 2-4; 
Orange Aid Council 2, Treas. 2; Quill and Scroll 
3-4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Miss Riparian Cand. 4; 
Riparian Yearbook 2-4, Copy Editor 4; Ripples 
1-3; Chr. 1958 Homecoming; Co-Chr. Grad Dance; 
Student Council 2-4, Vice Pres. 4. 

Earl Coyle — Jr. Prom Chaperon Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1; Ripples 1; Baseball Fr., Res. 2; Basketball 
Fr., Res. 2; Football Fr.; Intramural Sports 2-4. 
Linda Crane — Booster Club 1-4; Business Leaders 
3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; A Cappella Choir 3; Con- 
cert Choir 2; Girls' Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensemble 1 ; 
Golden Singers 4; Operetta 4; Ripples 3; Varsity 
Varieties 3-4. 

Robert Dee Cravens Legion of Merit 2-3; Letter- 
men's Club 3-4; Basketball Res. 3, Var. 4; Football 
Var. 3-4; Track Fr., Res. 3; Tech High School. 
Sally Crawford — Booster Club 1-3; Foreigneers 
1 -2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1 -3; Girls' 
Concert Club 2-3; Girls' Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensem- 
ble 1-2; Main Office Ass't.; Orange Aid Style 
Show 4. 

Frank L. Cromis — Joe Cand. 3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Legion of Merit 1 ; Ripples 3; Lettermen's Club 2-4; 
Football Fr., Var. 2-4; Track Fr., Res. 2. 
Judy Kay Crowe — Booster Club 4; Business 
Leaders 3; Orange Aid Council 2; Varsity Vari- 
eties 4. 

Deanna Hope Davis Concert Choir 4; Sr. Moth- 
ers' Tea Invitations Com.; Bearden High School; 
OIney High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Harry Dawson — Jr. Historical Society 2-3; Jr. 
Class Treas; Key Club 2-4, Pres. 4; Legion of 
Honor 2-3; Legion of Merit 1; National Honor So- 
ciety 2-4; Mr. Riparian Cand. 4; Riparian News- 
paper News Correspondent 3; Student Council 
2-4, Pres. 4; Ripples Act Director 3; Exchange Stu- 
dent 3; City Student Council 3. 

Posters, banners, and tags adorned the cafe- 
teria walls and ceilings during the week of 
Senior Class Campaigns. Three seniors 
caught in the whirl of the elections are Kath- 
ryn Raasch, Dick Peterson, and JoLene Kubik. 

■ sii .««»•• > ' ' sir ,1 


Fragrant mums, colorful parade, cheering crowd, Senior Queen, 

Charles B. Deck — Cheer Leader 2-4; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Ripples 1-3; Football 
Fr.; Intramural Sports 1-4; Sr. Class Play Usher. 

W. Kenneth DeHart - Rifle Team 4; ROTC Maj. 4; 
Grad Dance Refreshments Com. 

Patricia Dickinson — Booster Club 1-4; Cheer 
Leader 2-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; A Coppello Choir 2; Concert Choir 1; 
Notional Thespians 3-4; Operetta 2; Ripples 2-3. 
Judy Dills — Booster Club 1-4; Business Leaders 3; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 2; Girls' En- 
semble 2; Ripples 3; Understudies 4. 

Janis Carol Dole — Grad Dance Dec. Com.; Bowl- 
ing 1-2. 

Margaret Alice Dollens — Clef Club 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Concert Choir 4; Girls' Glee Club 3; 
Orange Aid Council 3; St. Agnes High School 1-2. 
Robert L. Donlon — Legion of Merit 1, 3; Letter- 
men's Club 3-4; Ripples 1-3; Basketball Fr., Res. 2; 
Football Fr., Var. 2-4; Intramural Sports 4; Track 
Res. 2, Var. 3-4. 

Carolyn Sue Douthitt — Library Office Ass't. 1-2; 
Grad. Donee Chaperon Com. 

Linda Dresbach — Foreigneers 2-3; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 
1-2; A Cappella Choir 3; Golden Singers 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3-4; Operetta 4. 
David Dunn — A Cappella Choir 2-3; Band 3; 
Boys' Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 4; Operetta 4; 
Cross Country Fr., Res. 2; Intramural Sports 1-2, 4. 
Margaret Anne Durham — Booster Club 1-4; Fr.- 
Soph. Talent 1-2; Legion of Honor 2-3; Legion of 
Merit 1; Orchestra 1; Orange Aid Council 4; Quill 
and Scroll 3-4; Riparian News Bureau 2-4, Head 
4; Ripples 3; National Honor Society 4. 
Robert Davy Eaglesfleld — Cross Country Res. 2-4; 
Tennis Fr., Res. 2; Track Res. 3-4. 

Lee Easley — Sound Crew 1 -4. 

Floyd W. Edwards — Legion of Honor 3; Legion of 

Merit 1-2; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Golden Singers 

3-4; Operetta 3-4; Ripples 2-3; Baseball Res. 2, 

Var. 3-4. 

Alan Elder - Hi-Y 3-4; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; 

Concert Choir 4; A Cappella Choir 4. 

Nicholas Elliott — Intramural Sports 4; Grad Dance 

Refreshments Com. 

Don Edward Ellis — Chr. Hi-Y Dance 4; Grad Dance 
Refreshments Com.; Hi-Y 2-4, Treas. 3-4. 
Joe Eltzroth — Grad Dance Dec. Com.; Intramural 
Sports 2-3. 

Richard Engelberg — Legion of Honor 1-3; Math- 
Science Club 4; Boys' Glee Club 1; Concert Choir 
2; Football Fr.; National Honor Society 4. 
David W. Epstein — Legion of Merit 1-3; Math- 
Science Club 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian 
Newspaper 2-4, Editorial Editor 4; Intramural 
Sports 1-4; Tennis Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4. 

Linda Eskew — GAA 1 ; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Library 
Ass't. 1. 

Suzanne Espy — Booster Club 1; Debate Club 3-4, 
Treas. 4; Foreigneers 4, Pres. 4; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Red Cross 
Club 3, Pres. 3; Jr. Town Meeting 3. 
Anne Evans — Booster Club 2-3; Business Leaders 
4; Girls' Concert Club 4; Girls' Glee Club 2. 
Elizabeth Mae Ewbank — Booster Club 1-4; Jr. 
Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; Orange Aid Council 1; Riparian Year- 
book Album Editor 3; National Honor Society 4. 

Ronald Ferris — Band 1 -4; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Con- 
cert Choir 2; Track Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4. 
Karen L. Fisher — Debate Club 4; Jr. Historical So- 
ciety 4; Legion of Merit 3; Orange Aid Council 1. 
Paul B. Fisher — Clef Club 1-4; Jr. Town Meeting 
4; Bond 4; Boys' Glee Club 1; Dance Band 4; 
Golden Singers 3-4; Madrigal Singers 4; Pep Band 
4; Orchestra 3-4; Operetta 3-4. 
Rosalind FitzRoy — Booster Club 1-2; Library Club 
2; A Cappella Choir 3; Concert Choir 2; Girls' Glee 
Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 1; Ripples 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 


exciting game, sharp dance — all highlights of Homecoming 

Don Fledderjohn — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Ripples 
1-3; Baseball Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Basketball Fr., 
Res. 3, Var. 4; Intramural Sports 1-4. 
Dave Foster — Joe Cand. 1; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Key Club 3-4; Legion of Honor 1-3; Golden Sing- 
ers 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Ripples 1-3; 
Student Council 1-3; Basketball Fr., Res. 2; Foot- 
ball Fr.; Outstanding Fresh, and Soph. Boy. 
Florence Judith Foster — GAA 2; Legion of Merit 
1-2; Girls' Concert Club 4; Girls' Glee Club 1-2; 
Orchestra 2-3; Orange Aid Council 1; Archery 1; 
Badminton 1; Phys. Ed. Ass't. 3. 
John Fox — Legion of Merit 1-3; Grad Dance Re- 
freshments Com. 

Joseph Frankovitz — Debate Club 4; Drill Team 3; 
Math-Science Club 2; Rifle Team 4; ROTC Batl. 
Comdr. 4; Forensic League 4; Culver Military 
Academy 1 . 

Mike I. Freeland Legion of Merit 1, 3; Grad 
Dance Transportation Com. 

Mary Ann Fuller — Baton Club 1-2; Booster Club 
1-3; Business Leaders 3; Future Nurses 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Orchestra 2-3; 
Ripples 3; Bowling 2. 

Carol Jean Galbraith — Concert Choir 2; Golden 
Singers 3-4; Operetta 4; Brentwood High School, 
Brentwood, Penn. 1; Whitehall Jr. High 1, Bald- 
win High School, Baldwin, Penn. 2. 

Patricia Ann Gates — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Homecoming Queen 4; Legion of 
Honor 2-3; A Cappella Choir 4; Orange Aid Coun- 
cil 1, 3-4, Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian 
Newspaper North Side Topics Correspondent 3; 
Riparian Yearbook Senior Editor 4; Ripples 2-3; 
Notional Honor Society 4. 

Priscilla Ann Gates — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Jr. Prom Queen Com.; Legion of Merit 
1-3; A Cappella Choir 4; Concert Choir 3; Girls' 
Glee Club 2; Orange Aid Council 4. 
Clemence Lynn Gatti — Booster Club 4; Under- 
studies 3; Varsity Varieties 3; Shortridge High 
School 1 . 

Dave George — Jr. Dues Com.; Sr. Announcements 
Com.; Baseball Fr.; Intramural Sports 2-4; Wrest- 
ling Res. 3; Shortridge High School 1. 

Nancy Carolyn Gephart — Booster Club 4; Busi- 
ness Leaders 3-4; Future Nurses 2; Legion of Merit 
2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Varsity Varieties 4; Shortridge 
High School 1 . 

Judith Ann Giezendanner — Booster Club 1; Busi- 
ness Leaders 1, 3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 
John Glenn — Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Intramural Sports 
1 -4; Tennis Fr. 

Elliott S. Gold — Lettermen's Club 3-4; Intramural 
Sports 4; Wrestling Fr.; Student Manager 1-4. 

"Everyone is reading the Riparian" 

is illustrated in this typical view of Senior 
Homeroom on ThurscJay, Riparian Day. 

dk Ik 

In the Christmas spirit the tree was decorated with gusto 

LeeAnn Goodman — Booster Club 2-4; Business 
Leaders 3; Jr. Prom Table Dec. Com.; Orange Aid 
Council 1; Volley Ball 1. 

Bruce Goodrich — Grad Dance Refreshments Com. 
John Wilh'am Goodyear — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Math-Science Club 2; Band 3-4; Rifle Team 2. 
Larry Green — Jr. Prom. Dec. Com.; Rifle Team 3. 

Charlene Grimes — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 1 -3; Band 4; Concert Choir 2-4; Girls' 
Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1; Ripples 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1. 
Ted Wood Grisell — Jr. Prom Dues Com.; Legion of 
Honor 3; Math-Science Club 1-3; Boys' Glee Club 

Constance Jean Groce — Booster Club 1-2; Busi- 
ness Leaders 2-3; National Honor Society 4; For- 
eigneers 1-2; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Orange Aid Coun- 
cil 1-2; English Ass't. 2; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 
Gunar Grubaums — Jr. Red Cross Club 1-4; Key 
Club 3-4; Legion of Honor 1-3; Lettermen's Club 
2-4; National Honor Society 2-4, Treas. 4; ROTC 
Maj. 3; Student Council 1 ; Cross Country Fr.; Intra- 
mural Sports 1-4; Track Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Karen L. Guion — Clef Club 4; Jr. Prom Programs 
Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 4; Legion of Honor 3; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-2; Orchestra 1-4; Operetta 1-3; 
Quiz 'Em Team 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Arthur Haan — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Legion 
of Honor 1-3; Lettermen's Club 4; Basketball Fr., 
Res.; Football Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Track Fr., Res. 
2, Var. 3-4; Intramural Sports 1 , 3-4; Sr. Ways and 
Means Com. 

Russell T. Hadley — Riparian Newspaper Agent; 
Sr. Mothers' Tea Invitations Com. 
Judy Ann Hamilton — Ladywood High School 1-2; 
Sr. Mothers' Tea Dec. Com. 

Sharon Anne Hancock — Booster Club 1-4, Sec. 2; 
Business Leaders 3-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1; 
Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Jane Cand. 2; Jr. 
Prom. Dec. Com.; Girls' Ensemble 2; Ripples 2-3; 
Student Council 1-2; Understudies 4; Varsity Va- 
rieties 3-4. 

Joseph C. Harding — Drill Team 2; Boys' Glee Club 
1; ROTC SFC 2-4; Football Fr.; Riparian Agent 1; 
Legion of Merit 1 -3. 

Sharon Harrison— Jr. Prom Chaperon Com.; Short- 
ridge High School 1 . 

Ronnie Hart — Debate Club 4; Sr. Election Com.; 
Orange Aid Style Show 4; Palm Beach High 
School, Palm Beach, Florida 3. 

Hula Hoop Champ Lyie Mannweiler (right) 
shows his defeated opponent Bob Shorter 
how he won the new Riparian Dance contest. 


Its tinsel, lights, and ornaments brightened up the school 

Bonnie Hatfield — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Sr. Election 

Com.; Ripple Arts Solon 2. 

Fritz Haverstick Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; ROTC PFC 

1-4; Intramural Sports 1-4; Wrestling Fr. 

Robert Hazel - ROTC 2nd Lt. 3; Cross Country Fr.; 

Intramural Sports 1-4; Track Fr.; Wrestling Fr., 

Var. 2-3. 

Diane Heaton — Clef Club 3-4; Fr.-SopFi. Talent 

Show 2; Homecoming Queen Cond. 4; Legion of 

Honor 3; Dance Bond 2-4; Golden Singers 2-4; 

Madrigal Singers 2-4; National Thespians 3-4. 

Nancy Ann Henry — Booster Club 1-4, Pres. 4; 
Business Leaders 2-4, Pres. 4; Homecoming Queen 
Cand. 4; Notional Honor Society 4; Legion of 
Merit 3; Orange Aid Council 1 , 3-4; Riparian Year- 
book Senior Editor 4; Ripples 3; Sr. Class Sec. 
Richard S. Herald — Lettermen's Club 3-4; Intra- 
mural Sports 4; Wrestling Var. 2-4; Chr. Grad 
Dance Clean-up Com. 

Gary T. Herder — Legion of Honor 1; Legion of 
Merit 2-3; Football Fr.; Intramural Sports 1-4. 

Stephen S. Herdrich — Hi-Fi 3; Band 1-3; Orchestra 
Ass't. 3. 

Nancy Jane Holle — Cheer Leader 2-4; Homecom- 
ing Queen Cand. 4; Jane Cand. 3; Jr. Prom Invita- 
tions Com.; Jr. Class Sec.; Legion of Honor 3; 
Orange Aid Council 3; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Miss 
Riparian 4; Ripples 2-3; Student Council 4. 
Don J. Hollenback — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Band 
1-4; Radio-Hi-Fi Club 4; Intramural Sports 2. 
David N. Holllngsworth — Jr. Historical Society 3; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 4. 
Ronald Dale Hoover — Track Fr., Var. 2-3; Sr. 
Christmas Dec. Com. 

Geza Horvath — Intramural Sports 4; E. Y. High 

School, Budapest, Hungary. 

Charlene Humes — Booster Club 3-4; Business 

Leaders 3-4; Jr. Prom Announcements Com. 

Robert L. Hutchinson — Jr. Prom Announcements 

Com.; Grad Dance Transportation Com. 

Sherry Jean Hutsell — Booster Club 1; Business 

Leaders 1; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 

Judy Lenore Hutson — Clef Club 2-4; GAA 2-4, 
Hist. 3; Legion of Honor 2-3; A Cappello Choir 2; 
Girls' Ensemble 1; Golden Singers 3-4; Operetta 
3-4; Archery 1-2; Badminton 2; Basketball 2. 
Phyllis Kay inman — Cheer Leader 3-4; GAA 1-4, 
Sec. 2-3, Pres. 4; Homecoming Queen Cand. 2; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of 
Merit 1-2; Notional Thespians 3-4, Sec. 4; Ripples 
3; Understudies 1-3, Pres. 3; Phys. Ed. Ass't. 2-4. 
Sandra Lee Jacobs — Jr. Dues Com.; Concert Choir 
4; Girls' Glee Club 2-3. 

Robert D. JefFery — Jr. Dec. Com.; Intramural 
Sports 3; Shortridge High School 1. 

Dolores Louise Jegen — Debate Club 3-4, Vice 
Pres. 3, Sec. 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 
1; A Cappello Choir 3; Girls' Concert Club 1-2; 
Golden Singers 4; Madrigal Singers 4; Operetta 
4; Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Chaplain 3. 

Louie Jenkins — Jr. Dues Com.; Ripples 1-3; Base- 
ball Fr., Res. 2; Basketball Fr.; Football Fr. 
Norma Jeanne Jeske — Baton Club 1 ; Booster Club 
1; Jr. Red Cross Club 2; Legion of Honor 2. 
Marilyn Jane Johnson — Booster Club 3-4; Busi- 
ness Leaders 3-4; Future Nurses 3; Attendance 
Ass't. 3; Shortridge High School 1. 

Sandra Sue Johnson — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Op- 
eretta Make-up Com. 1; Dean's Ass't. 1-2. 
Tom Johnson ~ Debate Club 4; Legion of Merit 
1-3; Lettermen's Club 3-4; A Cappello Choir 4; 
Ripples 3; Intramural Sports 1-4; Wrestling Fr., 
Res. 2, Var. 3-4. 

Judith Joan Johnston — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 2-3, Sec. 3; Riparian Donee Dec. Com.; 
Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 2; Homecoming Queen 
Cand. 3-4; Jr. Prom Chaperon Com. 
Paul David Jones — Drill Team 1-2; Jr. Prom Dues 
Com.; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; 
ROTC Capt. 2-3; Cross Country Fr.; Football Res. 
2-3, Var. 4; Track Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4. 

dbk mm 


Coach, team, pep, steam, fifteen rahs for Ripple's team ! ! 

Richard Louis Kahn — Key Club 2-4; Lettermen's 
Club 3-4; Ripples 1-3; Student Council 1-2, 4; 
Cross Country Fr.; Intramural Sports 1-4; Track Fr., 
Res. 2; Wrestling Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4. 
Larry Gene KasefF - Debate Club 1; Hi-Y 4; Jr. 
Dues Com.; Bowling Club 2; Travel Club 2, Sec. 2. 
Robert Michael Kelley — Jr. Prom Queen Com.; 
Boys' Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 2-4; Operetta 
2-4; Ripples 1-3; Intramural Sports 1, 4. 
Kara Sue Kercheval — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; Fresh Aids 
1; Jr. Red Cross Club 3-4, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4. 

Alex J. Kertis III — Lettermen's Club 4; A Cappella 
Choir 2, 4; Baseball Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Basket- 
ball Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Football Fr. 
Karen Ann Kime — Booster Club 1-4; Foreigneers 
1-4, Pres. 3; Homecoming Queen Cand. 3; Jr. His- 
torical Society 2-4, Sec. 4; Chr. Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 
3-4; Riparian Yearbook Ad Editor 4. 
Beverly Ann Kingston — Art Club 3-4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Soft Ball 1; Eng. OfFice Ass't. 3-4. 
Paula Dianne KIpfer — Art Club 1-2; Business 
Leaders 3; Ripples 3; Soft Ball 1 . 

Roger M. Kirts — Sr. Mothers' Tea Refreshments 
Com.; Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Indiana 1. 
Judith Ann Kitchin — Baton Club 2-4, Vice Pres. 3; 
Booster Club 1-4; Business Leaders 3. 
David Bertram Klain — Senior Mothers' Tea Clean- 
up Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3. 

Patricia Klausmeier — Baton Club 2; Foreigneers 
1-2; Orchestra 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 

Georgia M. Knapp — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Bowling 
1 ; Food's Ass't. 3. 

Lois Ann Knight — Booster Club 1 ; Foreigneers 2-3. 
Larry H. Kossmann — Legion of Merit 3; Math- 
Science Club 2; I. U. Achievement Contest 1-4. 
Elizabeth Kraft — A Cappella Choir 3-4; National 
Honor Society 2-4, Sec. 4; Orange Aid Council 2; 
Quill and Scroll 3-4, Vice Pres. 4; Quiz 'Em Team 
2-3; Riparian Newspaper 3-4, Editorial Editor 4. 

Fritz Krieg — Jr. Prom Chaperon Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1, 3; Riparian Newspaper 3-4. 
JoLene Sue Kubik — Debate Club 3-4, Sec. 3, 
Pres. 4; Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Legion of 
Honor 3; A Cappella Choir 3; Band 3-4; Golden 
Singers 4; Operetta 4; National Honor Society 4. 
Carole Jane Kunze — Foreigneers 2-4; Concert 
Choir Accompanist 3-4; Girls' Ensemble 2; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3-4; Legion of Honor 3. 
Mary Lee Lampe — Clef Club 2-4; Debate Club 4; 
Future Nurses 2-4; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of 
Merit 2; Band 2-4; Concert Choir 2; Golden Singers 
3-4; Orchestra 3-4; Operetta 3-4. 

John F. Lance II - Hi-Yi 1-4, Sec. 3-4; Key Club 4; 

Legion of Merit 1 -3; Quill and Scroll 3-4, Treas. 4; 

Riparian Newspaper 2-4, Managing Ed. 4. 

Joe E. Lavaux II — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Band 1-3. 

Duane M. Laxen — Intramural Sports 3-4. 

John McNeill Lee — Key Club 2-4; A Cappella 

Choir 3; Student Council 1-4; Basketball Fr.; Cross 

Country Fr., Var. 3; John Alden 3; Legion of Honor 


Ralph A. Lemcke — Foreigneers 1; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Honor 1 ; Legion of Merit 2-3. 
Judi Leslie — Booster Club 1-4, Sec. 3, Treas. 4; 
Chr. Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Miss Riparian Candidate 
4; Ripples 3; Jane of Joe and Jane Dance 3. 
Linda Lee Lewis — Clef Club 4; Debate Club 4; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; A Cappella 
Choir 2; Girls' Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 3-4. 
Jennifer Scarth Locke — Art Club 1-2; Booster 
Club 1-3; Business Leaders 2-3; Jr. Dance Dec. 
Com.; Jane Cand. 1; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 


New school spirit was born to boost the Rockets to success 

Carole Loepp — Art Club 2-3; Booster Club 1; Ri- 
parian Dance Dec. Com. 2; Foreigneers 2. 
Mike Loudermilk — Photo Club 1-4; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4; Riparian Newspaper and Yearbook 
Photographer 1-4, Chief 4; Ripples 2. 
John B. Loveland ~ Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; 
ROTC SFC; Stamp Club 1-3. 

Ada Ann Lovill — Business Leaders 3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Jr. Red Cross Club 1 . 

Doris Jean Loyd — Business Leaders 2-4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Archery 1-2; Badminton 1. 
Georgia Ann Lupear — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Cheer Leader 2-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 1-2; Jane Cand. 2; Legion of Merit 3; Na- 
tional Thespians 3; Operetta 2. 
Geraldine Lynch — Booster Club 1-2; Business 
Leaders 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 

Carol Ann Lynn — Booster Club 1-2; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; Orange Aid Council 3. 

Virginia Ann McBeth — Baton Club 1; Concert 
Choir 3-4; Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 2. 
Constance Sue McCawley — Jr. Dues Com.; Library 
Club 2; Band 1; Girls' Glee Club 2; Girls' Ensem- 
ble 2; Ripples 3; Operetta Make-up Com. 1-2. 
Susan Lee McCord — Baton Club 1-2; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Legion of Honor 1-3; National 
Honor Society 2-4; Orange Aid Council 2-4, Trees. 
2, Vice Pres. 3; Student Council 4. 
David Charles McCuen — Jr. Historical Society 4; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Ripples 3; Football Res. 2; In- 
tramural Sports 3-4. 

Susan McCullough — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Homecoming Dance Dec. Com. 3-4; 
Foreigneers 1; Legion of Merit 1-3; Golden Sing- 
ers 3-4; Madrigal Singers 4; Operetta 3-4. 
Michael R. McKown — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion 
of Honor 1-3; Lettermen's Club 2-4; Golden Sing- 
ers 3-4; National Honor Society 2-4; Student Coun- 
cil 2-4; Golf Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Intramural Sports 
1-4; Wrestling Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Nancy Jean McLaughlin — Booster Club 1-4; Busi- 
ness Leaders 1-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 
Howard F. McMains — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; 
Boys' Glee Club 1-3; Music Memory Contest 1-3. 

Linda Joanne MacDonald — Legion of Merit 1-3; 
Dance Band 1 -3; Girls' Ensemble 1 ; Orchestra 1 -3; 
String Ensemble 1-3; Operetta 1-2. 
Lyie J. Mannweiler ~ Chr. Jr. Prom Queen Com.; 
Key Club 4; Legion of Merit 1-3; Riparian News- 
paper 4; Ripples 3; Basketball Fr.; Intramural 
Sports 1-4; Track Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Linda Kay Marshall — Booster Club 2-3; Business 
Leaders 3; Jr. Prom Invitations Com. 
Donna Martin — Booster Club 1, 4; Foreigneers 
1, 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Ripples 1, 3; Bowling 1. 

Gary R. Martin — Legion of Merit 1-3; A Cappella 
Choir 2-3; Boys' Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 4; 
Operetta 4; Ripples 3; Baseball Fr., Res. 2. 
Michael Todd Mathews — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Let- 
termen's Club 3-4; Sr. Cap and Gown Com.; Bas- 
ketball Fr.; Football Fr.; Intramural Sports 2-4; 
Track Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Susan Faye Matthews — Baton Club 2; Booster 
Club 3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3. 
Diane Lee May — Booster Club 2-4; Business Lead- 
ers 3-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Glee Club 2; 
Orange Aid Council 4; Ripples 2-3; Understudies 
3-4; Orange Aid Style Show 4. 

Marjorie L. Meaker — Baton Club 1-2; Booster 
Club 1-2; Business Leaders 1-3. 
Marilyn D. Meeker ~ Booster Club 2-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 2; Legion of Merit 3; 
ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Notional Honor Society 4. 
Robert G. Meeks — Legion of Merit 2-3; Math- 
Science Club 2, 4; Stamp Club 2-4. 
Art Meng — Lettermen's Club 4; Football Res. 2, 
Var. 3-4; Track Res. 2. 


Acts written, selections made, and rehearsals completed, 

Janet Merrill — Booster Club 2-4; Business Leaders 
3-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 3; Foreigneers 4; 
Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 2; Jr. Prom Queen Com. 

Jan Merritt — Lettermen's Club 3-4; Ripples 2-3; 
Baseball Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Basketball Fr., Res. 
2, Var. 3-4; Intramural Sports 1-4. 

Barbara Meissner — Booster Club 4; Foreigneers 
4; National Honor Society 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Under- 
studies 4. 

James E. Michaels — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; 
Legion of Merit 2; Intramural Sports 2-3. 

Dale Miller — Booster Club 1-4; Business Leaders 
4; Homecoming Dance Dec. Com. 3; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Ripples 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 
Janet Miller — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Basket- 
ball 2; Baton Club 2. 

Dave Milstead — Sr. Mothers' Refreshments Com.; 
Decatur High School, Decatur, Illinois 1-2. 
Judith Ann Mitchell — Art Club 2; Booster Club 
1-4; Business Leaders 2-3; Fresh Aids 1; Fr.-Soph. 
Talent Show 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Library Club 
1-2; Orange Aid Council 2-3; Ripples 2-3. 

Mary Lou Mohler — Booster Club 1-3; Jr. Prom. 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Girls' Concert Club 
3; Girls' Glee Club 2; Girls' Ensemble 1. 
ShyrI Moline — Sr. Mothers' Tec Refreshments 

Steve Morehouse — Hi-Y 2-4; Sr. Mothers' Tea Re- 
freshments Com. 

Joyce Morgan — Booster Club 1-4; Business Lead- 
ers 2-3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 

Susan Morrow — Booster Club 1-4; Business Lead- 
ers 2-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 
William P. Neal - Clef Club 4; Jr. Prom Invita- 
tions Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3; Bond 1-4; Brass 
Choir 1-4; Cornet Trio 3-4; Dance Band 3-4; Pep 
Band 3-4; Orchestra 2-4; Operetta 4. 
Richard Nelson — Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 
Robert Arnold Nelson — Jr. Red Cross Club 3-4; 
Jr. Dues Com.; Key Club 4; Legion of Merit 3; Let- 
termen's Club 4; Quiz 'Em Team 3-4; Riparian 
Newspaper Sports Reporter 3-4; Ripples 3; Foot- 
ball Var. 3-4; Intramural Sports 4; Wrestling Var. 
3-4; Park High School 1-2. 

Karen Noteboom — Business Leaders 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 4. 
Judith Nottingham — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; 
Legion of Merit 1-3; Bowling 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2. 
Norman Wilfred Oestrike — Legion of Honor 1-3; 
Lettermen's Club 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Ripa- 
rian Newspaper Business Manager 3-4; Cross 
Country Fr., Var. 2-4; Wrestling Fr., Res. 2, Var. 

Wayne Marvin O'Hara Jr. — Business Leaders 3; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Shortridge High School 1. 

Stephen S. Olin - Clef Club 3-4, Treas. 4; Hi-Y 3; 
Jr. Historical Society 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Key 
Club 4; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; 
National Honor Society 2-4; Quill and Scroll 4; 
Riparian Newspaper 2-4; Managing Editor 4. 
Kathryn Oth — GAA 1-4, Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4 
Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 
Legion of Honor 1-3; National Honor Society 2-4 
Basketball 1 -4; Volley Ball 1-4. 
Marilyn Otto — Booster Club 1-4; Foreigneers 4; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Red Cross Club 3-4; Legion 
of Merit 1-3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Concert Choir 
4; Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 2. 
John Ozolins — Legion of Merit 1; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Refreshments Com. 

Marcia Parnell — Art Club 1-2; Booster Club 2; 

Foreigneers 1-3; Jr. Historical Society 2-3; Legion 

of Merit 1 -3; Bowling 2-4; Soft Ball 1 -2; Tennis 1 -2. 

Parh Partlow — Business Leaders 4; Jr. Prom Dec. 

Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Volley Ball 1. 

John Patterson — Sr. Mothers' Tea Refreshments 


Suzanne Peloquin — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of 

Honor 2-3; Ripples 3; National Honor Society 4. 


the "best ever" Ripples of '59 were spectacularly staged 

Sweaters led the parade of fashions for the 
Class and year of 1959. Senior models are 
George Poor, Judy Shaw, and Dave George. 

Francia Perseil — Concert Choir 3; Girls' Glee Club 
4; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Richard Peterson — Jr. Historical Society 1-4; Le- 
gion of Honor 2-3; Legion of Merit 1; Band 1-2; 
Brass Choir 2; Dance Band 2-4; Pep Band 1 -2; Or- 
chestra 2; Radio-Hi-Fi Club 2-4; Ripples 3; Sr. An- 
nouncements Com.; National Honor Society 4. 
Phyllis Ann Retry — Booster Club 4; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Refreshments Com.; Shortridge High School 

Wolfgang Pfeifer — Key Club 4; Student Council 
4; Wrestling 4; American Field Exchange Student 
4; Schwabisch Hall, Germany 1-3. 

Steve Pier — Jr. Dues Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; 
Lettermen's Club 3-4; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Ripples 3; 
Intramural Sports 1-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 
Rita Concordia Poe — Business Leaders 3; Jr. His- 
torical Society 4; Jr. Prom Programs Com.; Safety 
Council 3; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 3; 
Quiz 'Em Team 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 
Lucinda Sue Poggiani — Art Club 1-4, Sec. 2, Vice 
Pres. 3; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 3-4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Orange Aid Council 1; Riparian News- 
paper 2; Ripples 3; Varsity Varieties 4; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; Notional Honor Society 4. 
Donna Jean Policy — Baton Club 1; Booster Club 
1; Fresh Aids 1; Legion of Merit 1, 3; Orchestra 2; 
Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Orange Aid Style Show 4. 

George Poor — Jr. Dues Com.; Bond 2-3; Golden 
Singers 3-4; Madrigal Singers 4; Operetta 3-4; 
Legion of Honor 2; Legion of Merit 3; Ripples 2-3; 
Football Res. 2-3; Intramural Sports 2-3; Speed- 
way High School 1 . 

Deleta Poore — Sr. Mothers' Tea Invitations Com.; 
Western Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio 1-3. 
Marguerite Power — Fresh Aids 1 ; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 1; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 2-3; 
Legion of Merit 1; Library Club 1-4, Pres 3; Or- 
chestra 1-4; Radio-Hi-Fi Club 3-4, Sec. 4; Riparian 
Newspaper Exchange Editor 2-4; Ripples 3; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4. 

Nancy Ann Pressel — Art Club 1-4; Booster Club 
1-4; Business Leaders 3-4; Riparian Dance Dec. 
Com. 4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com. 3; Ripples 3; Understudies 4; Varsity Vari- 
eties 3-4. 

Sharon Rose Pressler — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 3; Fr.- 
Soph. Talent Show 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion 
of Merit 1-3; A Cappella Choir 3-4; Concert Choir 
2; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Newspaper 2-4, 
Circulation Manager 4; Notional Honor Society 4. 
JoAnne Pruyn — Booster Club 1-4; Business Lead- 
ers 2-3; Jr. Historical Society 4; Legion of Honor 
3; Legion of Merit 1-2; Girls' Ensemble 2; Orange 
Aid Council 3; Quill and Scroll 3-4, Sec. 4; Ripa- 
rian Newspaper Ad Staff 2-4, Manager 3-4; Rip- 
ples 3; Notional Honor Society 4. 
Kathryn Jane Raasch — Booster Club 1-4; Flog 
Twirler 2-3; Legion of Merit 1-3; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 1; Orange Aid Council 4; Quill and Scroll 
3-4; Riparian Newspaper 2-4, Riparian News- 
paper Feature Editor 4; Ripples 3; Understudies 1; 
Safety Essay Award 1; Varsity Varieties 4. 
Deanna Kay Rader — Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 3; Future 
Nurses 1-2; Band 1-4; Archery 1-2; Basketball 2; 
Bowling 2. 


The outstanding casting, staging, acting, and general perform- 

Getting their Sectional tickets are the 

many Ripple seniors who have faithfully 
attended all the games for four years. 

John H. Raeburn — Co-Chr. Homecoming Dance 4; 
Joe Cand. 2; Jr. Prom Queen Com.; Legion of 
Merit 2-3; Riparian Newspaper 4; News Bureau 3; 
Ripples 2-3; Sr. Class Pres.; Student Council 2-4; 
Intramural Sports 1-4; John Alden Cand. 3; Key 
Club 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 
Barbara Randolph — Future Nurses 2-4; Legion 
of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; Girls' Concert 
Club 2-3; Girls' Glee Club 1; Quill and Scroll 4; 
Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff 2-4, Manager 4; Var- 
sity Varieties 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 
Mary Jane Randolph — Future Nurses 2-4, Treas. 
2, 4; Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Girls' Concert Club 2-3; 
Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff 3-4; Understudies 2; 
Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Constance Louise Rankin — Booster Club 4; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Varsity Varieties 4; 
Longmeadow High School, Longmeadow, Massa- 
chusetts 1-2. 

James E. Reeder — Jr. Historical Society 2-3; Jr. 

Dues Com.; Jr. Red Cross Club 1-3; Light Crew 2; 

Radio-Hi-Fi Club 1-3; Sound Crew 2-3; Stage Crew 

2-3; Color Guard 3. 

Eddie Reeve — Jr. Dues Com.; Jr. Red Cross Club 

1-3; Intramural Sports 1-3. 

Dave RIchey 

^ _, , _i oporrs z-'*; I racK Res. o. 

Helmut H. Riddle — Drill Team 1-2; Jr. Prom Invi- 
tations Com.; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 
1-2; Math-Science Club 1; Rifle Team 3-4; ROTC 
Capt. 4; Intramural Sports 1-4; Chr. Military Ball 
Entertainment Com. 4. 

Nancy Ann Rodgers — Booster Club 1; Jr. Red 
Cross Club 3; Jr. Town Meeting 4; Legion of Merit 
1-3; A Cappella Choir 3; Orange Aid Council 1; 
Jr. Dues Com. 

Margo Joyce Roggie — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 2; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; A Cappella Choir 4; Girls' Concert Club 
3; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Newspaper 2-4, 
Columnist 4; Ripples 3; Understudies 1-3. 
Stephen Clark Roggie — Hi-Y Dance Dec. Com. 
3-4; Hi-Y 2-4; Jr. Prom Entertainment Com.; Jr. 
Town Meeting 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Concert 
Choir 1 -3; Photo Club 1 , 3-4; Riparian Newspaper 
Photo Staff 4; Ripples 3; Sr. Ways and Means 
Com.; Intramural Sports 3-4; Riparian Aud. 4. 
Craig Lynn Rongey — Drill Team 1-2; ROTC 2nd 
Lt. 1-3; Ripples 1, 3; Football Res. 2; Intramural 
Sports 1-4; Track Res. 3; Knock-out Drill Winner 

Andris Rozite — Drill Team 1-2; Foreigneers 2; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3; ROTC 2nd Lt.; Intramural 
Sports 4. 

Elizabeth Ann Ryder — Foreigneers 3-4; Jr. Dues 
Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; Girls' Glee Club 1; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Orange Aid Council 
2; Quiz 'Em Team 3; Riparian Newspaper Artist 
3-4; Archery 1 ; Badminton 1 ; Riparian Newspaper 
Copy Desk 3. 

Mary Ann Ryrholm — Art Club 1-4; Baton Club 2; 
Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; 
Legion of Honor 1-3; Library Club 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Orange Aid Council 1; Ripa- 
rian Newspaper Copy Desk 3-4; Ripples 3; Arch- 
ery 2-3; Library Ass't. 4. 

Bob Savill — Intramural Sports 1-2; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Clean-up Com. 


ance made the Senior Class Play the best that Ripplites had seen 

Fred Schlegel — Key Club 2-4; Letfermen's Club 
3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 
3-4; Mr. Riparian 4; Riparian Newspaper Editor- 
in-Chief 4; Student Council 4; Baseball Fr., Res. 2, 
Var. 3-4; Legion of Honor 2, 3. 

Jane Ellen Schnackel — Booster Club 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y 
Dance Dec. Com. 4; Foreigneers 1; Fresh Aids 1. 
Carol Schneider— Booster Club 1-2; Fresh Aids 1. 
Myron Lee Schuchman — Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 

Katheryn L. Sconce — Booster Club 1-4; Chr. Ripa- 
rian Dance Dec. Com. 4; Chr. Fresh Aids 4; Home- 
coming Queen Cand. 4; Legion of Merit 2-3; Ripa- 
rian Newspaper Columnist 3-4; Ripples 2-3; Un- 
derstudies 1-4, Pres. 4. 

David G. Seibert — Jr. Historical Society 2; Legion 
of Merit 1-3; Boys' Glee Club 1; Concert Choir 2. 
Cynthia Sexson — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Legion of Merit 2-3; Quill and Scroll 
4; Riparian Newspaper Ad Staff 3-4, Manager 4; 
Ripples 3; Understudies 3-4; Varsity Varieties 3-4; 
Football Jamboree Queen 4. 

Judy Shaw — Booster Club 4; Business Leaders 
2-4; GAA 1-2; Homecoming Queen Cand. 3; Jr. 
Historical Society 2-4; National Honor Society 4. 

David Sheard — Football Fr.; Intramural 1-4; 
Track Fr. 

Charles Reed Sheeks — Jr. Town Meeting 4; Legion 
of Merit 1-3; Math-Science Club 2; Football Fr., 
Res. 2-3. 

Roger D. Shepherd — Drill Team 2-4; ROTC Mas- 
ter Sgt.; Main Office Ass't. 

Sallie Sherwood — Booster Club 1-3; Clef Club 
2-4, Sec. 3; Debate Club 2-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 2; Jr. Town Meeting 3; Legion of Honor 3. 

Harold L. Shipley — Legion of Merit 3; Lettermen's 
Club 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2-4; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; 
Intramural Sports 4; Wrestling Fr., Var. 2-4. 
Eddy Lynn Shorr — Food's Ass't. 2-3; Ripples 
Usher 1. 

Robert Shorter — Legion of Merit 1-2; Lettermen's 
Club 3-4; Ripples 3; Basketball Fr., Var. 3-4; Foot- 
ball Fr.; Track Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Harriet Simmons — Booster Club 2-3; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Dec. Com. 

Larry R. Spear— Drill Team 1-3; Hi-Y 2-3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; Rifle Team 2-4; 
ROTC Capt.; Sr. Cap and Gown Com. 
Kinga Spelman — Tri-Hi-Y 4; Main Office Ass't.; 
Sr. Mothers' Tea Refreshments Com. 
Alan C. Stanford — Jr. Class Pres.; Key Club 3-4; 
Legion of Honor 3; Golden Singers 3-4; Operetta 
4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Mr. Riparian Cand. 4; Ri- 
parian Yearbook 3-4, Editor-in-Chief 4; Student 
Council 4, Treas. 4; Joe Cand. 3. 
Bernie Stein — Jr. Town Meeting 3; Lettermen's 
Club 4; Boys' Glee Club 2; Concert Choir 2; Intra- 
mural Sports 1-4; Tennis Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Mary Sue Steinhour — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Nari- 
Masu High School, Tokyo, Japan 1-2. 
Darryl E. Stevens — Legion of Honor 1 ; Lettermen's 
Club 3-4; Cross Country Fr., Var. 2-4; Track Fr., 
Var. 2-3; Wrestling Fr., Res. 2. 

Alex M. Stewart — Legion of Merit 1-3; Sr. Moth- 
ers' Tea Refreshments Com. 

Bessie Elizabeth Stickle — Booster Club 1-4; Busi- 
ness Leaders 2-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Alfred Stokely - Baseball Fr., Res. 3; Basketball 
Fr., Intramural Sports 1-3. 

Ron Stoker — Foreigneers 2-4, Pres. 3; Hi-Y 4; Le- 
gion of Honor 1 ; Legion of Merit 2-3; Moth-Science 
Club 4; Football Fr.; Intramural Sports 1; Jr. His- 
torical Society 4; Jr. Dues Com. 
Evelyn Stone — Chr. Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; National 
Honor Society 2-4; Orange Aid Council 4, Sec. 4; 
Quill and Scroll 3-4; Riparian Yearbook 2-4, Pro- 
duction Editor 4; Ripples 3; Sr. Class Vice Pres. 
Ronald Stotts — Sr. Mothers' Tea Refreshments 
Com.; Intramural Sports 4; Ripple Arts Salon 1. 


Carrying on with the tradition of Class Day, prospective grads 

John Strickland — Legion of Merit 1-3; Lettermen's 
Club 2-4; Ripples 2-3; Baseball Fr., Res. 2; Basket- 
ball Fr., Var. 2-3; Football Fr., Var. 2-4; Track 
Var. 3-4. 

Sandra Sue Sweeten — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 1-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; Fr.- 
Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. 
Town Meeting 2-3; Girls' Ensemble 2; Notional 
Thespians 3-4; Ripples 2; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; 
Understudies 3-4; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 
Daria Kay Sylvester — Booster Club 1 ; Foreigneers 
1; Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Girls' Glee Club 1; 
Girls' Ensemble 2. 

Miriam Taylor — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Glee 
Club 2; Girls' Ensemble 3; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; 
Bowling 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1. 

Gerald Lee league — Drill Team 3; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1; Band 1; Pep Band 1-4; 
Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Intramural Sports 1. 
Teri Lynne Teare — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Glee 
Club 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Scecina High School 1-2. 
Robert J. Terwelp — Sr. Mothers' Tea Refresh- 
ments Com.; Cathedral High School 1-2. 
Sharon Dell Thomas — Booster Club 1-2; Band 2-4; 
Horn Quartet 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; Riparian News- 
paper Typist; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Archery 
1-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Carole Elizabeth Thompson — Booster Club 2-4; 
Business Leaders 2-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Orange 
Aid Council 1; Ripples 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Varsity Va- 
rieties 4. 

Geri Tippett — Booster Club 4; Business Leaders 
4; Foreigneers 4; Jr. Town Meeting 4; Girls' Glee 
Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Understudies 4; Varsity Vari- 
eties 4; Hocker Grove High School, Shawnee, Kan- 
sas 1; York Community High School, Elmhurst, 
Illinois 2-3. 

Gloria Jean Tobler — Art Club 4; Business Leaders 
2-3; Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Legion of Merit 1-3; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Riparian Newspaper Ad Artist 3-4. 
Jerilyn Rae Topmiller — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Con- 
cert Choir 3-4; Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 
2; Understudies 1 . 

Sharon Kay Tumey — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Orange 
Aid Council 2; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 
Sylvia Turnbull — Future Nurses 2-4, Hist. 3, Pres. 
4; Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Legion of Honor 2-3; 
Band 1-4; Concert Choir 3; Golden Singers 4; Or- 
chestra 3-4; Operetta 4; Orange Aid Council 3; 
Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Varsity Varieties 
4; Model United Nations 3-4. 

Sandra Lee Valentine — Business Leaders 2; For- 
eigneers 2-3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Sr. Christmas 
Dec. Com. 

Arthur Milford Van Arendonk — Debate Club 3-4; 
Jr. Historical Society 3-4; Jr. Town Meeting 3; Le- 
gion of Honor 1-2; Legion of Merit 3; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Photo Club 2-3; Riparian Photo 
Staff 2-4. 

The Junior Prom of 1958 was unforgettable 
as Junior Class President Alan Stanford 
proudly crowned queen Marilyn Weil, 
senior. Other officers Linda Bender and 
Nancy Nolle looked on as queen candidate 
Suzi Lesh congratulated the happy victor. 

added sparkle to their last days with song, skit, Senior Snoopers 

Janet Susan Vance — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4, Sec. 4; Fresh Aids 1; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 2; Legion of Honor 1-3; A Cappello Choir 
3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 
Stephen VanMeter — Jr. Historical Society 4; Key 
Club 3-4, Vice Pres. 4; Legion of Honor 1, 3; Le- 
gion of Merit 2; National Honor Society 2-4, Pres. 
4; Ripples Act Director 3; Sr. Class Treas. 
Norm Van Tilburg — Rifle Team 3-4; Ripples 3; 
Football Var. 3-4; Track Var. 3. 
Roger E. VanWyngarden — Foreigneers 1; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Ripples 2-3; Intramural Sports 
1-4; Track Fr., Res. 2; Wrestling Res. 2, Var. 3. 

Barbara Venners — Sr. Mothers' Tea Invitations 

Carole Jane Vogel — Booster Club 2-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Jr. Prom Queen Com.; A Cappello 
Choir 3; Varsity Varieties 4. 
Merrill Voorhis — Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 
William Walters — Clef Club 3-4; Jr. Town Meet- 
ing 4; National Thespians 3-4; ROTC M/Sgt 4; 
Color Guard 4; Forensic League 4. 

Susann Delores Ware — Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 
James Watkins— Intramural Sports 4; Track Res. 3. 
Craig Alan Way — Hi-Y 3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; A 
Cappello Choir 3; Boys' Glee Club 2; Golden 
Singers 4; Operetta 4; Ripples 3; Intramural Sports 
2-4; Wrestling Fr. 

David Arden Way — Hi-Y 3; Legion of Honor 3; 
Legion of Merit 1-2; Lettermen's Club 2-4; Band 
1-2; Ripples 3; Cross Country Fr., Var. 2, 4; Track 
Fr., Res. 2; Wrestling Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Barbara Weaver — Booster Club 3-4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; St. Agnes Academy 1-2. 
Edward John Webber - Drill Team 1-3; ROTC SFC 

Susan Esther Welsh — Booster Club 2-3; Business 
Leaders 2; Foreigneers 1-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 3; Ripples 1. 
Karen Rae West — Booster Club 1-4, Vice Pres. 3; 
Business Leaders 4; Legion of Honor 3; Legion 
of Merit 1-2; Orange Aid Council 2; Quill and 
Scroll 4; Ripples 3; Student Council 4; Varsity Va- 
rieties 3; National Honor Society 4. 

Stephen F. West — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Ripples 3; 
Cross Country Fr.; Intramural Sports 1-4. 
Adelle White — Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 
Mary Frances Whitelock — Booster Club 1-4; Busi- 
ness Leaders 3-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com.; Fr.- 
Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Queen Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3; A Cappello Choir 4. 
Judy Whitney — Art Club 4; GAA 1-2; Jr. Prom 
Queen Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2. 

Doretta Whitinghill — Concert Choir 3; Girls' Con- 
cert Club 2; Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 3. 
Robert D. Wiese — Jr. Historical Society 3-4; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3; Math-Science Club 4; ROTC 
Capt. 4; Cross Country Fr., Res. 2-4. 
James G. Willard — Boys' Glee Club 1; Concert 
Choir 2-3; Golden Singers 4; Operetta 4; Baseball 
Res. 2; Intramural Sports 4. 

Edith Wilmot — Booster Club 1 -4; Business Leaders 
3-4; Fresh Aids 1; Jr. Historical Society 2-4; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 3. 

Gloria Ann Wilson — Booster Club 3-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Red Cross 
Club 4; Legion of Merit 1-3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 
Grace Marie Winegardner — Booster Club 1-4; 
Business Leaders 2-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1; Jr. 
Prom Queen Com.; Girls' Concert Club 4; Girls' 
Glee Club 1; Girls' Ensemble 2-3; Riparian Year- 
book Ad Staff 3-4; Ripples 3; Understudies 2-4. 
Carol Sue Winter — Booster Club 3-4; Foreigneers 
2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Concert Club 3-4; 
Girls' Ensemble 1 ; Orange Aid Council 1 . 
Kathryn Louise Wolfe — Booster Club 1 -2; Business 
Leaders 1-2; Fresh Aids 1; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Li- 
brary Club 1-2; Orange Aid Council 1-2. 



The senior year culminated with Baccalaureate exercises, 

From the long to the short of it! This applies 
to the long robe of 6' 4" Bob Cravens and the 
short robe of 5' Miriam Taylor as they pre- 
pare for the graduation ceremoniesat Butler. 




Chester Wood — Hi-Y 2-3; Legion of Honor 3; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-2; Math-Science Club 2-3; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Sr. Cap and Gown Com. 
John Frederick Woody — Legion of Merit 1-3; Let- 
termen's Club 3-4; A Cappella Choir 4, Pres. 4; 
Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Concert Choir 3; Ripples 3; Stu- 
dent Council 2-4; Baseball Fr., Res. 2, Vor. 3-4; 
Basketball Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Cross Country Res. 
3; Intramural Sports 2-4. 

Lee E. Wooldridge — Band 1-4; Grad Dance Re- 
freshments Com. 

James Edward Young — Legion of Honor 1-3; Let- 
termen's Club 4; Baseball Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; 
Basketball Fr.; Football Fr.; Intramural Sports 3-4; 
Wrestling Res. 2-3. 

Mary Sue Yount — Booster Club 2-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; A Cappella Choir 4; Concert Choir 3; 
Girls' Ensemble 2; Orange Aid Council 3; Tri-Hi-Y 
2-4; Shortridge High School 1. 
Sara Sue Zollner -— Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 


Grad Dance, swim, and breakfast — A wonderful year for all ! ! ! 

Patti Lee Haagsma— Booster Club 2-3; Business 
Leaders 2-3; Foreigneers 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Girls' Glee Club 1-2; Girls' Ensemble 3; Under- 
studies 3; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 
Paul Eugene Harmon— Band 4. 
Fred Hufft— Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Berkeley 
Senior High School, St. Louis, Missouri 1-3. 
David A. Jensen— Military Ball Dance Dec. Com. 
1-4; Drill Team 4; Rifle Team 1; ROTC 1st Lt.; Drill 
Team Commander 3-4. 

Bradley Komers— Legion of Honor 1; Legion of 

Merit 2-3; Student Manager 1-4; Intramural 

Sports 2-4. 

Edward Otto Kunze— Sr. Ways and Means Com.; 

Central High School, Duluth, Minnesota 2-3. 

Harriett Loonan — Business Leaders 2; Jr. Prom 

Dec. Com.; Sr. Ways and Means Com. 

Judith Elayne Malott— Art Club 2; Booster Club 

1-2; Girls' Glee Club 2; Girls' Ensemble 3-4; 

Orange Aid Council 2. 

Ronald L. Maulsby— Band 1-2; Sr. Ways and 

Means Com. 

Bill Padgett— Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; A Cappella 

Choir 3; Boys' Glee Club 1-2; Intramural Sports 3. 

Harold Duane Ranard— Hi-Y 3; A Cappella Choir 

2-4; Cross Country Res. 2; Track Var. 4; Shortridge 

High School 1 . 

Michael Redkey— Intramural Sports 1-4; Track Fr., 

Res. 2; Moline Senior High School, Moline, 

Illinois 3. 

Jay Charles Sears— Sr. Ways and Means Com. 

Joyce B. Sutter— Art Club 1; Baton Club 1; Legion 

of Merit 1-3; Library Club 3; Orange Aid Council 

2; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; Library Ass't. 3; Main Office 

Ass't. 2. 

Steven Tope— Library Club 1; Photo Club 1-3; 

ROTC Mst. Sgt.; Ripples 3; Cross Country Fr.; 

Library Ass't. 1-3; Main Office Ass't. 1-3. 

Al Treser— Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Sr. Ways and 

Means Com. 

Charles Warren— Debate Club 4; Arlington Junior 
High School, Arlington, Virginia 1; Abraham Lin- 
coln High School, San Francisco, California 2-3. 

Helen Elizabeth Wright— Booster Club 2; Concert 
Choir 4; Girls' Concert Club 4; Girls' Glee Club 2; 
Girls' Ensemble 3: 

Alfred E. Newman — Class Clod Candidate 4; 
Boiler Room Messenger 1-3; Chr. Senior Color 
Day 4; Hopscotch Fr., Res. 3-4, Var. 5-6; Girls' 
Concert Choir 2; Nat. Assoc, for the Continuation 
of Cruelty to Teachers 4; Riparian Spudnut Editor 
4; Health Class Bed Bath Volunteer 5. 

Really a winner is Ripple's 1958 Football 
Jamboree Queen, Senior Cynthia Sexson. 

1 1 1 

Ripplites worked for good of school, maintained class loyalty 

by Dave Larson, Bill Ferree, Dave Gilliom 

Freshmen entered Ripple in awe 
and expectation. Initiating the four di- 
ploma plan, the frosh studied hard 
for a good start in high school. The 
"Greenies" learned to eat in three min- 
utes, got lost in the halls, and met new 
friends. Freshmen girls solved prob- 
lems and rendered service in Fresh- 
Aids, a subdivision of the Orange Aid. 

The second-year Rockets found 
Ripple's halls, teachers, students, and 
Form 1 5's familiar. They tackled ge- 
ometry, went steady, waited for the 
day when they could drive legally, 
and entered into more activities. 

After a colorful and exciting cam- 
paign, the juniors elected officers and 
began making plans for a wonderful 
prom. Class ring sales and a dance 
provided revenue for their projects. 

Creating crystals, junior officers Judy 
Gilliom, Wally Scott, Sally Rohr and Tim 
Stone work industriously on decorations 
for the Junior Dance, the "Crystal Craze." 

Fresh-Aiders Dianne Reed and Lisa Gatti work on scrap- 
books for hospitals with senior sponsor, Kathy Sconce. 

The big moment is here at last for Broad Ripple Sophomore Larry 
Morrison as he hopefully applies for his Regular Driver's License. 


The Juniors assumed new responsibilities as upperclassmen 

Crossing the bridge over the 
canal on their way to school 
ore Anita Booth, Sue Witt, 
and Carol Creekmore, soph- 


Bill Adams, Marlena Adams, 
Phyllis Adams 

Judy Adiard, Karen Aikman, 
David Alderson 

Ed Alexander, Patricia Allen, 
Harriette Angel 

Lance Arnette, Paul Arnett, Doug 

Don Atkinson, Doug Atkinson, 
Oren Atkinson, Mary Lou Atte- 
berry, Jenny Ausherman, Nona 
Auten, Don Averitt, Ray Badger, 
Amy Rose Baker, Carol Jean 

Karen Baker, Jim Baldwin, 
David Bales, Frederick Bollinger, 
Jerry Barlow, Sandy Barnett, 
Mike Barnes, Bunita Barratt, 
Judie Baskwell, Dick Baum 

Julia Beaman, Jock Beattie, Jim 
Beauchamp, Richard Beem, 
Karen Bennett, Jack Bernstein, 
Debbie Bernd, Jerry Bice, Don 
Bigham, Robert Billeisen 

Bill Bilsky, Dianne Bilyeu, Steve 
BIy, Rich Boesinger, Jim Boggs, 
Karen BorufF, Kathy Bowen, 
Penny Bowen, Ray Bowman, 
Bonnie Boyd 

Jim Bradley, Pat Bradley, Mike 
Brennan, Linda Brewer, Sally 
Brock, Barbara Brooks, Judy 
Brooks, ClifF Brown, Judy Brown, 
Ken Brown 

Kurt Brydenthal, Tom Buell, 
Barbara Bumb, Mary Sue Burk- 
hart, Steve Burres, Donna Bush, 
David Cahill, Joan Callahan, Art 
Campbell, Pete Corner 

Jay Cart, Jack Cary, Anne 
Castle, Barbara Castle, Dave 
Chapman, Beckie Charly, Ann 
Chesher, Pam Chowning, Judy 
Church, Connie Clark 

Janielle Clark, John Clark, Suz- 
anne Clark, Carole Closterhouse, 
John Cochrane, Ann Coers, 
Dorothy Cole, Sandra Collester, 
Peggy Colvin, Sandy Cardorelli 

Q Q ^ 

'-* -^ ^ D 

^ a ^ ^ 

Q ^ ^ ^ Q 

r*\ f5 ^ ^ ^5 

f^ ^ D'f 


Then the Juniors elected officers to lead their class of '60 

Deborah Cook, Marty Cook, 
Karen Cooley, Mike Cooney, Bill 
Coonfield, Carole Cooper, Pat 
Couts, Rick Cravens, John Craw- 
ford, Lois Lucinda Cunningham 

Mary Cunningham, Gary Culli- 
son. Donna Daubenspeck, Dick 
Dougherty, Quentin Davis, 
Sheila Davis, Doris Day, Larry 
Deck, Deanna Deckard, Ken 

Patricia Dettmon, James Dicks, 
Steve Dickson, Sue Donnelly, 
Linda Dorntge, Walter Duncan, 
Noel Dunham, Dorothy Earhart, 
Tom Earl, Bettie Easley 

Nancy DufFy, Brad Eastman, Pat 
Edwards, Robert R. Edwards, Hal 
Eickhorst, Jean Elliott, Judy El- 
more, Bonnie Engel, Frances 
Erdey, Nancy Evans 

Ralph Everly, Richard Exiey, Jim 
Farrar, John Farrar, William 
Fattic, Ronnie Fenter, Edward 
Ferguson, Sharon Ferguson, Patti 
Fetter, Janice Figlestholer 

Ed Fischer, Stephen Forbes, 
Susan Fortune, Cheryl Fox, 
Joann Fox, Sue Franklin, Robert 
Friedline, Sharon Fries, Karen 
Fry, Sandra Fultz 

Ronald Galbraith, Suzi Gal- 
breath, Janie Garten, Lynne 
Genders, Terry Gernstein, Sue 
Gertz, Jane Gibbs, Bill Giles, 
Judy Gilliom, Gene Gjesvold 

Charles Goddard, Cindy Gell- 
ing, Ricky Goldsmith, Sherry 
Goodman, Beth Gotshall, Mary 
Gotshall, Donna Graham, Re- 
becca Graham, Richard Gray, 
Harriett Green 

Tina Green, Marsha Grimme, 
Marianne Grove, Sam Grubbs, 
Mike Guio, Nick Haan, Diane 
Hackler, Jean Hadfield, Jenny 
Hair, Sandi Hale 

Linda Hall, Nancy Hancock, 
Donna Hannowsky, Janie Har- 
gitt, Tom Hargitt, Ronald Hark- 
ness. Bill Harless, Janet Harris, 
Susan Hartman, Carole Hauser 

Bill Hawley, Sharon Hayes, 
Richard Hays, MaryAnn Head, 
Nancy Heath, John Hedberg, 
Chuck Hedrick, Phil Hedrick, 
Teddy Heidioff, Carolyn Hinesley 

Laurine Henzie, Fred Heine, Pat 
Herring, Sandy Hert, Sandy Hess, 
Sandra Hill, Dave Hiott, Fred 
Holmes, Linda Holmes, Janet 


and bought shiny class rings to help pay for a dreamy prom 

Charles Hook, Sara Hooten, Rita 
Horn, Doug Horning, Edward 
Horton, Beverly Houghton, Jay 
Howard, Kay Howard, Elaine 
Humes, Jerry Hurley 

Sharon Hutsell, Marilyn Huttsell, 
Marsha Hynes, Sandy Imel, Mar- 
sha Innis, Janet Irvin, Stan Isaac, 
Jane Jackson, Paula Jackson, 
Larry Jamieson 

Steve Jenkins, Jacquelyn John- 
ston, Jim Jolly, Barbara Jones, 
Kcrol Jones, Richard Jones, Judy 
Jupin, Mike Jupin, Marilyn Ka- 
foure, Lynda Kellam 

Fred Keller, Jack Keller, Jim 
Kelley, David Kessler, Richard 
Kirkman, Mary Jo Kiefer, 
George King, Marsha King, 
Nancy Kinslow, Linda Kitzmiller 

Charles Kladden, Judy Klein, 
Alan Klepinger, Judith Klingler, 
Russell Kohlman, Robert Kolb, 
Pom Krabbenhoft, Buddy Krause, 
Robert Laird, Margaret LoMar 

Ed Lamb, Barbara Lambert, 
Michael Lamm, Susie Lancet, 
Robert Langston, Michael Lapp, 
David Larson, Elaine Lathrop, 
Jerry Lattimore, Janet Lauth 

Kenneth Lawless, Phil Lee, Kathy 
Leonard, Pat Leonhardt, Les 
LeVee, Donna Lewis, Gordon 
Lewis, Juris Liepa, Rosanne Lin- 
ville. Bill Livezey 

Jim Loeper, Marvin Long, 
Cheryle Love, Lyndel Lowry, 
Richard Lyon, Adeline Mad- 
ritsch, Dorothy Mohan, Linda 
Mahurin, Sandy Maley, Bob 

Judy Malott, Dave Mannweiler, 
Judy Martin, Paul Martin, Bob 
Mason, Larry Mason, Margaret 
Mason, Bill Mathis, Jerry May, 
Glenn McClure 

Maurice McClure, Bill McClure, 
Carol McCord, Bill McCreary, 
Carol McElvain, Janice Mc- 
Dwoine, Alan Mead, Linda Med- 
ley, Dinah Menke, Donald Mehl 

Jean Menser, Nancy Messer- 
smith, Al Messier, Hilda Messier, 
Kathy Metsker, Bob Milburn, 
Doug Miller, James Miller, 
Margaret Miller, Fred Milligan 

Mary J 

o Mil 

Is, Beverly 




a Mitchell, 



, Chuck Mohr, 




Moon, J 








f^^^m mi 

^ ^ '^ W 


0^ (tm. r!9^ fS /% 
173 f^ Xz^ ^ ~ 

^ rt O f^ A 


Looking to the future, the Junior class buckled down to study 

David Morris, John Morris, 
Carole Morrison, Ma rcia Mueller, 
Thomas Mueller, Sallie Munch, 
Nancy Munger, Wendy Myers, 
Peggy NefF, Mary Lou Newburn 

William Nichols, John Nighten- 
gale, Jan Novak, John Oliver, 
Dave Olson, Jerry Olsen, Steve 
Olvey, Judy Orr, Penny Oshier, 
Steve Overbeck 

Linda Overman, Sandy Padget, 
Dave Parish, Nancy Parrish, 
James Patterson, Linda Patton, 
Katherine Pavey, Joyce Peace, 
Bob Peine, Sharon Perriz 

Steve Perry, John Peters, Suzi 
Pettijohn, Lynn Pfersick, Dave 
Phillips, Jim Phillips, Rusty 
Pierce, Anne Pihlok, Roy Pike, 
Mike Pinnell 

Sharron Pitts, Eddie Poise), Don 
Poland, Neva Pollard, Dale Pon- 
sler, Jim Pontius, Barbara Poole, 
Martha Powell, Linda Pratt, 
George Pride 

Nelson Quick, George Quinn, 
Sue Quino, Marianne Rahe, 
Diane Ramsey, Patty Reed, Pat 
Regan, Howard Renollet, Mary 
Anne Rentsch, Kathy Reptik 

Dove Ressler, Carol Reynolds, 
Brenda Richter, Mary Lou Rig- 
gins, William Rinne, Linda 
Roberson, Dave Roberts, Kay 
Sandy Roberts, Charlotte Roe- 
der, Sally Rohr 

Jim Ronk, Richard Rosanova, 
Bob Ross, Daina Rozite, Merrllee 
Ryder, Philip Salamander, 
Suzann Saville, Pat Scanlon, 
Michael Scherer, Dorothy 

Jerrold Schroeder, Robert Schu- 
bert, Larry Schuchman, Dave 
Scott, Susie Scott, Wally Scott, 
Mark Sears, David Sedam, Bar- 
bora Seibert, Melonie Seitz 

Marjorie Sell, Linda Sexton, Jack 
Shepard, Larry Shideler, Gret- 
chen Siemers, Judith Smay, 
Judith Anne Smith, Judy Smith, 
Steve Ann Smith, Zach Smith 

Gary Snyder, Mas Southwood, 
Charles Sparks, Sharron Spor- 
leder, Gretchen Stahl, Milana 
Staletovich, Jim Stanley, Susan 
Stanton, Susie K. Stanton, Kent 

Syndey Stevens, Wanda Stevens, 
Sally Stewart, Bill Stoelting, Tim 
Stone, Ken Stonecipher, Dave 
Strawey, Connie Stuckey, Bruce 
Szathmary, Robert Taylor 


for long College Boards and National Merit Scholarship Tests 

Judy Taylor, Richard Taylor, 
Daphne Teegcrden, Carolyn 
Terfler, Sandra Terrell, Sarajane 
Terry, Laurie Tether, Helen Thei- 
lig, Brian Thomas, Janet Thomp- 

Darlene Tieteman, Myra Timber- 
man, Rochelle Todd, Stanley 
Truan, Miriam Tuchman, Susan 
Tuttle, Rebecca Uhl, Jim Uhls, 
Maryann Urbaniak, Kelly Vitti 

Janet Walker, Pauletta Walker, 
Ray Ward, Denny Ware, Jon 
Washburn, John Watnes, Bill 
Weaver, Barbara Wells, Bob 
Wessel, Joyce White 

Bill Whitehead, Carole Williams, 
Jerry Williams, Ronnie Williams, 
Steve Williams, Kathy Jo Wil- 
liamson, Carol Wilson, Don Wil- 
son, Jim Wilson, Rosemary 

Tom Withrov^, Barbara Witt, 
Steve Woehler, Jim Wood, Carol 
Wrennick, Sonja Wright, Web 

Tim Yantis, Carol York, Rich- 
ard Young, Robert Young, Ray 
Zimmerman, Steve Zimmerman, 
Susan Zollinger 

Band campers play badmin- 
ton OS a recreational relief 
from long hours of practice 
on their musical instruments. 


Frank Adams, John Adams, Ann 
Alig, Sandy Alspaugh, Jerry 
Ancel, Karen Anderson, Mar- 
garet Arbuckle, Judy Ard, Dag- 
nija Argals, Bobbi Arzet 

Debby Aston, Jane Augusterfer, 
Connie Ault, Elaine Augustine, 
Susan Austin, Jan Babb, Martha 
Babb, Karen Babcock, Eddie 
Baker, Mike Baker. 

Virgil Baldwin, John Ballard, 
Dudley Barlow, Diane Barlow, 
David Barnes, Pete Barrick, 
Lynda Barry, Lois Bastien, Gail 
Baugh, Charlotte Beaver 

Tom Bechert, Connie Becker, 
Barbara Beckley, Gerald Bego, 
Joan Benedix, Dave Bettner, 
Doug Bigham, Bill Birthright, 
Ronnie Bland, Ken Bloem 

Gilbert Bochicchio, Len Bochic- 
chio, Sandra Bockholt, Don Bod- 
enberg, Dave Bogigian, Bill 
Bond, Carolyn Bond, Anita 
Booth, Mark Booth, Dave Boots 

Clark Bordner, Sheila Borinstein, 
Mary Boxell, Sondreo Brackett, 
Tom Bradbury, Jan Bradford, 
Donaldine Breedlove, Pat Boone, 
Suzy Brewer, Robert Brinkman 

-<■' ^ 


« t. 


•> wr 

r5 '5 D ff)^ /*^ (!| ^ 


t.f ^ 


O ^, ,q !?l: .-^ 


Glad they were no longer freshmen, the "big" soph 


f5 ^ 

"Big sister" Sandy Kuoppala 
(center) shows freshmen 
Peggy Ballard, Becky Wil- 
liams, and Janice Julian 
around Ripple. 

Gladys Brinson, Bill Brown, 
Claudia Brown 

Steve Brownlee, Connie Bruce, 
Jim Bunker 

Christine Burgess, Ed Burhenn, 
Shirley Burlash 

Ed Burns, Barbara Byers, George 

Ken Calvin, Bob Cambridge, 
Marwyn Cantrell, Tom Carter, 
Gifford Cast, Barbara Chambers, 
Peter Chenoweth, Dennis 
Christie, Judy Clark, Lawson 

Jan Clarke, Joan Clauer, Lee 
Clifford, Diane Clinton, Kim 
Colby, Connie Colen, Jim Col- 
lier, Bill Collins, Becky Collins, 
Bruce Compton 

Jim Confer, Carolyn Crane, 
Carol Creekmore, Joan Crisa- 
fulli, Steve Crockett, Tom Croley, 
Richard Crowell, Kathy Currie, 
Tim Curry, Richard Curtis 

Joe Cushman, Niles Doggy, Don 
Dahn, Linda Danner, Kathy 
Davis, Ronnie Davis, Carolyn 
Dougherty, Jon Davison, Dave 
Davisson, Emma Dawkins 

Jerry DeBaun, Julie Deck, Sandy 
Deckard, Mary Decker, Don 
DeMars, Rita DeVault, Lynn De- 
Witt, Bernice Dillon, JoAnn Di- 
Rienzo, Carolyn Ditton 

Harold Draper, Suzanne Dry- 
bread, Myra Duckworth, Robert 
DuPont, Barbara Dworkus, Bruce 
Eastmond, Pat Eastwood, Leona 
Eckerty, Cheryl Lee Edwards, 
Richard Edwards 

Brenda Egbert, Harriet Elam, 
Candy Elliott, Sally Elliott, Lynda 
Ellis, Martha English, Judi Ep- 
stein, Ron Evans, Linda Evans, 
Barbara Everitt 

John Ewald, Thomas Ewbank, 
Gay Lee Ewing, Ronny Fahle, 
Mike Farkas, Bill Farris, Char- 
lene Farrow, Henry Fechtman, 
John Fegley, Bill Ferree 


looked forward eagerly to becoming "bigger" upperclassmen 

Mary Ferrell, Jim Fletcher, 
Ronald Flohr, Margie Flynn, Jan 
Ford, Sue Ellen Fouke, Bob 
Fowler, Anne Fox, Marci Fox, 
Penny Fox 

Ron Frontz, Jerry Fulkerson, 
John Furlow, Tome Gabriel, Ron 
Goebel, Bruce Gale, Robin Gal- 
luppo, Sandra Galvich, Sandi 
Gardner, Rex Goring 

Rosemary Garrigus, Bill Garvey, 
Tonia Garzolini, Steve George, 
Dick Gohman, Mary Jane Good- 
son, Charles Goodyear, Patty 
Gorbett, Karen Grant, Pam 

Walt Grills, Helen Gross, Sylvia 
Gudriks, Dave Hadley, Gary 
Hafner, Sally Hale, Calvin Hall, 
Rae Hardy, Bob Harmen, Patsy 

Norlin Hartley, William Haverly, 
Diane Hazel, Tom Hedberg, 
Judith Hedrick, Bob Henn, Jim 
Herald, Joan Hess, Diane Heth- 
erington, Dick Hickox 

Pat Hilgenberg, Bob Hillman, 
Ann Hobson, John Hobson, Mi- 
chael Hoffman, Jerome Hoover, 
Suzanne Horvath, Rozzie Hov/ell, 
Ricky Huddleston, John Hulen 

Pam Humes, Ken Hurst, Mack 
Huston, Davis A. Hutchison, Den- 
nis Hutchison, Ronald Hutson, 
Emily Hyer, Suzy Ingmire, Tom 
Inman, Jack Irby 

Suzy Ireland, Janey Jackson, 
Sam Jacobs, Bill Jenkins, Dave 
Jenkins, Judi Jensen, Douglas 
Jessup, Bill Johnson, Craig John- 
son, Fred Johnson 

Kent Johnson, Jim Johnson, Mar- 
tha Susan Johnson, Sharon John- 
son, Steve Johnson, Alice Jones, 
Jerry Jones, Pamela Jones, Sha- 
ron Jones, Jud Jordan 

Bela Jozsi, Hilary KaufTman, 
Myrna Kaufmann, Jay Keehley, 
Winifred Kell, Mike Kelly, Dave 
Keown, Robert Kerr, Al Kessler, 
Bill Keuthan 

Ken Kincaid, Bob Kleis, Janice 
Kline, Ed Kollins, Frances 
Komers, Diane Kramer, Karen 
Krebs, James Kunze, Sandy Ku- 
oppala, John LaFollette 

Carol LaFortune, Sandy La Hue, 
Susan Lannin, John C. Larsen, 
Barbara Larson, Doug Larson, 
Donna Jo Lathouse, Sandra Law- 
head, Russ Lawrence, Donna Lee 


Midnight oil burned brightly over Anthony, axioms, and angles 

Janice Letterman, Mike Lewis, 
Martha Lippincott, Paul Lipps, 
Jeff Lockwood, Bud Loepp, Roger 
Lons, Martha Loudenbock, Lois 
Loudin, Alice Lowry 

Janet Loyd, Ruth Machennan, 
Marilyn Marquis, Melanie Mat- 
tingly, Judy Mattox, Howard 
Maxwell, Conny McCammond, 
Stephen McCuen, Buddie Mc- 
Donough, Prudy McFadden 

Marilyn McFarren, Mike McGee, 
Sharon McHaffie, Becky Mclntire, 
Dave Mclntire, Dwain McKinzie, 
Judy McTurnan, Patty Meaker, 
David Meek, Marilyn Megen- 

Sandi Meko, Marvin Melton, 
Jimmy Merket, Sharon Mess- 
more, John Michaels, Steve Mi- 
lam, Andy Milke, Allan Miller, 
Barbara Miller, Carole Miller 

Dave Miller, David Miller, David 
C. Miller, Joe Milner, Walter 
Minnick, Judy Minor, Barbara 
Minton, Ron Mitchell, Sally Moe- 
slein, Leonard D. Moline 

Emerson Moore, Ronald Moore, 
Larry Morrison, Karen Mulhol- 
land. Ken Mullen, Georgia Mur- 
ray, David Nay, Richard Nay, 
John Nelson, Judi Nelson 

Karen Nelson, Maren Nelson, 
Douglas Nesbit, Bob Newby, 
Sandra Nolan, Georgina Nora- 
buena, Janet Norman, Deborah 
Northcott, Pat Noteboom, Jua- 
nita Novicki 

Tony Nowak, Diann O'Brien, 
John O'Donnell, Melinda Offutt, 
Barbara Olvey, Tom Opre, Gil- 
bert Orban, Wally Orr, Robert 
Osborne, Mike O'Shea 

Nora O'Shea, Carol Oshier, 
Becky Outland, Judy Overbeck, 
Judy Park, John Parker, Carolyn 
Peachey, Judy Pegg, Pamela 
Peirce, Lance Perrine 

Nancy Perry, Sally Perry, Bud 
Pfau, Penny Pinkstaff, David 
Pitcock, Thomas Poole, Diana 
Pruitt, Carl Pryor, Penny Pryor, 
Richard Pryor 

Ronnie Quickenbush, Stephen 
Quaid, Loretta Quinn, Philip Ra- 
den, Nancy Raiser, Carol Ray- 
mond, Jack Reed, Bill Reichert, 
Pam Renick, Franklin Renollet 

Jim Rhoads, Carol Rice, Ruth 
Ann Richards, Wayne Richards, 
Gary Richman, Jim Richter, June 
Roark, Mary Kay Robbins, Donna 
Roberts, Julie Roberts 


as sophomores struggled to conquer Julius Ceasar and geometry 

Before the crack of dawn, 

Kathy Williams and Pat 
Whaley, Ripplites with seven- 
thirty classes, start to school. 

Susan Robinson, Betsy Rodgers, 
Patricia Rodgers 

Kurt Rodholm, Horry Roeger, 
Howard Ropp 

John Rosenbarger, Joan Ross, 
Brian Ruark 

Betty Rudolph, Ellen Russell, San- 
dra Russell 

Linda Rutledge, Sam Ryan, Bill 
Sanders, Michael Sanders, David 
Wayne Sauls, Harvey Schuch- 
man, Mike Schwartz, Bobbie 
Sconce, Allan Scott, Margie Sea- 

Betty Sechrisf, David Secor, Bob 
Secrest, Joyce Senteney, Bill Set- 
tles, Judy Shake, Norman Sharp, 
Paul Sharpe, Charles Shedd, 
Sherry Shepple 

Carole Sherman, Keith Shilling, 
Jim Shutt, John Simmons, Mari- 
lyn Simon, Sharon Simon, 
Charles J. Simpson, Jim Simp- 
son, Joe Sims, Sandra Sink 

Sharon Sipole, Nancy Ann Skin- 
ner, Steve Smalley, Linda Smelt- 
zer, Barbara Ann Smith, Dave 
Smith, Frank Smith, Gary Smith, 
Stephen Smith, Judy Sorrels 

Jeff Snyder, Jim Snyder, Larry 
Snyder, Norman Stabler, Jac- 
queline Stack, Cynthia Sfebbing, 
Fred Steinhoff, Jack Steinkam, 
Richard Stevens, Bob Stewart 

Pete Stewart, Bob Stineburg, 
Horry Stitle, Sally Stonehlll, 
James Stoner, Joseph Storey, 
Darlene Streich, Jimmy Strietel- 
meier, Dennis Summers, Lorry 

Rusty Sutton, Susanne Talmage, 
David Taylor, Roberta Thomp- 
son, Judith Thompson, Thomas 
Trefts, Evalena Truan, Bob Tur- 
ber, Jane Uhl, George Updike 

Bob Van Nuise, Julie Vance, 
Donna VanWinkle, Pat Venis, 
Vicki Ann Vetter, Susi Vetters, 
Joan Vogel, Roberta Waldman, 
Stephen Waltz, Phil Ward 

MWl 1 


Experimenting with kicks, comedy, costuming, underclassmen 

Mary Ware, Jerry Warman, An- 
geni Watson, Nicholas Watson, 
William Weber, Richard Wehler- 
man, Wayne Weld, Frances 
Wells, Steve Wenrick, Bob Wente 

Kay Wenz, Pat Whaley, Ric 
Wharton, Connie Wheaton, Ste- 
ven Wilhelm, Joyce Wiggins, 
Dove Wilkinson, Daniel Wil- 
liams, Kothy Williams, Nancy 

LaDonna Wilson, Leslie Wilson, 
Marilyn Wilson, Sue Winchel, 
Pom Wise, Sue Witt, Carolyn 
Word, Daryl Worley, Charles 
Wormann, Murray Yosha 

Kenny Young, Rod Young, Kathy 
Zimlich, Andrea Zohn, Larry 


Judy Abramson,Vic Accomando, 
Connie Adams, Jim Alexander, 
Margie Alexander, Bob Allen, 
Dick Allen, Pom Anderson, 
David Archer, Sharon Armstrong 

Gayle Augustine, Mary Babb, 
Elizabeth Bailey, Bonnie Baker, 
Ralph Baker, Ronnie Baker, 
Perry Baldv/in, Peggy Ballard, 
Dick Bare, Charia Barrance 

Duke Barrett, Richard Barratt, 
Stephen Bass, David Baxley, Rita 
Beosley, Jimmy Beck, Kay Belk- 
nap, Mark Berger, Thomas Berl- 
ing, Barbara Bernd 

Nancy Bertrand, Linda Bestan- 
dig, John Beyer, Kenneth Bier- 
man, SueAnn Bigelov/, Milton 
Bird, Jim Bishop, Judy Blake, 
Jim Blonde, Kathy Bloem 

Barbara Bov/e, Sandi Bov/ers, 
Nethan Boyer, Bill Bradley, Judy 
Brewer, Marcia Brezinski, Judy 
Breaking, Michael Brooks, Bob 
Brov^n, Janet Brown 

Beverly Bruce, Marilyn Bruce, 
Tom Bruhn, Linda Brumblay, 
Karen Brydenthal, Marilynn 
Burdette, Sarah Buchanan, Tom 
Burlash, Marilyn Burns, Lea Burr 

Eddie Burton, Betty Bush, Bob 
Butters, Linda Coffee, Pam 
Campbell, Arnold Canada, Jami 
Coseber, Roberta Cheesman, Bill 
Chiles, Kathy Chipman 

John Christena, Jerry Christen- 
son, Vincent Clark, Jane Clay, 
Ralph Coble, Jack Cody, Ruth 
Cody, Edy Comfort, Dave Com- 
rie, Dick Congress 


joined to produce Ripple's Freshman-Sophomore Talent Show 

Tom Conner, Donna Cook, Elaine 
Cook, Jimmy Cook, Jim Coons, 
Walter Cowan, Don Cox, Janet 
Cox, William Crapple, Ross 

John Cronin, Karen Cross, Char- 
lene Cruser, Jack Cummings, Bill 
Cunningham, Toby Cunning- 
ham, Bettie Daft, Bo Danner, 
Mary Lou Dormer, Susan David- 

Mary Beth Davis, Don Davison, 
Sharon Day, Bonnie DeFord, Jim 
Dehn, Dale Delaney, Mike Del- 
len, Art Deming, Dave Denton, 
Linda Derry 

John Dillon, Danny Dintaman, 
Sally Dinwiddie, Robin Dolson, 
Jay Douthit, Betsy Downey, Patti 
Duniap, Portia Duncan, Sharon 
Dwyer, Judy Edge 

Jane Eggelhof, Carole Eiser, 
Janet Elzea, Dick Emery, Janette 
Emery, Reta Emmans, Stuart 
Engelberg, Martha Engleman, 
Gayle Eshowsky, Ronald Eskew 

Pat Ewing, Karen Eyies, Stephen 
Farrar, Steve Farrar, John Fattic, 
Don Fenter, Gene Ferguson, 
Linda Ferguson, Sandy Fergu- 
son, Pam Field 

JoAnn Figlesthaler, Sue Fisher, 
Ted Fisher, Steve Fisk, David 
Flaningam, Scotta Flaningam, 
Bob Forsythe, Bob Fortune, 
Marta Fox, Rozanna Frankovitz 

Danny Frontz, Karen Freeman, 
Mike Freid, Tom Fries, Vicki Fry, 
William Furlow, Charles Gale, 
Into Gale, Robert Gallegos, 
Nancy Garrett 

Lisa Gatti, Ronald George, Dave 
Giiliom, Spencer Gilman, Sandra 
Gilson, Tom Goins, Leonard 
Goldman, George Gosneli, Ricky 
Gossett, Mary Graham 

Stuart Grauel, Calvin Grimme, 
Dan Grisell, Kathy Groves, 
Cheryl Ann Gruber, Andris 
Grunts, Chuck Guedelhoefer, 
Raymond Hackler, Susan Had- 
ley. Jack Hair 

Dennis Halcomb, Susan Ham, 
David Hamilton, Geoffrey Ham- 
mond, Robert Hansell, John 
Harden, Larry Hardin, Sally 
Harker, Tommy Harmeson, Larry 

Sandra Harrison, David Hart- 
man, Pam Hatfield, Kathy 
Hough, Peggy Hough, Gloria 
Howtin, Bill Hazel, David Heath, 
Brice Hedrick, Rich Hedrick 


".*! '^f ^ 


Elevator pass and swimming pool ticket business boomed at Ripple 





Carole Henley, Jeffrey Henn, 
Lyie Henry, Marilyn Henzie, 
Marilyn Hiatt, Sandra Hicks, 
Marcia Higgins, Saundra Hiles, 
Barbara Hill, Marilyn Hobbs 

Pat Hogan, Kathy Hohl, William 
Holden, Ronny Holsapple, Kay 
Holt, Bob Hooper, Frank Horner, 
Natalie Horwitz, Lee House, 
Carolyn Houston 

Sharon Howlett, Dick Hudson, 
Michael Hughes, Sally Hughes, 
Wayne Hull, Mike Humphrey, 
Donald Hursh, Sandra Hurst, 
Mary Ann Hutsell, Tim Hutson 

Malcolm Ingram, Mary Irwin, 
Sherrie Jackson, Bill Jegen, 
David Jenkins, Jerry Jeske, 
Borbora Jocham, Ronnie Johns, 
Barbara Johnson, Carol Ann 

Cindy Johnson, Genevieve John- 
son, Katie Johnson, Mike John- 
son, Jerry Johnston, Betty Jones, 
Janice Julian, Ronilee Julian, 
Ronnie Kofoure, Michael Kan- 

Fredric Kantner, Jeri Kaseff, 
Vicky Kaufman, Tom Kennedy, 
Jim Kersey, Katy Kessler, Karen 
Kinnick, Donna Kivett, Jerry 
Kosene, Judy Kowarsch 

Terry L. Kramer, Barbara Krause, 
Thomas Krudy, Sherri Kubiak, 
Cheryl Kubik, Carole Kunze, 
James Kunze, Edward LaGrave, 
David Lamm, Dick Lane 

David Lanouette, James Larsen, 
Pam Lassiter, Nancy Lawson, 
Beth Ann Leamon, Larry Lee, 
Terry Lenz, Carol LeVee, Marcia 
Levinson, Fritzie Limp 

Korine Littleton, Mike Lockman, 
Sydney Loftin, Robert Logan, 
Dottie Lohman, Tom Loudermilk, 
Linda Loudin, John Lowe, Donna 
Loyd, Sandra Lueder 

Patty Luessow, Darrold Lussier, 
Jim Lynch, John Lynch, Melinda 
Macpherson, Sandy Mathis, Bon- 
nie Maners, Mary Ann Marshall, 
Mac Martin, Susan Martin 

Bob May, Patty McCawley, Linda 
McClelland, Joan McClure, 
Martha McClure, Diana McCoy, 
Andy McCuen, Mike McCune, 
John McCullough, Neal McFerron 

Nancy McGaughey, Mike Mc- 
Ginnis, Marti Jo McKillen, Steve 
McNew, Jim McWilliams, Dennis 
Meng, Marilyn Menser, Kay Mer- 
ket, Nancy Merrill, Tom Merrill 


as the "Greenies" of 1 962 flocked innocently to the alleged facilities 

Pat Messier, Carol Mikels, Gary 
Miller, Jackie Miller, Phyllis Mil- 
ler, Cynthia Mills, Basil Minear, 
Dave Minney, Randy Minniear, 
Paulette Mischenko 

Alan Moberly, Linda MofFett, 
Alan Monroe, Joe Montgomery, 
Lou Moonshower, Cindy Moore, 
Bruce Morgan, Jane Morgan, 
Mark Morgan, Terry Morgan 

Donna Morris, Dick Morrison, 
Scott Morse, Sharon Mosier, Russ 
Musgrave, Nancy Nanson, Steve 
Nord, Michael Nealon, Sydney 
Netzorg, Pat Nichols 

Ric Nickerson, Robert Niles, Ted 
Novicki, Henry Oestrike, Susy 
Oliver, Kathy Olvey, Richard 
Orban, Gail Oster, Nancy Over- 
man, Fern Page 

Holly Paine, Cheryl Palmer, Lois 
Ann Paris, Lorna Parnell, John 
Peine, Cheryl Percifield, Wanda 
Percifield, Jack Peril, Jan Per- 
sell, Charlene Peterson 

Cynthia Phiilabaum, Cheryl Phil- 
lips, Frank Phillips, Gary Politan, 
John Pontius, Bill Porter, Don 
Porter, Judy Pounds, Ted Powell, 
Patti Princell 

Lois Privette, Nancy Pryor, Cam- 
iile Rav/ley, Dianne Reed, Phillip 
Rechling, Esther Rees, Pat Rel- 
yea, Vernon Renfro, Bill Revis, 
Charles Reynolds 

Randy Reynolds, Richard Rey- 
nolds, Barbara Rickman, Bob 
Riker, John Riley, Linda Roach, 
Becky Robinson, James Robin- 
son, Carol Robinson, Tom Royer 

Bill Salter, Steve Samuels, Don- 
ald Sanders, Stephen Sanders, 
Sally Schaefer, Kay Schernekau, 
Steve Schmitt, Helen Schmutte, 
Linda Schnackel, Janice Schnitz- 

Steve Schubert, Bob Schuette, 
Charles Scott, Ray Scott, Ronnie 
Scott, Helen Self, Ricky Sexson, 
John Sexton, Judi Sexton, Eliza- 
beth Shank 

Don Sharlow, Brenda Sharpe, 
Mark Shattuck, Jerry Sheckell, 
Mary Sheffield, Bob Shelley, 
Nancy Shepard, Dave Sher- 
wood, Don Shockley, Judy Slater 

David Siden, Terry Siepman, 
Donna Sinclair, Carl Smith, 
Karen Smith, Robert Smith, 
Susan Smith, Suzy Smith, David 
Snapp, Dave Snyder 


Required to take a stiffen course to receive an academic rating, 

Julian Snyder, Jo Ellen Spahr, 
Bobbie Lee Sprinkle, Jim Son- 
day, Allan Southwood, Tim Stan- 
fill, Judy Stanley, Susie Stanley, 
Dennie Stanton, Diane Stanton 

Susan Steininger, Betty Stein- 
metz, Fredonna Stevens, Kathy 
Stevens, Joan Stewart, Randy 
Stokely, Bill Stone, Thomas 
Stonecipher, Steve Stoughton, 
Larry Stout 

Mary Sue Stranahan, Sandra 
Straughn, Janet Strome, Dan 
Sturgeon, Nancy Sutherlin, Rosa- 
lie Swan, Jon Swedlund, Judi- 
anne Talbott, Barnett Tatum, 
Susan Teer 

George Terfler, Chuck Terry, 
Tom Terry, Gail Thanos, Pom 
Thomon, David Thomas, Patrick 
Thomas, James Thompson, Linda 
Thompson, Dick Tillapaugh 

Douglas Toole, Steve Tragen, 
Nancie Travis, Shirley Tumey, 
Mary Turner, Joan Tuttle, David 
Underwood, Jeanne Unger, 
Donis Utterback, Cathy VanNuys 

Charles Vollrath, Fred Von- 
Spreckelsen, Jim Wade, Nitha 
Wadsworth, Roger Wallace, 
Billie Jo Warfel, Carole Warrick, 
Nikki Wassmer, Penny Weber, 
Marilyn Werner 

Judy Weninger, Denny White, 
David Widmeyer, Becky Wil- 
liams, Danny Williams, Steve 
Williamson, Connie Wilson, 
Mary Ellen Wilson, Ted Wilson, 
Roger Winters 

Linda Wolf, Ronald WolflF, Susan 
Wood, Tom Woody, Pat Woosley, 
Carolyn Wright, Dennis Wright, 
Judy Yelton, Mike York, Caryn 

Foster Young, Ken Young, Anne 


Martin Alig, Philip Andrews, 
Fred Bornss. 

Wally Bartle, Brenda Bigham, 
Marcella Birk. 

Cheryl Black, Sandra Brown, 
Tom Borshoff. 

"Offbeats," a popular Ripple 
trio, posing pertly are 
Laurie Tether, Rosanne 
Linville, and Kathy Bowen. 


the freshmen initiated the new Four Diploma Plan in Ripple 

Sweet-toothed Ripplites 
crowd to stock up on candy 
every Monday on APT spon- 
sored Candy Day in cafeteria. 

Pam Britton, Linda Day 

Paul Broadhead, Barbara Byers 

Mike Cannon, Ray Carlyle 

Sally Corner, Joyce Closterhouse 

Sharon Colen, Robbie Craig, 
Steve Crawford, Norris Cutshav/, 
Millie Dean, Richard Dworkus, 
Janet Duke, Sandra Exiey, Kay 
Faucett, Lynne Fichman 

Judy Flater, Margi Frantz, Jan 
Freund, David Galbraith, John 
Galbreoth, Gary Golden, Joanne 
Gohmon, Charles Gront, Mary 
Green, Judy Guion 

Susie Honey, Judy Haver, Diane 
Hozel, Niegel Henry, Chorles 
Holdawoy, Jerry Holman, Mory 
Jo Hook, David Johnson, Linda 
Johnson, Deonne Kipp 

Darryl Klodden, Lorry Knipe, 
Bette Krueger, Dove Lonouette, 
Mary Loxen, Joyce Levy, Mory 
Martho McCall, Frances McCart- 
ney, Robert McClellon, Carol 

Stephen McCullough, Tim Mee- 
on, Mark Minton, [)ona Mitchell, 
Curt Morgan, Gail Moseley, 
Richord Orejuelo, Earl Pack- 
wood, Connie Petty, Margaret 

Beverly Powell, Dixie Ralph, 
Jonet Redick, Pot Regan, Tom 
Richmond, Ann Ritzman, Danny 
Robertson, Lindo Rongey, Mike 
Ryan, Sue Scott 

Carol Sefton, Roy Seyferth, 
Phyllis Short, Mory Beth Shul- 
theis, Rondy Singer, Suzanne 
Spiegel, Steve Spitz, John Syl- 
vester, Kothy Thomas, Ronald 

David Totmon, John Word, Jill 
Warren, Pat Weller, Karen 
White, Lee Williams, Cossie 
Wood, Joinie Lee Wright, Donna 
Zerveld, Huckleberry Hound 

rs O ,1^. ^- ^ 


Dotting the city's expanding map, 91 shop- 
ping areas lead the way as Indianapolis 
joins the growing trend to suburbia. The 
north side tops the list with multi-million 
dollar Glendale, largest in the state, boasting 
50 firms. Broad Ripple offers shoppers a con- 
venient municipal parking lot built over the 
old canal, Ripplites flock to these centers to 
shop, to seek employment, or to carry home 
myriads of free samples as spectacular 
store openings vie for shopper's interest. 

Right: Adding holiday spirit to the community, the Moll 
at Glendale is dressed up for Christmas shoppers. 

Right bottom: Karen Kime, advertising editor, and Pete 
Barrick, assistant, crop pictures for their section. 

Bottom: A view dov^n Guilford Avenue shows a central 
section of Broad Ripple's bustling business district. 


Ripplites seek bargains 




i--^ -771 

^^ jij^Bi 










and employment as modern shopping centers open 

Riparian Royalty . . . 

stepping out in fashions fit for a queen 


Broad Ripple Store 

724 Broad Ripple Avenue 

CL 5-2276 

Nancy Holle, Fred Schlegel 


^e mean business . . 

when we say a superior 
course is offered by 


802 N. Meridian Street 
ME 4-8337 

Nancy Munger, Dave Larson 

Double date! 
Double treat! 

Luscious sundaes are 
"Always in Good Tasfe." 


Glendale Shopping Center 
ME 6-6392 

Suzie Kercheval, Bob Nelson, 
Wolfgang Pfeifer, Marilyn Otto 


Direct to you! 

A phone call solves all 
your cleaning problems. 


28 N. Senate Avenue 
ME 5-2555 

Steve Olin, Mr. Ed Weber 


You can be sure . . . 

you're secure 

when you insure with 


561 6 Carve! Avenue 
CL 1-7431 

Leslie Wilson, Mr. Ben Holthusen, 
Mary Lou Newburn 

First choice again! 

Another Junior Class 
selects class rings from 


1401 N. Capitol Avenue 
ME 5-1554 

Sally Rohr, Tim Stone, 
Judy Gilliom, Wally Scott 


Always tops! 

Quality and service in roofing, 
sheet metal, and repairs. 


1919 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-1629 

Gary Leitz, Mick Mathews 

We're on the level ! 

You can find all your 
hardware supplies at 



6327 Guilford Avenue 
CL 5-8200 

Mr. Bill Overton, Mr. Charles T. Amy 


The very latest . . . 

in design, in lumber, 
in hardware supplies 


1001 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 3-3231 

7 Up leads 
the parade . . . 

wherever you go 

for better refreshment. 


651 East 20th Street 
WA 3-4345 

Bob Calkins, Judy Martin, Judy Jupin 


We're serious! 

Put in plenty of those 
sizzly steaks and bacon from 

& CO. INC. 

602 W. Ray Street 
ME 7-1451 

Jane Schnakel, Barbara Batt, 
Katie Raasch, Margo Roggie 

It's fitting and proper . . 

whatever the season 
when it comes from 


1536 E. 46th Street 
CL 5-3692 

Inta Argals, Into Gale 

Mapping your plans? 

When you wish upon a car, 
your dreams come true at 


1045 E. Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-2471 

Joyce Morgan, Judy Mitchell, 
Grace WInegardner, Judy Johnston 



That's the word for 
the used cars at 


5226 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-9259 

Dick Dougherty 

The lineup . . . 

of taste-tempting foods 
seven days a week 
11 a. m. to 8 p. m. 


6247 N. College Avenue 
CL 1-2835 

Mary Sue Burkhart, Barbara Bumb, 
Cindy Golling 

Hand it over! 

We mean some of that 
delicious meat from 


5901 N. College Avenue 
CL 5-2201 

Ted Heidloff 



course . . . 

they have carry-out 
service at 


1020 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-6674 

Kathy Bowen, Fritz Krieg 

Going someplace? 

For quick, careful, 
cooperative service, call 

A. B. C. 

Bonded Moving & Storage, 

Greyvan Lines 

2450 E. 52ncl Street 
CL 1-4536 

Angeni Watson 

It's in the bagi 

Iron out your mental 
kinks. Relax and play at 


4701 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-5350 

Judy Taylor 


Mum's not the worcf/ 

Even the card speaks well 
for you with a bouquet from 


2922 North Delaware 
WA 4-261 6 

JoAnne Pruyn 

/f's a Foooord! 


Jerry Alderman Ford Sales, Inc. 

John Feeser, Inc. 

C. T. Foxworthy Co., Inc. 

Hatfield Motors, Inc. 

Dave Hockett Ford Sales, Inc. 

Ray McKay, Inc. 

Harry A. Sharp Co., Inc. 

Gloria Tobler, Kathy Oth 

It's his opinion . . . 

that counts and he does 
agree that it's first choice: 



Glendale Shopping Center 
CL 3-3873 

John Raeburn, Chris Broberg 


Have Coke — will travel! 

But not far- 
Cokes are everywhere! 


860 Massachusetts Avenue 
ME 7-3321 

Diane May, Jan Merritt, 
Dave Foster, Kathy Sconce 

In safe hands . . . 

vs^here prescriptions receive 
the utmost care and accuracy 


5402 N. College Avenue 
CL 5-0662 

Amy Baker, Mr. Virgil Baker 

Y'all come! 

And bring the whole gang 
for the best in food. 


6201 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-8334 

Marsha King, Mary Sue Burkhart, Linda Hall, 
Judy Church, Jenny Hair, Mary Jo Mills 


Please, James . . . 

dinner for one 

or the whole pizza crowd, cal 


916 E. Westfield Boulevard 
CL 5-5488 

Dan Eicher, Lyie Manweiller 

Gotta travel on . . . 

but my house will be 
in the good hands of 


666 E. 62nd Street 
CL 1-9534 

Phyllis Inman 

Memories of today . . . 

recorded for tomorrow on 
VM Tape & Records. 


5908 N. College Avenue 
CL 5-2466 

Darryl Stevens, Susie Morrow 


Let's face it! 

Food and drink are 
doggone good at 


5519 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 5-4386 

Rosemary Wilson 

It's not apple polish I 

It's another expert job 
done by '^ 


4149 N. Keystone Avenue 
LI 7-0462 

Jerry Kosene 

Sanitone dry cleaning . . . 

for your lovely 
formal gowns at 


Laundry • Dry Cleaning 
Rug Cleaning 

2901 E. Washington Street 
ME 7-3331 

Sally Crawford 


/f s a funny thing . . . 

what people keep, but 
it's safely deposited at 


706 E. Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-2263 

Mrs. Pat Warmoth, Sandy Browner 

Sippin' sodas , . . 

isn't the only good 
reason for going to 


3735 E. 38th Street 
LI 7-1357 

Sally Brock, Butch Coyle 

Wear a smile . . . 

as well as the latest 

in milady's fashions from 


6249 N. College Avenue 
CL 5-7402 

Mrs. Evelyn Boyer, Nancy Campbell 


Baubles, bangles 
and beads . . • 

the answer to 
any girl's dream 


814 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-1734 

Mary Whitelock 

Love makes the v/orld 
go round,,, 

but it takes gas to run a car. 
Get the best at 


38th & Central Avenue 
WA 3-0495 

Bob Ross, Marilyn Meeker, 
Judi Leslie, Susie McCullough 

Comin' or goin'. . . 

there's a constant 

supply of goods available at 


720 E. 54th Street 
CL 5-6800 

Wayne O'Hara 


Don't plunge into things! 

Just call for one of the 
competent servicemen from 


4923 N. College Avenue 
CL 5-5451 

Susie Fortune 

Tickled pink I 

That's what he is 
with his clothes from 


842 E. Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-6146 

John Strickland, Cynthia Sexson 

Cheer up! 

Choosing cards 
is lots of fun from 


3810 N. College Avenue 
WA 5-4168 

Karen West 


Just a little bit off the sides, 

leave the top, and don't 
touch the sideburns! 


809 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-0038 

Mr. John Hill, Sandy Padget, Mr. Frank Jordan, 
Dove Parish, Mr. Bill Isbell 

As proud . . . 

of their stunning 
fashions and jewels 


81 2 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-6211 

Margaret Durham, Nancy Pressel 

''Great & Wonderful/' 

say the girls, and all 

the shoppers echo the praise. 


5940 N. Michigan Road 
CL 5-2439 

Marilyn Meeker, Barbara Larson 


Love at first sight. .. 

will be your reaction 
too, when you visit 


5145 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-9271 

Buddy Krause, Pafty Gates 

Smoke gets in your eyes... 

but only when they clean 
out your car's pipes at 


927 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-0986 

Meredith Griffrth, John Shaffer, Earl Callis, 
Gene Pursel, Art Haan 

Calling all homes! 

It's time to start 
using the Wright fuel. 

& OIL CO., INC. 

5135 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 5-2441 

Marilyn Marquis 


We'll stick together . . . 

with reliable welding 
equipment from 


401 W. Vermont 
ME 4-2308 

Alan Mead, Kay Howard 
Jay Howard, Janie Garten 

Assure yourself ... 

of good service with 
insurance from 


953 N. Pennylvania Street 
ME 2-2579 

Steve Johnson 


If they had their choice, 
they'd take them all. 


836 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 3-2343 

Judy Klein, Lyndel Lowry, 
Mr. Melvin Leskovites, Alan Elder 


^^Warm up the wheels" 

and "bug out" In a "crazy" 
new Mercury from 


3333 N. Illinois Street 
WA 5-9821 

Stan Isaac, Jim Boggs, 
Wally Orr, George King 

The gang^s all here! 

You will be, too, after 
driving in for service at 


7068 College Avenue 
CL 5-5875 

Drive in! Drive out! 

As quick as that you 

will have your clothes from 


1841 E. 46th Street 
CL 1-9481 

Pat Reed 


"Wooden" you fenow? 

This is the best place 
to buy your lumber. 


3535 Roosevelt Avenue 
LI 7-3538 

Dick Lyon 

Hi Fi problems? 

Experienced salesmen are 

ready to help you with your needs. 


4131 N. Keystone 
LI 7-3589 

Betsey Ewbank, Don Ellis 

You won'f get a hang . . . 

out of collisions when 
you equip your truck at 


2302 Bloyd Avenue 
WA 5-9752 

Charlie Deck, Julie Deck 


Go clean, go Comet! 

Swift and reliable, 
we suit your tastes. 


8340 E. Washington 
FL 6-2493 

Nancy Henry 

Clip Artists! 

Every haircut is 
guaranteed to fit the head. 


914 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-0035 

Mr. John Rosenstile, Dave Scott, 

Bill Canup, Mr. Don Preston, 

Mr. Joe Abner, Lynn Pfersick 

For your place in the sun . . . 

awning equipment and 
reliable service at 


2102 E. 52nd Street 
CL 1-9597 

Pot Horrower 


Providing another 

Riparian cover is the 


2857 North Western Avenue 
Chicago 1 8, Illinois 
AR 6-3790 

Evelyn Stone 

Hay ride, 

sleigh ride, or saddle 

ride, they're all more fun at 


1005 W. 64th Street 
CL 5-6390 

Back on your feet . . . 

with medical advice 
from this Ripple grad. 


6215 College Avenue 
CL 5-4001 


Come onna Charley's . . . 

for a taste of their 
famous specialty— STEAKS! 


U. S. 31 &431,Carmel 
VI 6-8737 

Kathy Zimlich, Susan Lancet 
Peggy Colvin, Barb Wells 

We're really sold! 

Our minds are set, 
no need to fret. 


5248 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 3-2711 

Linda Hall, Pam Krabbenhoft, 
Phyllis Werhz, Carole Closterhouse 


Send flowers to those 
you love the most. 


Glendale Shopping Center 
CL 5-6631 


CL.I 3764 . 

CL 1-748f 

TR 8-8890 

Janet Merrill 


Warm as toast.., 

and cozy as a bear 
with heating from 


4913 N. College Avenue 
AT 3-1355 

Dee Stanton, Susie Stanton 

Pretty as a picture... 

in two of the darling 
styles in sportswear at 


Glendale Shopping Center 
CL 5-91 11 

Jon Novak, Sharon Fries 

It's a fishy business! 

Delightful meats, fish, 
and poultry from 


4907 N. Pennsylvania Street 
AT 3-2439 

Tom Johnson, Jim Young, Joe Kertis 


The Home Planning 
Center, . . 

where experienced consultants 
can solve all your building problems. 


1002 East 42nd Street 
AT 3-1338 

Carole Hauser, Mr. Fritz Wright 

All spruced up.., 

for that very special 

occasion when your floors look best. 


2939 Columbia Avenue 
WA 5-9221 

Dick Kahn, Janet Bradford 

Keep on the right road! 

it makes sense to 
buy your license at 


1908 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-9284 

Mr. Richard Tuttle, Mr. Richard 
Boone, Penny Pryor 


Sixteen tons! 

Even with superior service, 
you're never in debt. 


1300 E. 30th Street 
WA 3-3343 

Becky Williams 

Leave it to the experts . . 

for the peppiest 

tune-up in town. ^ 


5401 N. College Avenue 
CL 5-0043 

Steve Roggie, Mr. Phillip Leach, 
Bill Johnson, Tom Johnson 

A perfect fit . . . 

for any dress occasion 
or formal dance. 


922 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-2206 

Mr. Cortland Shea, John Lance, 
Mr. Jim Freeman 


"Yes sir, they're all 
the bestr 

Of course you will 

find all Lilly paints perfect. 


2044 N. Rural Street 
ME 6-4466 

Mr. Harold league, Jerry league 

Get all . . . 


the facts and figures 



before you buy insurance. 





16 W. Michigan Street 



ME 5-4587 



Bill Ferree 




Gentlemen prefer . . . 

blondes, brunettes, or redheads 
if they have their hair styled at 


21 E. 38th Street 
WA 3-4531 

Mr. Dick Lohman, Carole Thompson 




Anchors ayvay,.. 

in the latest models, 
styles, and motors from 


1050 E. 49th Street 
AT 3-3650 

Judy Whitney 


Coffee break! 


They're selecting their 

new kitchen and appliances at 


51 99 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-9494 

Bonnie Boyd, Wendy Myers 

Pleasing perfection . . . 

when your drapes 
are cleaned at 


1120 N. Illinois 
ME 4-3505 

Liz Kraft, Linda Dorntge 


The proudest lady.. 

in any parade 

if your chapeau is from 


6309 N. Guilford Avenue 
CL 5-7222 

Donna Briggs, Dale Miller 

Mamma Mia! 

You'll rate admiring audiences too 
when you serve pizza from 


4453 N. Keystone Avenue 
LI 7-9688 or LI 7-9689 

Mrs. Ruth Manifold, 
Janet Vance, 
Nancy Becker 

Big catchi 

You'll get them even 

better with sports equipment from 


6253 N. College Avenue 
CL 1-7200 

Bob Donlon, Jack Keller 


Wise handymen 

have their lumber 
precut and finished at 


1055 E. 52nd Street 
AT 3-1336 


Nick Haan, Jack Cary 

Which type do you prefer? 

Regardless of your choice, for 
the best in printing it's 


401 N. College Avenue 
ME 6-4504 

Karen Kime, Pete Borrick 

for fine art in dry cleaning . . . 

Cleaners, launderers, & furriers 

For pick up and delivery call LI 7-1307 

Convenient locations at 
2954 N. Kessler Boulevard 
3514 N. College Avenue 
4401 N. Keystone Avenue 
7968 Pendleton Pike 
7089 N. Michigan Road 
46th & Arlington Avenue 

Rosanne Linville, Laurie Tether, Mrs. Lois Finney 


On the move! 

One of the nation's fastest 
growing furniture movers! 


1812 N. Meridian Street 
WA 5-6418 

Sally Moeslein, 

Connie Wheaton, 

Sharon Simon 

Music and news... 

with the best radios, hi-fi's, 
and televisions from 


5207 N. College Avenue 
AT 3-1372 

Ed Poise!, Penny PinkstafF 


Future's secure . . . 

with planned insurance 
from your independent agent. 


1800 N. Meridian Street 
WA 5-7581 

Judy Dills 

^^His'' opinion counts! 

So his choice will be in 
favor of formals from 


6214 N. Carrollton Avenue 
CL 1-5152 

Sharri Pressler, George Poor 


Prom Preparations! 

Rent your formal wear 
at Indianapolis' newest 
and best 


3819 N. Illinois Street 
WA 5-2020 

Linda Brooks, 
Mick Mathews 

YouVe ^^ plumb'' crazy 

if you don't buy 
your appliances from 


5616 N. Keystone Avenue 
CL 5-1832 

Rusty Pierce 


Somebody out there 
likes me ,., 

because I have 
flowers from 


mi E. 61st Street 
CL 3-3433 

Nancylee Cambridge 

/'// cry tomorrow , . . 

if I don't have the 
best in woods from 


6364 E. Westfield Boulevard 
CL 1-9238 

Marsha Grimme, Ann Coers 


Double delight! 

There are twice as many reasons 
for buying shoes at 


6255 College Avenue 

CL 5-8261 

Mary Jane Randolph, Barbara Randolph 


Reflections of a 
perfect hairstyle 

professionally created for 
you by the experts at 


928 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-3535 

Mr. Max O'Guinn, Linda Medley 

You're never too young 

to plan your complete 
insurance program at 


1060 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-9463 

Gary Larson 


The Editors Agree . . . 

"Many smiles are in store for Miles 
when Ripplites read the 1959 Riparian." 

Printed by MILES PRESS 

61 1 N. Park Avenue 
ME 7-2314 

Connie Corson, Alan Stanford 
Mr. Jerry Nieten 


Engravings by 


Springfield, Illinois 

Represented by 


3453 Chamberlin Drive • Indianapolis 27, Indiana 
Linda Bender 


Al\A/ays choosing 

the right angles whether for perfect 
posing or stunning enlargements 


825 Board of Trade Building 
ME 6-3469 

Grace Winegardner, Judie Leslie, Linda Crane, 

Joyce Morgan, Judy Mitchell, Patty Hoagsma, 

Mike Loudermilk 


Advertising Index 


ABC Bonded Moving and Storage, Inc 138 

AC Radio Electric Store 161 

Atlas Super Market __ 144 

American Fletcher National Bank and Trust Co 1 43 


Baker Drugs - 1 40 

Ben Insurance Agency — - - --- 133 

Bertermann Brothers Florist - 153 

Best Grand Laundry Co 1 32 

Block, Wm. H., Co - - - 130 

Bluko Car Wash -.. 142 

Bond Jewelers -- 1 44 

Borky's Drive In 138 

Broad Ripple Barber Shop 146 

Broad Ripple License Branch 155 

Broad Ripple Lumber and Supply Corp 135 

Broad Ripple Russet Cafeteria 137 

Brock Drug Store 143 

Brulin and Co., Inc 155 


Capitol Engraving 1 68 

Capri Pizza... 159 

Catalina Hair Dressing Studio 157 

Central Business College 131 

Central Publishing Company 160 

Charley's Restaurant 1 53 

Chicken Delight 141 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co 140 

Coiffures by Max 166 

Comet Cleaner, Inc 151 

Craig Candy Store 131 

Crown Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co 142 


Dougherty Auto Sales 137 

Davis Grocery Co 1 37 

Delaware Flower Shop 1 39 

Dog'N Suds Drive-In Restaurant 142 

Doty and Dove Realty Co 1 53 


Electric Home Heating Corp 154 

Esmond's Shoe Store... 165 


Ferree Insurance Agency 157 

Ferrell Hardware Company 160 

Florida Fish and Poultry Market 154 


G and W Food Giant 146 

Gene's Service Station 147 

Grandview Stables, Inc 152 


Hancock Standard Service Station 149 

Handy Hardware Co 134 

narrower, John C, Inc 151 

Herff Jones Co 133 

Homestead Lumber Co. 155 

Hoosier Coal and Oil Co 156 

House of Paper... 145 


Indianapolis Boat Co., Inc 158 

Indianapolis Ford Dealers 139 


Jama Shop 1 43 

Joey's Barber Shop 151 

Johnson Agency, Inc 148 

Jules Medias and Suburban Shop 145 


Kay Brodfield 154 


Leitz Roofing Contractors 134 

Lilly Paint Products, Inc 157 

Loudermilk Photography :. 1 69 

Lyon Lumber and Supply, Inc.. 150 


McNamara Brothers Florist 164 

Milda's Dress Shop 136 

Miles Press, Inc 167 

Mobile Bumper, Inc 150 


Nadyne's Dress Shop 159 

Nankivell Oldsmobile, Inc.. 147 

National Security Life Insurance Co 166 

Northside Lumber and Hardware, Inc 158 

North Side Chevrolet Inc.. 136 


Pam's Drive-In 1 40 

Partlow Realty Co 141 

Peacock's of Indianapolis 146 

Pierce, Dallas, Plumbing and Heating Co 163 

Pruyn Insurance Agency 162 


Raub Radio and Television Co 141 

Re id's Texaco 1 44 

Reinking, Dr. A. C. (podiatrist) 152 


Schiff's Shoes 1 48 

Seven-Up Bottlers and Distributors 135 

S. K. Smith Cover Company 152 

Sportman's Store Inc 159 

Stark Wetzel and Co., Inc 136 

Steck, Wm. F 145 

SkefFmgton's Formal Wear, Inc. 156 

Stenzdale Casual Clothes 162 

Strickland Mercury, Inc 149 

Susan Ives Stores, Inc 139 

Sutton-Garten Co 148 

Swiss Cleaners, Inc 158 


Thole's Shell Service Station 156 

Timber-Lane Lumber Co 164 

Top Hot Formal Wear, Inc 163 

Tuchman Cleaners, Inc 160 


VanSickle Radio Supply Co 150 


Walker Dry Cleaners 149 

Wheaton Van Lines 161 

Willow Brook Golf Course 138 

Wright Cool and Oil Co., Inc 147 


Student Index 


Carole Ahr 50, 67 

Karen Aikman 58 

David Alderson 50 

Edward Alexander 47 

Margie Alexander 48 

Patricia Allen . 63 

Charles Anderson 47, 84 

Karen Anderson 41 

Dagnija Argals 46 

Into Argals 19,55,67, 


Paul Arnett 50 

Doug Atkins 21 

Don Atkinson 53, 74, 80, 


Doug Atkinson 74, 82, 85 

James Atlas 21 

Elaine Augustine 41 

Jenny Ausherman . 65 

Susan Austin 46 

Don Averitt 85 


Jan Babb 79, 88 

Donn Baird 7, 53,61, 

66, 70, 86, 
87, 89 

Amy Rose Baker 46, 47, 49, 


Carol Jean Baker 46 

James Baldwin 80, 82 

Paula Barbour 21,47,48, 

61, 66 

Gerald Barlow 53, 70, 88 

Pete Barrick 57, 129, 160 

Judie Baskwell 43, 47 

Barbara Batt 31,44,46, 

47, 55, 61, 

Julio Beoman 22, 47, 61 

Nancy Becker 16,55,61, 


Barbara Beckley 47,48,51 

Gerald Bego. 29 

Linda Bender 12, 16, 57, 

59, 61, 108, 
132, 176 

Karen Bennett 46, 55, 64 

Deborah Bernd 48 

Jack Bernstein 82, 85 

Jerry Bice 30 

Don Bigham 46 

Frank Binford 53, 80, 84 

Connie Blackwell 49 

Ronnie Bland 73, 90 

Leroy Blocher 53, 74, 80 

Kathy Bloem 49 

Steve BIy 74, 79 

Leonard Bochicchio 55 

Donald Bodenberg 82 

Richard Boesinger 27, 72 

Jim Boggs 61, 149 

Bill Bogigian . 23 

Anita Booth 113 

Mark Booth . . 88 

David Boots 73, 88 

Lorraine BorshofF 30, 46, 65 

Karen Sue BorufF 50 

Kathy Bowen 29, 47, 61, 

126, 138 

Penny Bowen 47, 58 

Ray Bowman 43, 55, 60, 

61, 74 

Bonnie Boyd .. 56,57,158 

Sondrea Brackett ... 30 

Janet Bradford 53,61,155 

Patricia Bradley 46 

Sandra Browner 47, 143 

Michael Brennan 66 

Carolyn Sue Brewer 51 

Donno Briggs 159 

Chris Broberg 59,61,64, 


Sally Brock 143 

Barbara Brooks 46 

Linda Brooks 163 

James Brown 66 

Stephen Brownlee 31, 46, 48, 

50, 67 

Thomas Bruhn 79 

Linda Kay Brumblay 62 

Sarah Buchanan 56 

Borboro Bumb 137 

Mary Sue Burkhart 62, 137, 140 

Donno Kay Bush 16, 46, 47, 

James Bush 23, 42 


Robert Calkins 16, 48, 49, 

50, 66, 135 

George Callahan 48 

Joan Callahan .. 46 

Nancylee Cambridge 46, 164 

Clinton Arthur Campbell . 53, 74, 79, 

Nancy Campbell . 31,44,45, 

47, 65, 143 

William Canup 60, 151 

Mary Jane Carmony 48 

Kenny Carr 23 

Thomas Carter 76 

Jack Cory 160 

Gifford Cost 57 

Anne Castle 55 

Barbara Sue Chambers 50, 51 

Susan Chandler 65 

David Chapman 31, 46 51, 


Pam Chowning 43, 46, 53 

Judy Church- 43,46,140 

John Clark 25 

Jan Clarke 48 

Tom Clay 53, 55, 61, 


Lee Clifford 76 

Carole Closterhouse 46,61, 153 

Ann Coers 164 

Markianne Cofleld 43, 47 

Teddy Cohen 78, 79 

William Collins 83 

Peggy Colvin 51, 55, 153 

Edyth Comfort 31,48 

Bruce Compton 76, 79 

David Comrie 79 

James Confer 48, 50 

Stephen Confer 48, 49, 50 

Richard Congress 50 

Paul Martin Cook 58, 82 

Mike Cooney 75 

Joyce Cooper 64, 65 

Connie Corson 29, 42, 57, 

59, 61, 165, 


Patricio Couts 46, 58, 50 

Earl Coyle 90, 143 

Corolyn Crane 46, 47, 48 

Linda Crone 169 

Bob Crovens 75, 30, 86, 


John Crawford 72, 80, 38 

Solly Crowford 142 

Carol Creekmore 1 1 3 

Steven Crockett 47, 48, 49, 

1 13 

Frank Cromis 53, 80, 81 

John Cronin 79 

Richard Crowell 53, 76, 79 

Cindy Cunningham 47, 49, 55, 

59, 61 

William Cunningham 31 

Richard Curtis 80, 82 


Niles Doggy 76, 80, 82 

Donold Dohn 76 

Bill Danner 85 

Donno Doubenspeck 51,58 

Dick Dougherty 137 

Deanna Davis 46 

Kathy Davis 27, 61 

David Dovisson 49, 50 

Harry Dawson 12, 17,55, 

59, 60, 61 

Charles Deck 43, 53, 150 

Julie Deck . 150 

Lorry Deck 70, 72 

Deanna Deckard 51 

Ken Decker 58 

Kenny DeHart 29 

Don DeMors 82 

David Denton 61 

Linda Derry 48 

Patricia Detfmon 48 

Potty Dickinson 43, 53, 65 

Steven Dickson 82 

Judy Dills 162 

Margaret Dollens 46 

Bob Donlon 53, 74, SO, 


Sue Donnelly 46 

Linda Dorntge 31,46,58, 

64, 158 

John Douthit 61,89 

Linda Dresboch 46 

Suzanne Drybread 31, 4"" 4'^ 

Noel Dunham 47 

Dove Dunn 46 

Moraoret Durham 20, 55. 59 




Dave Eaglesfleld 75, 7? 

Bruce Eastmond _ 65 

Floyd Edwards . 45, 46, 53, 

70, 86, 89, 


Dick Edwards 44, 73, 82 

Jane Eggelhof 48 

Harriet Elam 52 

Alan Elder 148 

Don Ellis 150 

Bonnie Engel 55 

Dave Epstein 22, 55, 59, 


Ronald Eskew ..__ 83, 89 

Suzanne Espy 64 

Anne Evans — 46 

Betsey Ewbank 57, 150 

Thomas Ewbank 55, 60 

Richard Exiey 30, 65, 80, 



Michael Farkas 76 

Stephen Farrar 83, 85 

William Fattic 28, 75 

Henry Fechtman 76 

Sharon Ferguson 51 

Bill Ferree 56,60,61, 


Ronnie Ferris 51 

Patricia Fetter 30 

Paul Fisher 31, 46, 47, 

48, 49, 50 

Theodore Fisher 83, 89 

Don Fledderjohn 72, 86 

Stephen Forbes 31,46 

Susan Fortune 47, 48, 57, 

61, 145 

David Foster 60,61,140 

Florence Foster 46 

Marci Jo Fox 61 

Ronnie Frantz 53, 78, 88 

Bob Friedline 74, 79 

Sharon Fries 58,154 

Thomas Fries 58 

Karen Fry 63 

Sandra Fultz 47 

John Furlow 48, 49 


Carol Jean Galbraith 44 

Bruce Gale 77, 82, 136 

into Gale 136 

Robert Gallegos 48 

Rosemary Garrigus 43 

Jane Garten 57,148 

William Garvey 76, 82 

Patty Gates 14,47,57, 

59, 62, 147 

Priscilla Gates 47 

Lisa Gatti .... 1 12 

Lynne Genders 50 

Dave George . 105 

Steve George . 76 

Terry Gernstein 80, 82, 84 

Jane Gibbs 46, 47 

Dave Gilliom 56 

Judy Gilliom 57,59,61, 

112, 133 

Gene Gjesvold 48, 49, 50 

Elliott Gold .. 53, 91 

Cindy Golling 46, 137 

Jo Bruce Goodrich 23 

Richard Gossett . 83 

Beth Gotshall 41 

Walter Grills 73, 80, 82 

Chorlene Grimes 46, 50 

Calvin Grimme 83, 89 

Marsha Grimme 1 64 

Connie Groce 30 

Marianne Grove 43 

Gunar Brubaums .. 60, 61, 74 

Cheryl Gruber 51 

Otto Guedelhoefer. . 83 

Karen Guion 47, 49 


Patty Hoagsma 169 

Art Haan 74, 80, 147 

Nick Haan . 160 

Gloria Hackler 49 

David Hadley 80, 82 

Gary Hafner 73 

Jenny Hair 46, 61, 140 

Calvin Hall.... 82 

Linda Hall 57,140 

Susan Ham... 48 

Nancy Hancock 46 

Jane Hargitt 47 

Ronald Harkness 47, 65 

Bob Harmon 50 

Bill Harrison 82 

Patricia Harrower 28, 151 

Susan Hartman 48, 49 

Norlin Hartley 53 

Pamela Hatfield 61 

Carole Hauser 155 

Bill Haverly ... 26 

Fritz Haverstick 90 

Bill Howley 60,61,80 

Richard Hays 50, 79 

Bill Hazel 26, 83 

David Heath 79 

Diane Heaton 31,44,46, 

47, 49, 65 

John Hedberg 86 

Phil Hedrick .. 72, 80 

Teddy HeidlofF 137 

Nancy Henry 20, 52, 57, 

67, 94, 151 

Laurine Henzie 46, 65 

Marilyn Henzie 50,51 

Jim Herald 47, 73, 84, 


Dick Herald 53 

Gary Herder 7 

Patricia Herring 46 

Sandy Hill 52 

Robert Hillmon 82 

Carolyn Hinesley 51 

Dave Hiott 80, 82 

John Hobson 28, 53, 63, 

72, 80, 88 

Mary Ann Hobson 46 

Tim Hogan 89 

Nancy Holle 29, 53, 54, 

61, 108, 130 

Don Hollenback 50 

Janet Homburg 48 

Sara Hooten . 31,46 

Ron Hoover 74 

Edward Horton 48, 49, 50 

Joy Howard 148 

Kay Howard 148 

Sharon Howlett 48 

John Hulen 70, 80, 91 

Ken Hurst 8 

Dave Hutchinson 29 

Sharon Lynn Hutsell 46 

Judy Hutson. 46 

Ronald Hutson 46, 47 

Timothy Hutson 47 

Marsha Hynes 55 


Dave Ingmire 53, 74 

Phyllis Inman 52, 53, 65, 


John Irby 48, 50, 60, 

61, 75, 149 

Stan Isaac 31,46,60, 

61, 15, 149 


Jane Jackson 43 

Sandra Jacobs 55 

Dolli Jegen 13,31,44, 

46, 63, 64 

Dave Jenkins 48, 49, 51 

Bill Johnson 31, 42, 46, 

61, 156 

Genevieve Johnson . 48 

Steve Johnson ... 148 

Martha Susan Johnson 47, 48 

Tom Johnson 47, 53, 84, 

154, 156 

Jacquelyn Johnston 48, 51 

Judy Johnston 43, 136 

Barbara Jones 55, 59, 61 

Paul Jones 75, 80 

Bela Jozsi. 82 

Mike Jupin 47 

Judy Jupin 50,51,135 


Dick Kahn 53,60,61, 


Vicki Kaufman 61 

Jay Keeley 8 

Jack Keller . 47, 53, 70, 

72, 80, 86, 
87, 159 

Jim Kelley 47, 48, 49, 

50, 60 

Michael Kelley 43, 46 

Mike Kelly 76, 82, 85, 


Dave Keown 69, 76 

Sue Kercheval 46,55,131 

Joe Kertis 47, 53, 70, 

86, 154 

Karen Kime 57, 129, 160 

Kenneth Kincaid 50, 73, 88 

George King 21,55,149 

Marsha King 61, 140 

Diane Kipfer 43 


Judy Kitchin 50, 51 

Linda Kitzmiller 43 

Charles Kladden 72, 82 

Patricia Klausmeier _ 48, 51, 55 

Judy Klein 148 

Alan Klepinger 75 

Lois Ann Knight 26 

Ed Kollins , 80, 82 

Jerry Kosene 142 

Pamela Krabbenhoft 29, 46, 62, 

Elizabeth Kraft 17,47,55, 

59, 61, 158 
Buddy Krause 43, 60, 75, 

80, 147 

Fritz Krieg 58, 138 

JoLene Kubik 46, 51, 63, 

64, 97 

Carole Kunze 61 

Sandy Kuoppala 46 


John LaFollette . 53, 91 

Ed Lamb 79 

Mike Lamm 25, 55, 58 

Mary Lee Lampe 46, 47, 48, 

John Lance 55, 59, 60, 


Susan Lancet 56, 153 

Robert Langston _ 50 

Barbara Larson 42, 48, 57, 

Dove Larson .. 23, 56, 60, 

63, 77, 131 

Kenneth Lawless 47, 48, 50 

John Lee 12,60,61 

Gary Leitz 134 

Pat Leonhardt 47, 52 

Judy Leslie . 57, 144, 169 

Gordon Lewis. 60, 67 

Linda Lewis 31, 46, 47 

Mike Lewis 72 

Rosanne Linville 47, 55, 65, 

126, 160 

Robert Lockman 48, 49, 50 

James Loeper 47, 50, 76 

Mike Loudermilk 57, 58, 59, 


Tom Loudermilk 58 

Cheryle Love 47, 48 

John Lowe 65 

Lyndel Lowry 148 

Georgia Lupear . 43, 53, 65 

Dick Lyon 150 


Carol McCord 50 

Susan McCord 17,23,62 

Andrew McCuen 83 

Steve McCuen 80, 82 

John McCullough 31, 79 

Susie McCullough .. 7,46, 144 

Mike McKown 17,53,60, 

61, 78, 84, 


Adeline Madritsch 67 

Sandra Maley . 47 

David Mannweiler 55, 60 

Lyie Mannweiler 42, 100, 141 

Marilyn Marquis 147 

Gary Martin 46 

Judy Martin . 50,51, 135 

Paul Martin 50 

Peggy Mason 55, 59, 65 

Mick Mathews 53, 74, 76, 

134, 163 

Howard Maxwell 58, 82 

Diane May 140 

Alan Mead 148 

Linda Medley 21,56, 166 

David Meek 53, 72, 80, 

Marilyn Meeker 29, 47, 57, 

144, 146 

Marvin Melton 73, 82 

Art Meng 80 

Diana Menke _ 46 

Janet Merrill 153 

Jan Merritt 53, 70, 73, 

86, 87, 140 

Sharon Messmore 31,47 

Steven Milam 82 

Bob Milburn 55, 61 

Allan Miller 47 

Dale Miller 159 

David Charles Miller 29, 65 

Doug Miller 80, 82 

Gary Miller 48 

James Miller 30 

Peggy Miller 47 

Mary Jo Mills 1 40 

Joseph Milner 82 

Dave Minney 89 

Walter Minnick 82 

Ronnie Minniear 89 

Judy Mitchell ... 136, 169 

Sally Moeslein 50,161 

Leonard Moline 79 

Bob Moon 86 

Jeannie Moore 48, 52, 61 

Emerson Moore 73, 88 

Joyce Morgan 1 36, 1 69 

Steve Morgan 77 

Jim Morris 84 

Larry Morrison 42,58,112 

Susan Morrow 140 

Marcia Mueller 47 

Tom Mueller 48, 51 

Kenneth Mullen 50 

Nancy Munger 46, 131 

Wendell Myers 31,45,46, 



Dave Nay 47,51 

Richard Nay 47, 48, 49 

Bill Neal 47, 48, 49, 


Mike Nealon 83 

John Nelson 12,13,91 

Judy Nelson 46 

Bob Nelson . 12, 13, 19, 

25, 53, 55, 
60, 63, 80, 
84, 131 

Douglas Nesbit 76, 79 

Mary Lou Newburn 21, 46, 57, 


Bill Nichols 47, 65 

Janet Norman 48 

Jan Novak 47, 154 

Thaddius Novicki 83 

Robert Van Nuise 29 


Henry Oesfrike 85 

Norman Oestrike 58, 79 

Wayne O'Hara 144 

Stephen Olin 47, 55, 59, 

60, 61, 168 

Tom Opre 82 

Dick Orban 83, 35 

Gilbert Orban 65 

Judy Orr 51 

Wally Orr 42,55,61, 


Mike O'Sheo 83 

Penny Oshier 26 

Kathy Oth 52,55,61, 


Marilyn Otto 47,55, 131 

Steve Overbeck 8 

Nancy Overman 61 


Sandy Padget 47, 75, 80, 


Dave Parish 55, 60, 146 

Joyce Peace 46, 47, 49 

Lance Perrine 76, 82 

Vaughn Perry 47 

Charlene Peterson 31, 48 

Richard Peterson 49, 97 

Alfred Pfau 76 

Wolfgang Pfeifer 12, 13, 24, 

60, 61, 131 

Lynn Pfersick 48,59, 151 

Dave Phillips 47, 57, 60, 


Rusty Pierce 163 

Roy Pike 65 

Sharron Pitts 46 

Ed Poisel 161 

Don Poland 53, 74, 76, 

80, 81 

Donna Polley 27 

Jim Pontius 90 

John Pontius 83 

George Poor 31,45,46, 

105, 162 

Judy Pounds 50, 51 

Martha Powell 59 

Margie Power 49, 58 

Nancy Pressel 1 46 

Sharon Pressler 47,59, 162 

JoAnne Pruyn 59, 139 

Penny Pryor 155 


Nelson Quick 53, 75, SO, 

George Quinn 75 


Kothv Raasch 7, 55, 59, 

97, 136 
Kav Rader 50 


John Raeburn 60,61,94, 


Duane Ranard 47 

Barbara Ann Randolph . 7, 57, 59, 

63, 167 
Mary Jane Randolph .. 7, 57, 63, 


Diane Reed 112,129 

Edward Reeve 22 

Dave Ressler 47,51 

Carol Reynolds 52 

Ruth Ann Richards 51 

David RIchey 46, 80 

Jim Richter 60,61,79 

John Riley 83 

William Rinne 47 

Elizabeth Rodgers 46, 48 

Kurt Rodholm 82 

Charlotte Roeder 50,51,52 

Margo Roggie . 47, 55, 59, 


Steve Roggie 47,58, 156 

Sally Rohr 59, 112, 133 

Howard Ropp 79 

Richard Rosanova 58 

Joan Ross 46, 59 

Brian Ruark 50 

Sam Ryan . 57, 85 

Mary Ann Ryrholm 17,41,55, 



Phil Salamander 75, 88 

Bill Sanders 55 

Dave Sauls 65, 67 

Suzanne Saville 47 

Sally Schaefer . 48 

Fred Schlegel 53, 54, 55, 

59, 60, 61, 

70, 71, 130 

Jane Schnackel 47, 136 

Kathy Sconce 59,64, 112, 


Dave Scott 151 

Susan Scott 58 

Wally Scott 46, 53, 60, 

61, 72, 80, 

83, 88, 112, 


Betty Sechrist 46, 58 

Dave Secor 58 

Bill Settles 82 

Cynthia Sexson 59, 111, 145 

Rick Sexson 89 

John Sexton . 50 

Linda Sexton 64 

Don Shorlow 89 

Judy Shaw 105 

Sally Sherwood 47, 65 

Hal Shipley 47, 53, 84, 

Bob Shorter 53, 69, 74, 

75, 86 
Jim Shutt 47, 48, 49, 


John Simmons 73, 88 

Sharon Simon 52, 161 

James Simpson 73 

Joe Sims 48, 49, 50, 


Steve Smalley 25 

Judy Smay 44, 46 

Carl David Smith 47, 48, 50 

David W. Smith 60, 61, 82 

Frank Gordon Smith 76, 82 

Gary Smith 29 

Judy Anne Smith 46, 53 

Judy Layne Smith 47 

Karen Smith 46, 48 

Stephen Allen Smith .. 47, 76, 79, 


David Snapp 79, 89 

Jim Snyder 76 

Larry Spear 17, 29 

Gretchen Stahl 46, 59 

Alan Stanford 42, 45, 46, 

57, 59, 60, 

61, 90, 108, 
165, 176 

Denise Stanton 55, 154 

Susannah K. Stanton 46,48,51, 

62, 154 

Cynthia Stabbing 46, 55 

Bernard Stein 53, 77 

Fred Steinhoff 50 

Darryl Stevens 53, 79, 141 

Richard T. Stevens 73, 84 

Charles Stewart 80, 82 

Bill Stoelting 26, 53, 70 

Al Stokely 70 

Evy Stone 12,46,47, 

59, 61, 62, 

94, 152, 176 
Tim Stone 55,60,61, 

74, 112, 133 

Bill Stone 21 

Jim Stoner 50 

Darlene Streich 30 

John Strickland 53, 74, 80, 

81, 145 

Jim Strietelmeier 65 

Dennis Summers 29 

Rusty Sutton 85 


Judy Taylor 138 

Miriam Ellen Taylor 110 

Robert Taylor 47 

Gerald Teague 50, 157 

Daphne Teegarden 47 

Carolyn Terfler 46, 55 

Sandra Terrell 47 

Sarajone Terry 25 

Laurie Tether 47, 55, 59, 

61, 126, 160 

Helen Theilig 47, 55 

Brian Thomas 82 

Sharon Thomas .. 48, 50 

Carole Thompson 47, 157 

Gloria Tobler 59, 139 

Jerri Topmiller 46 

Sylvia Turnbull 44, 46, 48, 

51, 62, 63 


Jane Uhl 52 


Janet Vance 47,67,159 

Julie Vance 46,61,62 

Steve Van Meter 43,60,61, 


Norm Van Tilburg 29, 53, 80 

Vicki Vetter 67 


Jim Wade 83, 89 

Pauletta Walker 65 

Bill Walters 47, 64, 65 

Steven Waltz . 82 

Phil Ward 76 

Ray Ward 23 

James Wotkins 75 

Angeni Watson 46, 49, 57 

Craig Way 46 

David Way .. 53, 79, 84, 


Penny Weber .. 48 

Barbara Wells . 55, 153 

Steven Wenrick 79 

Phyllis Wertz 153 

Karen West . 55,59,61, 


Pat Whaley 52,59, 141 

Connie Wheaton 161 

Denis White 83 

Mary Whitelock 47, 144 

Judy Whitney 158 

Robert Weise . 79 

James Willard 46 

Becky Williams 156 

Danny Joe Williams 83 

Kathy Williams 121 

Kathy Jo Williamson 62 

Edith Wilmot 67 

Carol Lee Wilson 46 

Leslie Wilson . 133 

Rosemary Wilson 142 

Susan Winchel 46 

Grace Winegardner 46, 57, 136, 


Tom Withrow 47, 53, 70, 

80, 81, 88 

Sue Witt . 113 

Stephen Woehler 80 

Linda Jeanne Wolf 48 

Chester Wood 61 

John Woody 53,61,70, 

86, 88 

Thomas Woody 47, 55, 89 

Lee Wooldridge- 51 

Carol Wrennick 43 

Helen Wright 46 

Webster Wright . 29, 55, 58, 

59, 60, 61 


James Young 22, 70 

Foster Young 89 

Kenneth Young 72, 82 

Richard Young 65 

Mary Sue Yount 47 


Kathy Zimlich 53, 153 

Stephen Zimmerman 55,60,61, 

63, 72 

Susan Zollinger 50,51 


Activities Index 


A Cappella 

American Field Service StudentS-- 

Art Club -- 

Art Dept 





Booster Club 

Business Dept 

Business Leaders Club.. 




Clef Club 


College Night 

Community Life... 

Concerf Choir 



DAR Award 


Debate Club 

Dramatics Class 

English Dept. 



Fathers' Association 

Fish Fry 

Flag Twirlers 


Foreigneers Club 

Foreign Language Dept. 

Fresh Aids 

Future Nurses Club 



Golden Singers 



Hi-Y Club 




Intramural Basketball 


Jamboree Queen 

Junior Historical Society 

Junior Officers 

Junior Red Cross 


12, 13 











6, 7 




32, 33 

20, 21 




14, 15 
16, 17 


1 1 1 



Key Club 


Lettermen's Club 

Library Club 




Mathematics Dept 

Moth- Science Club 

Music Dept 


Notional Honor Society 

National Thespians 



Orange Aid Club 



Photo Staff 

Phys. Ed. Dept 


Practical Arts 


Quill and Scroll 


Radio Hi-Fi Club 

Rifle Team 


Riparian Dance 




Science Dept 

Social Studies Dept 

Stage Crew 

Student Council 

Student Life 1 0, 

Student Managers 


Tennis Team 


Tri-Hi-Y Club 


Understudies Club 

UN Delegate ..- 















42, 43 





62, 63 


S4. So 


In pri n t at last! 

Doubting that they would ever see their efforts 
in print, the editors slaved, threw parties, and 
complained through 176 economy sized Riparian 
pages. Although the larger sized 9x12 book 
brought many headaches and unforeseen prob- 
lems. Riparian staffers worked diligently until the 
last copy and pictures were in the mail. 

Heartaches, such as learning the headlines 
didn't fit or the dark room had lost the best nega- 
tive, were overshadowed by happier events. An 
evening work session turned into a birthday party 
and a "hate the editor day" highlighted the year- 
book's social calendar. 

The 1,800 final bound editions of the 1959 
Riparian represent more than many hours of hard 
work. To the staffers it means a year of fun, fel- 
lowship, cooperation, and education. 

The 1959 Riparian could never have been pub- 
lished without the patient, willing guidance of 
publications' sponsors, Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs and 
Mrs. Julia Jean Rhodes. Expert advice from Mr. 
Jerry Nieten and Mr. Dick Brier also proved 

Photographers contributing their time and effort 
to help make the Riparian picture book the best 
and the pages on which their photos appear are: 

Mr. Dick Brier 2, 4-7, 11, 16-32, 91, 92, 94, 112, 113, 176 

Mike Lamm .13, 62, 157, 160 

Mr. Earl Loudermilk 2, 33-39, 42, 43, 46-50, 52-67, 94-1 11, 112 

Mike Loudermilk ..6, 7, 14, 15, 41-43, 49, 68-82, 84, 85, 87-89, 
97, 112, 126-169 

Richard Rosanova .10, 16, 67, 117 

Art Van Arendonk .94, 99, 100, 105 

Web Wright 8, 9, 12, 13, 29, 40, 41, 44-46, 48, 50-56, 

59, 60, 63-64, 81, 83-89, 93, 97, 106, 110, 
118, 152 


Editor-in-Chief Alan Stanford 

Associate Editors 

Organizations Editors 

. Linda Bender— Pictures 
Connie Corson— Copy 

Karen Kime— Advertising 
Evy Stone— Production 

Judy Gilliom 
Gretchen Stahl 

Sports Editor Dave Phillips 

Album Editors . Patty Gates, Nancy Henry— Senior 

Betsey Ewbank— Faculty 
Bill Ferree— Underclass 

Index Editors . . . Linda Medley, Bonnie Boyd 

Photography Editor .... Mike Loudermilk 

Business Editor Ken Decker 

Advertising Staff 

. Pete Barrick, Janie 
Garten, Barbara Randolph 

Staff . . Ray Bowman, Peg Colvin, Carole Closterhouse, 
Don Dawson, Dave Gilliom, Tom Hedberg, Sue Lancet, 
Dave Larson, Dee Stanton. 

Ad Salesmen Bonnie Boyd, Chris Broberg, Ann 

Coers, Susie Fortune, Linda Hall, Carole Hauser, Kay 
Howard, Barbara Larson, Judi Leslie, Marilyn Meeker, 
Mary Lou Newburn, Gloria Tobler, Angeni Watson, 
Barb Wells, Grace Winegardner. 

Art Staff . Susie Chandler, p. 1; Ted Heidloff, p. 1 ; 

Gloria Tobler, p. 3; Bev Kingston, p. 5; Carole Loepp, 
p. 9; Roz FitzRoy and Chuck Goddard, p. 13; Sharon 
Constable, p. 15; Nancy Pressel, p. 16. 

Exhausted, but satisfied, 1959 Riparian Yearbook 
Editors, Linda Bender, Alan Stanford, Evy Stone, 

and Connie Corson, peek mischieviously over past an- 
nuals, anticipating theirs joining the line-up.